• WordNet 3.6
    • v confer have a conference in order to talk something over "We conferred about a plan of action"
    • v confer present "The university conferred a degree on its most famous former student, who never graduated","bestow an honor on someone"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The 1st presidential news conference filmed for TV was in 1955. Eisenhower was the president.
    • Confer To bring together for comparison; to compare. "If we confer these observations with others of the like nature, we may find cause to rectify the general opinion."
    • Confer To contribute; to conduce. "The closeness and compactness of the parts resting together doth much confer to the strength of the union."
    • Confer To grant as a possession; to bestow. "The public marks of honor and reward Conferred upon me."
    • v. i Confer To have discourse; to consult; to compare views; to deliberate. "Festus, when he had conferred with the council, answered.""You shall hear us confer of this."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • confer To bring together.
    • confer To compare; examine by comparison; collate.
    • confer [In this sense now obsolete except as used in the imperative in making reference to illustrative words or passages, in which use it coincides with, and is usually treated as, the Latin imperative confer (pron. kon′ fėr), and commonly abbreviated conf. or cf.]
    • confer To bestow as a permanent gift; settle as a possession: followed by on or upon.
    • confer To contribute; conduce.
    • confer Synonyms Bestow; Grant, etc. See give.
    • confer To consult together on some special subject; compare opinions; carry on a discussion or deliberation. Formerly confer often meant simply to discourse, to talk, but it now implies conversation on some serious or important subject, in distinction from mere light talk or familiar conversation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Confer kon-fėr′ to give or bestow: to compare (notes), collate—abbrev. cf.v.i. to talk or consult together
    • pr.p Confer confer′ring; pa.p. conferred′
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  • Richard Brinsley Sheridan
    “That old man dies prematurely whose memory records no benefits conferred. They only have lived long who have lived virtuously.”
  • Sir William Temple
    “There cannot live a more unhappy creature than an ill-natured old man, who is neither capable of receiving pleasures, nor sensible of conferring them on others.”
  • Mark Twain
    “The cross of the Legion of Honor has been conferred on me. However, few escape that distinction.”
  • Fred A. Allen
    “A conference is a gathering of people who singly can do nothing, but together can decide that nothing can be done.”
  • Publilius Syrus
    “To refuse graciously is to confer a favor.”
  • Horace
    “You traverse the world in search of happiness, which is within the reach of every man. A contented mind confers it on all.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. conferre, to bring together, contribute, consult; con-, + ferre, to bear: cf. F. conférer,. See 1st Bear


In literature:

They soon entered into a conference with La Salle's guide.
"The Adventures of the Chevalier De La Salle and His Companions, in Their Explorations of the Prairies, Forests, Lakes, and Rivers, of the New World, and Their Interviews with the Savage Tribes, Two Hundred Years Ago" by John S. C. Abbott
Israel promptly became a member of the Baltimore Conference, one of the oldest conferences of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
"The Journal of Negro History, Volume 7, 1922" by Various
The Conference then adjourned to meet at 12 o'clock M. to-morrow.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
This schismatical policy was pursued by the British Conference until 1820, when the American General Conference sent Rev.
"The Story of My Life" by Egerton Ryerson
Dartmouth College conferred his Doctorate upon him in 1901.
"Booker T. Washington" by Emmett J. Scott and Lyman Beecher Stowe
A conference was held between the Admiral, the Colonel and two Yugoslav officers.
"The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 2" by Henry Baerlein
The question was important in view of a forthcoming conference of the allied commanders and envoys at Antwerp.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
In 1585, 1587, and 1589 the same privilege was conferred and enlarged.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
Harley learned later that he held a secret conference with Jimmy Grayson.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
Certainly the earlier that an obligation to do good can be conferred, the better.
"The Ordinance of Covenanting" by John Cunningham
Louis had placed himself at the rail, ready for the conference that the pirate desired.
"Asiatic Breezes" by Oliver Optic
I write by lantern light in the tent, there having been no conference tonight on account of rain.
"At Plattsburg" by Allen French
A signal made by beat of drum when a conference is desired by the enemy on having matter to propose.
"The Sailor's Word-Book" by William Henry Smyth
Conference at London 222 2 Dec., 1823.
"The Political History of England - Vol XI" by George Brodrick
Impelled by the action of the Parliament, the king had applied to the pope for a cardinal's hat to be conferred upon M. de Retz.
"Louis XIV., Makers of History Series" by John S. C. Abbott
This intimation put an end to the conference.
"The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. VIII" by Various
In conference a new bill was substituted for the Senate Bill.
"The New Nation" by Frederic L. Paxson
Most of the following chapters are the results of many different conferences with the greatest living pianists.
"Great Pianists on Piano Playing" by James Francis Cooke
She held a conference with the State officers and later the association financed a two-months' campaign for organization.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
They were delivered in the national contests at Mohonk Lake at the time of the Lake Mohonk Conferences.
"Prize Orations of the Intercollegiate Peace Association" by Intercollegiate Peace Association

In poetry:

'Tis not the gift—but 'tis the spirit
With which 'tis given,
That on the gift confers a merit,
As seen by Heaven.
"Outward and Inward Virtue" by John Bowring
For when conferred the fairy slim
Invisibility on HIM,
She popped away on fairy wings,
Without referring to his "things."
"The Perils of Invisibility" by William Schwenck Gilbert
May no gift nor grace be missing,
May He all on thee confer,
And add a heartfelt prayer and blessing
From the distant wanderer.
"To My Valentine" by Nora Pembroke
Once as they listened to his theme,
Their conference was stopped;
For one beneath the yielding stream,
A borrowed axe had dropped.
"The Borrowed Axe" by John Newton
A softer bed than she could give,
The grave upon thy dust confers,—
To die—is but more glad to live,
And Jesus' bosom kind as her's.
"On The Tomb Of An Infant" by Thomas Noon Talfourd
BASILIUS. Would to God it had not been
Act of mine that name conferred,
Then thy voice I ne'er had heard,
Then thy boldness ne'er had seen.
"Life Is A Dream - Act II" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

In news:

The Financial & Insurance Conference Planners Annual Conference opened November 13 with the association's unique "un" trade show—The Network.
The National High Performance Building Conference is scheduled for Dec 3-7, 2012 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC The conference is in its fourth year as part of Ecobuild® America.
For power-conference teams such as St John's, the non-conference portion of a schedule is the equivalent of a thief casing his next heist.
Sophomore Brandon Koehnle started every game of his freshman and sophomore years as catcher, and he hit nearly.300 this season to earn placement on the Great River Conference All-Conference team.
Finishing in a three-way tie atop the Little Sioux Conference, Dawson-Boyd, Minneota/Lincoln HI and Adrian each had a league-high five all-conference selections for the 2012 season, the LSC announced in a release on Tuesday.
Ottawa University is the conference champion, with an 8-1 conference record.
"Now in its fourth year, the ISGT conference has assembled some of the industry's top minds and professionals to further advance smart-grid innovation ," said Saifur Rahman, ISGT 2013 conference chair.
Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) Commissioner Jennifer Dubow has named Caitlyn Dean of Haskell as the conference's Assistant for Championships and Communication.
Two prominent athletic conferences, the Big Ten Conference and the Ivy League , announced on Tuesday a new collaboration to study the effects of concussions and other head injuries on athletes, a growing concern in recent years.
The Ivy League is the only conference in the country that doesn't award its NCAA tournament automatic bid to the winner of its conference tournament.
Pelzer, a 5-foot, 9-inch guard, is an All-State selection, four-year All-Conference selection and three-year Conference MVP for Upsala High School.
FAU's Conference USA press conference.
DeQueen may or may not end up with the junior high conference championship when its all over, but the Lakeside Junior Rams have pretty much proved who the best team in the conference was in 2012.
The Conference Board Leading Economic Index® (LEI) for Japan decreased 0.5 percent, while The Conference Board Coincident Economic Index® (CEI) increased 0.7 percent in October.
Seven members of the Big East Conference reportedly are not only leaving the league , but they are starting their own conference with Butler and Xavier if not more.

In science:

I wish to thank the organizers of the conference for hospitality.
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Type 0 String Theory
In Apt, K., ed., Proc. of the International Joint Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming, 686–700.
In Marek, V.; Nerode, A.; and Truszczynski, M., eds., International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning, 15–29.
In the conference version of this paper (Halpern, ), DI , the range of the plausibility measure, was taken to be functions from P to [; ], not from the index set I to [; ].
Conditional Plausibility Measures and Bayesian Networks
Third International Conference (KR ' ), pp. {.
Conditional Plausibility Measures and Bayesian Networks
Macchi, The fermion process - a model of stochastic point process with repulsive points, Transactions of the Seventh Prague Conference on Information Theory, Statistical Decision Functions, Random Processes and of the Eighth European Meeting of Statisticians (Tech.
Gaussian limit for determinantal random point fields
So, please consider this note as a traditional conference poster, trying to put illustrations to the previous work.
It is the ambiguity. (But only three generations)
In Proc. 6th International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation, Leuven.
Interfacing Constraint-Based Grammars and Generation Algorithms
Association for Computational Linguistics and 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics.
Interfacing Constraint-Based Grammars and Generation Algorithms
The essence of this radical revision was explained by Dirac at the 1927 Solvay conference .
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
In Vuclanov, D., Cotaescu, I., editor, Proceedings of the 8th Romanian Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation.
Nonlinear distributional geometry and general relativity
Long, “Laboratory Search for Extra-Dimensional Effects in Sub-Millimeter Regime” Talk given at the International Conference on Physics Beyond Four Dimensions, ICTP, Trieste, Italy; July 3-6, (2000); A.
Comments on "A Supernova Brane Scan"
Presented at the International Conference on the Notion of Event in Probabilistic Epistemology, University of Trieste, Italy, May 1996, 1997.
The temporal calculus of conditional objects and conditional events
This is the report of the Quantum General Relativity session, at the 16th International Conference on General Relativity & Gravitation, held on July 15th to 21st 2001, in Durban, South Africa.
GR16: Quantum General Relativity
The general theory of loop quantum gravity was reviewed at this conference in a plenary talk by Abhay Ashtekar.
GR16: Quantum General Relativity