• WordNet 3.6
    • n concomitance occurrence or existence together or in connection with one another
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Concomitance (R.C.Ch) The doctrine of the existence of the entire body of Christ in the eucharist, under each element, so that the body and blood are both received by communicating in one kind only.
    • Concomitance The state of accompanying; accompaniment. "The secondary action subsisteth not alone, but in concomitancy with the other."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n concomitance The state of being concomitant; a being together or in connection with another.
    • n concomitance In Roman Catholic theology, the coexistence of the body and blood of Christ in the single eucharistic element of bread, so that those who partake of the consecrated host receive him in full. Also concomitation.
    • n concomitance In mathematics, a relation between two sets of variables such that, when those of one set are replaced by certain functions of themselves, those of the other set are also replaced by certain determinate functions of themselves.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Concomitance state of being concomitant
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. concomitance, fr. LL. concomitantia,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. con, with, and comitans, pr.p. of comitāri, to accompany—comes, a companion.


In literature:

It must be remembered that the mere fact of concomitant variation is only an index that some causal connexion exists.
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" by William Minto
It is the concomitant or rather an integral part of every act of perception.
"An Introduction to the Study of Comparative Religion" by Frank Byron Jevons
Nor were there wanting several occasions for the display of that natural intrepidity which was so striking a concomitant of his character.
"Memoirs of the Extraordinary Military Career of John Shipp" by John Shipp
A concomitant of the reduced death rate was an increase in life expectancy.
"Area Handbook for Albania" by Eugene K. Keefe
It is a state of wonderment, which, with its concomitant curiosity, forms a power.
"Toilers of the Sea" by Victor Hugo
Noise, sobbings, and wild gestures were their necessary concomitants.
"Oriental Women" by Edward Bagby Pollard
In certain cases we are justified, then, in regarding it as the sign or concomitant of nervous maladies.
"A Problem in Modern Ethics" by John Addington Symonds
The Irish as soldiers have two qualities which, though widely different in nature, are really each the concomitant of the other.
"The Irish at the Front" by Michael MacDonagh
In any arrangement of this nature the feast is an indispensable concomitant of the proceedings.
"Village Life in China" by Arthur H. Smith
Hooker's importance in the world was ever on the increase, and this had also its usual concomitant drawbacks.
"Springtime and Other Essays" by Francis Darwin
It is the educational concomitant of the stage of adolescence.
"The Salvaging Of Civilisation" by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
It has thus been evinced that an effect or a self-same supposes a cause or a self-same (as invariable concomitants).
"The Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha" by Madhava Acharya
But as far as she was concerned the element of danger in the case was an essential and rather delightful concomitant to its romance.
"Mrs. Fitz" by J. C. Snaith
The redistribution of matter and motion may be a concomitant of evolution, but it is not evolution.
"Evolution" by Frank B. Jevons
From the remotest ages of which we have any cognizance, death has been the natural and, apparently, the necessary concomitant of life.
"Essays Upon Some Controverted Questions" by Thomas H. Huxley
And with it there went its best concomitant, the 'infinite capacity for taking pains.
"Charles Darwin" by Grant Allen
These figures are far from showing that large brains are a necessary concomitant of mental capacity.
"Woman in Science" by John Augustine Zahm
Presumption and pride are rebuked, and warnings given against the allurements of luxury and its concomitant vices.
"Algic Researches, Comprising Inquiries Respecting the Mental Characteristics of the North American Indians, Vol. 1 of 2" by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
He felt that exaggerated annoyance which is so often a concomitant of overwrought nerves.
"Marriage" by H. G. Wells
The law thus strongly indicated admits of corroboration by the Method of Concomitant Variations.
"A System of Logic: Ratiocinative and Inductive" by John Stuart Mill

In poetry:

If he a fruitless faith wou'd have thee boast,
On which no works concomitant attent —
Thou'lt find it, dead — and find it, to thy cost,
A faith, that cannot save thee, in the end.
"Advice, To Guard Against The Temptations Of The Devil " by Rees Prichard
CLARIN. Oh! my master wise!
By the concomitance of my hands and eyes,
I've learned some magic, and would know by it
If Livia, that ungrateful little chit,
Has played me false since I have been away,
Embracing that rogue Moscon on my day.
"The Wonder-Working Magician - Act III" by Denis Florence MacCarthy

