• WordNet 3.6
    • v congest become or cause to become obstructed "The leaves clog our drains in the Fall","The water pipe is backed up"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: According to research, Los Angeles highways are so congested that the average commuter sits in traffic for 82 hours a year
    • Congest (Med) To cause an overfullness of the blood vessels (esp. the capillaries) of an organ or part.
    • Congest To collect or gather into a mass or aggregate; to bring together; to accumulate. "To what will thy congested guilt amount?"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In Hong Kong, delivery times are primarily influenced by traffic conditions on elevators. It often takes drivers longer to travel vertically than horizontally, as access to elevators is so congested during "high peak" hours. This is due to the volume of people residing in high rises
    • congest To collect or gather into a mass or aggregate; heap together. See congested.
    • congest In medicine, to cause an unnatural accumulation of blood in: as, the lungs may be congested by cold.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Because of heavy traffic congestion, Julius Caesar banned all wheeled vehicles from Rome during daylight hours.
    • v.t Congest kon-jest′ to bring together, or heap up: to accumulate
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  • C. D. Andrews
    C. D. Andrews
    “O can't you see, brother -- Death's a congested road for fighters now, and hero a cheap label.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. congestus, p. p. of congere, to bring together; con-, + gerere,. See Gerund
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. congerĕre, congestumcon, together, and gerĕre, gestum, to bring.


In literature:

An attack of congestion of the lungs developed consumption in his weakened constitution.
"The Emigrant Trail" by Geraldine Bonner
What is called over-population would be more accurately described as local congestion of population.
"Disturbed Ireland" by Bernard H. Becker
They were congested with traffic and building material.
"The Cow Puncher" by Robert J. C. Stead
The air was less congested.
"The Man Who Rocked the Earth" by Arthur Train
Remedied congestion will mean increased assimilation and decreased danger.
"Aliens or Americans?" by Howard B. Grose
Fear often results in congestion, or a rush of blood to the brain.
"Complete Hypnotism: Mesmerism, Mind-Reading and Spiritualism" by A. Alpheus
The hospital-tents were congested with wounded, and the responsible officer declined to take any more.
"The Leicestershires beyond Baghdad" by Edward John Thompson
The Russian labour market, while congested in the Pale, is scarce in other sections.
"The Shield" by Various
If this is persevered in it soon becomes a habit which results in chronic congestion.
"The Head Voice and Other Problems" by D. A. Clippinger
In the second, it is stony, heavy with the congested, peering, menacing forms of gargoyles.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
Overeating, causes of, 154; nasal congestion from, 276.
"How to Live" by Irving Fisher and Eugene Fisk
He congests the tenements.
"Modern American Prose Selections" by Various
Cold water may produce congestion.
"Herself" by E. B. Lowry
A few months later his father died of a congestive chill, and little Sammy was thrown on the world.
"Queer Stories for Boys and Girls" by Edward Eggleston
The uterus becomes congested, and painful menstrual derangements ensue.
"Plain Facts for Old and Young" by John Harvey Kellogg
The bulk of the steer was lying across Ted's chest, whose face was black from the congestion, so that Stella dared not look at him.
"Ted Strong in Montana" by Edward C. Taylor
There is the redemption of the congested districts.
"Home Rule" by Harold Spender
Great construction trains congested all the sidings as they dumped off tools and supplies.
"Rimrock Jones" by Dane Coolidge
If it were to rise as much, there would be danger of congestion of the brain.
"The Man With The Broken Ear" by Edmond About
Our days are literally congested with events that were almost impossibilities a century ago.
"The Mother and Her Child" by William S. Sadler

In poetry:

They invaleeds me 'ome, although
The wound gives me no cares.
The cause of my complaint, know,
Was bottlin' up me swears -
Congestion of me "Damn" denied:
It made me feel all swelled inside.
"The Invalid" by C J Dennis

In news:

