• WordNet 3.6
    • v condone excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with "excuse someone's behavior","She condoned her husband's occasional infidelities"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Condone To pardon; to forgive. "A fraud which he had either concocted or condoned .""It would have been magnanimous in the men then in power to have overlooked all these things, and, condoning the politics, to have rewarded the poetry of Burns."
    • Condone (Law) To pardon; to overlook the offense of; esp., to forgive for a violation of the marriage law; -- said of either the husband or the wife.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • condone To forgive or pardon, as something wrong, especially by implication, as through some act of friendship or confidence toward the offender; overlook, as an offense or fault.
    • condone Specifically In law, to forgive, or to act so as to imply forgiveness of (a violation of the marriage vow). See condonation, 2.
    • condone To cause to overlook or forgive; atone for.
    • condone Synonyms See pardon.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Condone kon-dōn′ to forgive: to pass over
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  • Lord Shawcross
    Lord Shawcross
    “The new so called morality has too often the old immorality condoned.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. condonare, -donatum, to give up, remit, forgive; con-, + donare, to give. See Donate
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. con, inten., donāre, to give. See Donation.


In literature:

We can no more and no less afford to condone evil in the man of capital than evil in the man of no capital.
"Standard Selections" by Various
They have defended and condoned the industrial exploitation of children.
"The Necessity of Atheism" by Dr. D.M. Brooks
Infantry loyally condoned the so-called 'short shooting' by our guns.
"The Story of the 2/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry" by G. K. Rose
She was not only to condone what he had done, but as nearly as possible she was to give it her approval.
"The Letter of the Contract" by Basil King
It is as much as my life is worth, as much as my honor, to condone it.
"The Eagle of the Empire" by Cyrus Townsend Brady
He appealed to his General to approve, or at least condone, this breach of orders.
"Fort Amity" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
They are not allowed to join in the dances till the offence is condoned.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India - Volume IV of IV" by R.V. Russell
In requital for their entertainment, they offered to betray the Indians if Vasco Nunez, the new governor, would condone their past offenses.
"South American Fights and Fighters" by Cyrus Townsend Brady
But, as she suggested a valuable hint to me, I condoned her offence.
"She and I, Volume 2" by John Conroy Hutcheson
But strangers are privileged: Aristophanes will condone.
"Browning's Heroines" by Ethel Colburn Mayne
This announcement was an act of folly not easy to explain or condone.
"Fifteen Chapters of Autobiography" by George William Erskine Russell
Is that old supposed sin of mine never to be condoned?
"April's Lady" by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
You are the wife who condones her husband's sin!
"The works of Guy de Maupassant, Vol. 5 (of 8)" by Guy de Maupassant 1850-1893
But his pride in the monster camel condoned everything.
"The Valley of the Kings" by Marmaduke Pickthall
He must have done something that can't be condoned.
"The Arbiter" by Lady F. E. E. Bell
Generally I was accompanied by two boys, known as 'Condon's Twins.
"Rídan The Devil And Other Stories" by Louis Becke
The question of uniform was condoned, however, just as the white-flag incidents were condoned.
"The War in South Africa" by Arthur Conan Doyle
There is far more in Mr. Condon's administration than a mere follow-up policy.
"The New Education" by Scott Nearing
In Mecca such open breaches of the Islamic code are not tolerated, but there are other lapses which neither Moslem nor Christian can condone.
"Pan-Islam" by George Wyman Bury
His state of mind condoned his words.
"The Ghost Girl" by H. De Vere Stacpoole

In poetry:

As he passeth, myriads bless him,
Glorious Monarch all confess him,
Sternly upright, to condone
No injustice, save his own.
"Lita of the Nile" by Richard Doddridge Blackmore
``It is the sunset hour when all
Begin to feel the need to pray,
Upon our common Father call
To guard the night, condone the day.
"Outside The Village Church" by Alfred Austin
Yet when did ever a recluse
Escape the baffled crowd's abuse?
The social world will ne'er condone
Thy preference to live alone
Amid resources of thine own.
"Seclusion" by John Lawson Stoddard
Now Venus, I own it, is pleased to condone it;
The good-natured nymphs merely smile;
And Cupid is merry,--'t is humorous, very,--
And sharpens his arrows the while.
"To Barine" by Roswell Martin Field
"'Twas to see you before I go—he'll condone
Such a natural thing now my time's not much—
When Death is so near it hustles hence
All passioned sense
Between woman and man as such!
"Her Death And After" by Thomas Hardy
It thinks they are the voice of God
Condoning the beak, the claw, the grin of the dog
Yellow-haunched, a pack-dog,
Grinning over its bone of ivory
Like the pack, the pack, like everybody.
"The Swarm" by Sylvia Plath