In news:

Frequently, the same patient population concomitantly uses both types of treatment.
A number of companies already aim to use the material to make propylene glycol (see p 50), but this may not be enough to stem a byproduct glycerol glut and the concomitant need to incinerate excess material.
Concomitant inflammatory pseudotumor of the temporal bone and lung: A case report.
Chiropractors commonly encounter spinal conditions associated with autonomic concomitants attributable to somatovisceral or, conversely, viscerosomatic reflexes.
The concomitant occurrence of tuberculosis infection within a Warthin tumor is extremely rare, as only 6 cases have been previously reported in the English-language literature.
These authors discuss the distal tibial osteotomy and present a case study of a 23-year-old female with concomitant ankle varus and post-traumatic ankle pain.
One result of this visibility has been a rise in public sympathy for victims of breast cancer and a concomitant rise in funding for breast-cancer research.
The concomitant incidence of breast cancer and pregnancy is rising in high-income countries, because of increases in maternal age at the time of first pregnancy.
With these lighter days a concomitant urge to scrutiny arrives.
Under these conditions, skill at use of substances is a necessary concomitant to modern life.

In science:

The concomitant loss of Lorenz invariance is a serious disadvantage of the Snowmass convention.
The QCD and Standard Model Working Group: Summary Report from Les Houches
This resulted in a somewhat biased selection of the outliers, and a concomitant overestimation of the parameter number.
Empirical relations for cluster RR Lyrae stars revisited
During almost 10 years, the concomitant non extensive thermostatistical considerations were based upon the theoretical framework of Curado and Tsallis .
Thermodynamical Test of Non Extensive Thermostatistics
At small x and U the the DOS changes only through a simple translation of the band with the concomitant shift in the Dirac point, ED .
Modeling disorder in graphene
Besides the effects just described, a change in the concentration of impurities implies a concomitant redistribution of spectral weight between the main band and the impurity band.
Modeling disorder in graphene
Concomitantly, nucleosynthesis products of both the former hydrogen and helium burning shells are mixed into the envelope, resulting in a H-deficient envelope.
Variable stars across the observational HR diagram
Thus DNO periods decrease on the rising branch of a dwarf nova outburst and increase on the descending branch. • There are sudden small changes in period during the systematic variations – ∼ 0.03 s – but no concomitant detectable luminosity changes.
QPOs in CVs: An executive summary
The double DNOs and their relation to the concomitant QPOs suggest an analogy to intermediate polars.
QPOs in CVs: An executive summary
Moreover, training also results in concomitant effects, e.g. changes of transformation temperature and hysteresis.
Imprinting bias stress in functional composites
BBN is also capable of constraining very sensitively any non-thermal perturbations as induced, for example, by the residual annihilation of weak scale dark matter particles (Section 5), or by the decay of relic particles (Section 7) and the possible concomitant production of dark matter.
Big Bang Nucleosynthesis and Particle Dark Matter
We shall obtain dynamical equations for the spin that have the structure of generalized Langevin equations with fluctuating terms γ ~m ∧ ~bfl ( ~m, t) and concomitant relaxation terms.
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Our models now include a separate treatment for formation and destruction of the H2 -tracing CO molecule, which allows a direct comparison of such models with observations, and a new independent investigation of the CO-H2 concomitance in the ISM of evolving galaxies.
Molecular gas, CO, and star formation in galaxies: emergent empirical relations, feedback, and the evolution of very gas-rich systems
The Jones-Hore theory wrongly associates the former possibility with a concomitant singlet recombination.
Entropy Considerations in Spin-Selective Radical-Ion-Pair Reactions
These requirements on the number of fields are concomitant with the expected number of pointings available from extensions to ongoing pure parallel HST programs (Trenti 2008; Yan 2008), and the potential for using this method to measure high-redshift galaxy bias is therefore promising.
A Method for Measuring the Bias of High-Redshift Galaxies from Cosmic Variance
The planning of the RHESSI workshop series addressed the need to consider the physics of magnetic reconnection, and the concomitant acceleration of electrons and ions, in the context of the observations.
High-Energy Aspects of Solar Flares: Overview of the Volume