Project Will Realign Chestnut To Help Fillmore Congestion.
On the roads, congestion prevailed, but the most dire predictions weren't realized.
Email congestion drives developers' reinforcement of telemarketing capabilities.
Audit emphasizes relieving congestion, tolling.
The cause of death was congestive heart failure, his family said.
Extra congestion can be expected this week around Oregon's college campuses as thousands of students head back to school.
Crews installed two left turn lanes onto Sagamore Parkway off of Salisbury Street back in May It was all because of the congested traffic from the Yeager Road and Northwestern Avenue project.
Crews should be instructed to clean out spur congestion, as shown by the pocket knife, during pruning.
Here's a roundabout way to ease traffic congestion.
For guidance, it only needs to look at its Comprehensive City Zoning Code and earlier studies related to traffic congestion on Montaño Road.
The Kahala district, on the far side of Diamond Head is within a short drive from Waikiki, but has none of the crowds and congestion.
Community meeting set about traffic congestion impacting schools in Mulick Park neighborhood.
The cause was congestive heart failure, his family said.
It used to be a quiet, relaxing place where she could get away from the congestion of the Capital City.
With SideCar we can help reduce urban congestion, fight climate change, and bring back a sense of community and connect...

In science:

By varying these parameters on a hierarchical tree it was shown in Ref. that a continuous transition to a congested regime occurs, that exhibits several universal features.
Adaptive Random Walks on the Class of Web Graph
And in order to study congestion, the random walk motions with many interacting random walkers would also be interesting.
Random Walks on Complex Networks
Before introducing our results, let us briefly discuss the measures of set expansion / congestion that are used in [7, 11].
Vertex and edge expansion properties for rapid mixing
Note that for the remainder of the paper congestion and bottleneck mean that there are either few edges from a set A to its complement, or that there are few boundary vertices, i.e. either edge or vertex expansion is poor.
Vertex and edge expansion properties for rapid mixing
Kannan et. al. developed blocking conductance bounds on mixing for three measures of congestion.
Vertex and edge expansion properties for rapid mixing
The third measure, global spread ψg l (x) measures a weighted congestion among sets of sizes ≤ x which is best only if the Markov chain has extremely low congestion at small sets.
Vertex and edge expansion properties for rapid mixing
Finally, Morris and Peres’ evolving sets uses a different measure ψevo (x) of the worst congestion among sets of sizes ≤ x.
Vertex and edge expansion properties for rapid mixing
The congestion of a family P of directed paths is defined as c(P) := maxv∈V (cid:229)(a,b]∈P c (a,b](v).
Online Permutation Routing in Partitioned Optical Passive Star Networks
It is clear that the congestion of P gives a lower bound on the number of steps required to move a packet along each path in P since no processor in P and no coupler in C can receive more than one different packet within a single slot.
Online Permutation Routing in Partitioned Optical Passive Star Networks
The link betweenness, capturing the load of the connections between the nodes, can be used to extract the congestion threshold in bandwidth-limited traffic.
Diffusion Processes on Small-World Networks with Distance-Dependent Random-Links
The time stable random interactions signify the healthy, and free of congestion traffic.
Analysis of Inter-Domain Traffic Correlations: Random Matrix Theory Approach
It also means a complete absence of congestions and anomalies.
Analysis of Inter-Domain Traffic Correlations: Random Matrix Theory Approach
To shed more light on the possibilities of anomaly detection we conducted the experiments to establish spatial-temporal traces of instabilities caused by artific ial and temporal increase of the correlation in normal non-congested inter-VLAN traffic.
Analysis of Inter-Domain Traffic Correlations: Random Matrix Theory Approach
The time stable random interactions signify the healthy, and free of congestion traffic.
Analysis of Inter-Domain Traffic Correlations: Random Matrix Theory Approach
Wardrop and then generalized by to a fundamental concept of network equilibrium with many potential applications such as the establishing of rigorous mathematical foundations for the analysis of congested transport networks.
Sestieri of Venice