In news:

Scott Condon The Aspen Times Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO.
Contemplating the thin line between violence and condoned aggression .
Like the old man in Hemingway's famous sea tale, Tom Condon waited a long time for the kill of a lifetime.
Montanans Against Assisted Suicide asked the board to revoke that policy, saying it appears to condone a procedure they argue is illegal.
PATRICK CONDON Associated Press AP.
I don't condone these activities, but it is interesting to watch.
Spokane Mayor David Condon will hold a news briefing at 2 pm today to talk about the 2013 City Budget in the Mayor's Conference Room on the seventh floor of City Hall, 808 W Spokane Falls Blvd.
Duane Foxhoven rides alongside a combine during the corn harvest at Condon Ranch.
Michael Condon and Justin McCurry April 17, 2012 05:00.
Mike Schrunk, the Multnomah County District Attorney, said he doesn't condone medical marijuana dispensaries .
CITGO teams with Condon Oil to raise a grand total of $40,286 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in 2012.
CITGO, Condon Oil Support Muscular Dystrophy Association This Summer.
Condon Oil teamed with CITGO Petroleum Corp. And members of the Ripon, Wis.
Ennis Clyde "Ike" Condon, 80, Douglass, died on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012.
I took this to mean that Gladys, when she wasn't being Marge Condon, worked at her very own flower shop .

In science:

Anne Condon, Joan Feigenbaum, Carsten Lund, and Peter Shor.
Checking generalized debates with small space and randomness
This was extended to a finite but fixed number of blocks of equal size by Condon and Karp .
Matrix estimation by Universal Singular Value Thresholding
Most of the background sources selected are from the NRAO/VLA Sky Survey (Condon et al. 1996).
The interstellar clouds of Adams and Blaauw revisited: an HI absorption study - I
The ISO 7 µm emission (dark structure; Mirabel et al. 1999) and VLA 20 cm continuum in contours (Condon et al. 1996), overlaid on an optical image from the Palomar Digital Sky Survey.
ISO Images of Starbursts and Active Galaxies
In addition the source shows no clear indications for extended emission in the NRAO VLA Sky survey at 1.4 GHz (Condon et al. 1996) with a beam size of 45′′ .
Near-infrared adaptive optics observations of galaxy clusters: Abell 262 at z=0.0157, J1836.3CR at z=0.414, and PKS 0743-006 at z=0.994
In order to remove these sources from the data, we have made 26–34 GHz observations of all the sources in our fields that are stronger than 6 mJy in the 1.4 GHz NRAO VLA Sky Survey (Condon et al. 1998), using the Owens Valley Radio Observatory’s 40-meter telescope.
The Cosmic Background Imager
The strength of the warm dust component is correlated with the optically thin synchrotron radio emission – this is the well known radio-FIR correlation (e.g., Condon 1992).
Star-Forming AGN Host Galaxies
The local 1.4 GHz energy production rate has been derived by LW by making use of an important connection bewteen radio emission and far infrared (FIR) emission in galaxies given in the paper of Yun, Reddy and Condon (YRC) .
Are Diffuse High Energy Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Starburst Galaxies Observable?
The condoners of this algorithm suggest, without proof, that these evils will drop away in the continuum limit as long as one avoids the zero quark mass axes in Figure 5.
So you want to be a lattice theorist?
The local 1.4 GHz energy production rate has been derived by LW by making use of the correlation bewteen GHz and far infrared (FIR) emission in galaxies given by Yun, Reddy and Condon (YRC) .
Upper Limits to Fluxes of Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays from Starburst Galaxies
For a given electronic state the cross section for the excitation to a vibrational level v is proportional to the Franck-Condon factor qX→v , defined as the overlapping integrals between the vibrational wave functions of the lower and upper levels of the excitation process.
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007
Einstein coefficients, Franck-Condon factors as well as excitation and ionization cross sections are available in the literature, e.g. .
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007
Due to the Franck-Condon (FC) principle, the spontaneous decay of the excited molecules favors the formation of a pair of free atoms, which will escape from the trap and induce a change in the number of trapped atoms (trap-loss signal).
Formation and interactions of cold and ultracold molecules: new challenges for interdisciplinary physics
The inner turning point of such double-well states represents a favorable Condon point for decaying into a stable molecule, especially for the 0− g (nS + nP3/2 ) states of cesium (n = 6) and rubidium (n = 5).
Formation and interactions of cold and ultracold molecules: new challenges for interdisciplinary physics
In we have proposed to adapt the Franck-Condon principle of molecular physics to ascertain the nature of Heavy Quarkonium above open flavor threshold in terms of its heavy quark constituents.
Charmed Exotics