• WordNet 3.6
    • adv con in opposition to a proposition, opinion, etc. "much was written pro and con"
    • v con commit to memory; learn by heart "Have you memorized your lines for the play yet?"
    • v con deprive of by deceit "He swindled me out of my inheritance","She defrauded the customers who trusted her","the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change"
    • n con a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property
    • n con an argument opposed to a proposal
    • n con a person serving a sentence in a jail or prison
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word constipation (con sta PAY shun) comes from a Latin word that means "to crowd together."
    • adv Con Against the affirmative side; in opposition; on the negative side; -- The antithesis of pro, and usually in connection with it. See Pro.
    • v. t Con (Naut) To conduct, or superintend the steering of (a vessel); to watch the course of (a vessel) and direct the helmsman how to steer.
    • Con To know; to understand; to acknowledge. "Of muses, Hobbinol, I con no skill.""They say they con to heaven the highway."
    • Con To study in order to know; to peruse; to learn; to commit to memory; to regard studiously. "Fixedly did look
      Upon the muddy waters which he conned As if he had been reading in a book."
      "I did not come into Parliament to con my lesson."
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Con kon to study carefully: to commit to memory
    • pr.p Con con′ning; pa.p. conned
    • v.t Con kon to direct the steering of a ship
    • n Con the act of conning
    • n Con kon a knock.
    • ***


  • Jack Kramer
    Jack Kramer
    “The worst thing you can do is start slow, or con yourself into thinking that you can take your time getting into a match. The curtain is up so you've got to perform.”


All mod cons - If something has all mod cons, it has all the best and most desirable features. It is an abbreviation of 'modern convenience' that was used in house adverts.
Pros and cons - Pros and cons are arguments for or against a particular issue. Pros are arguments which aim to promote the issue, while cons suggest points against it. The term has been in use since the 16th century and is a shortening of a Latin phrase, pro et contra, which means “for and against.” Considering the pros and cons of an issue is a very useful way to weigh the issue thoughtfully and reach an informed decision.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. cunnan, to know, be able, and (derived from thiscunnian, to try, test. See Can v. t. & i.,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. cogner, to knock.


In literature:

The following portrait of my friend is from the pen of our elegant con, Horace Eglantine.
"The English Spy" by Bernard Blackmantle
CAT (he): generalmente sig^a cortar algo con acha, cuchillo o hiera; detener algo que se huya, atajarlo, etc.
"The Maya Chronicles" by Various
Laundry, did you know that Miss Dean had been 'con-centrating' on you?
"Grace Harlowe's Overland Riders Among the Kentucky Mountaineers" by Jessie Graham Flower
Con-reeh, his x mark, Crow.
"Three Years on the Plains" by Edmund B. Tuttle
Con, the dog, limped between us with a whine.
"Kilgorman" by Talbot Baines Reed
In the corner at the rear the tiny yard of Con Murphy touched the big place.
"The Corner House Girls at School" by Grace Brooks Hill
This week he stepped up to Con-o-way.
"Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 2" by Works Projects Administration
You've still got us to boss you, Con, so you needn't feel too forlorn.
"Prudence Says So" by Ethel Hueston
However, Reed was conning the lesson steadily, learning it by slow degrees.
"The Brentons" by Anna Chapin Ray
Needn't think you can con me.
"Bloom of Cactus" by Robert Ames Bennet

In poetry:

Alfin lo stile--sovra la tavola
L'acuta punta--venne a configgere,
E con note indefesse
Questo cantico impresse:
"Anacreonte" by Ferdinando Fontana
iAntes que tu me morire: escondido
En las entranas ya
El hierro llevo con que abrio tu mano
La ancha herida mortal!
"Rimas XXXVII" by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer
(largendo con sp.) Now this is the position,
Go make an inquisition
Into their real condition
As swiftly as ye may.
"The Masque of Plenty" by Rudyard Kipling
Nella clessidra--cadea la polvere,
E intorno, intorno--con suon monotono,
Sotto le arcate fosche,
Ronzavano le mosche.
"Anacreonte" by Ferdinando Fontana
Da lungi il circolo--delle pendici
Chiude la baja--con braccia immani;
Ivi approdarono--Libii e Fenici
Mori ed Ispani.
"Notte" by Ferdinando Fontana
You would understand, had you
Conned between the lines; instead
History was a war or two
And ninety hundred million dad.
"Lines To E. A." by Benjamin Musser

In news:

Cons Only available in black.
Nothing in the world is perfect though, and everything has its pros and cons including the Internet.
Julia della Croce 's Stewed Squash with Tomato, Garlic and Black Olives (zucca con olive).
Completa los datos requeridos en el formulario para compartir esta página con tus amigos.
Tripledge Wipers and other testaments to his con-artistry.
If you thought the idea of rebooting 'The Munsters' for modern times was stupid, you're in luck NBC looks to be pulling the plug on 'Mockingbird Lane,' which was mostly cast and which played a four minute sizzle reel at Comic Con 2012.
Comic-Con attendees dazzled by 'Tron,' 'Harry Potter,' and 'Avengers' teasers.
Comic-Con, the SciFi and fantasy themed convention in San Diego, was a four-day extravaganza of light cycles, wizards, and superheroes.
The Pros and Cons of Implementing EMR.
Jodie Foster talks about 'Elysium' at San Diego Comic-Con on July 13, 2012.
A Tennessee con confessed to a 17-year-old murder on his deathbed before making a miraculous recovery.
Cons Requires an Internet connection.
No matter what divides us — red-blue, rich-poor, city-country — Texans willingly rally around chile con queso, the cheese dip that unites us all.
There are two distinct ways to to extend backhoe reach, with pros and cons on both sides of it.
"The Brothers Grimm": Jake (Heath Ledger, left) and Will (Matt Damon) are con artists turned heroes.

In science:

Such confinement scenario assumes that the ground state of QCD is a condensate of magnetic monopoles which one confines (pinches) the color electric field of color charges into flux tubes .
A String Approximation for Cooper Pair in High-T$_{\bf c}$ superconductivity
As a last application of the partition function (103), we mention the explanation of the observation [153] that the temperature at which chiral symmetry is restored is higher for gauge field configurations with a nonzero Z3 -phase than for gauge field configurations with zero Z3 -phase.
Random Matrix Theory and Chiral Symmetry in QCD
Hales (to be published). A fascinating open question is: How many jammed configurations exist at each packing fraction, i.e. what is the density of states for jammed configurations? B. D.
Is Random Close Packing of Spheres Well Defined?
Label the triple points in the first two configurations of Figure 3 by P∞ ∈ L∞ and P1 , and in the third configuration by P∞ , P1 , P2 .
Rational polynomials of simple type
There is one such extra intersection in the configuration with (k , r) = (1, 3) and two such extra intersections in the configuration with (k , r) = (2, 2).
Rational polynomials of simple type