computer-aided design


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n computer-aided design software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing
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In news:

One piece of software now available free of charge from Bricsys is Bricscad V12 Platinum, computer-aided design (CAD) software.
In an interview I conducted with Akira Wakita, a researcher of interactive textiles with a PhD in computer-aided design from Japan's Keio University, Wakita made the case for making stronger connections between the analog and digital realms.
Product reviews, features, tutorials, and tips for AutoCAD 2D/3D computer-aided design software.
This combined APU architecture equips workstation OEMs and integrators with "highly-tuned performance and robust feature support," AMD said, optimized for compute-intensive workflows, such as computer -aided design (CAD).
To maximize the harvester 's overall power-conversion efficiency, the researchers also propose a computer-aided-design (CAD) oriented design methodology.
Computer-aided simulation tools can dramatically speed the design of RF/microwave antennas for wireless systems, as this WiMAX example illustrates.
Multi-axis, computer-aided measuring arms offer accuracy comparable to a CMM in a portable design.
Computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software is essential for any modern microwave design task, unless an engineer has unlimited time to complete the job.
5) in a keynote at the International Conference on Computer Aided Design here.
Computer- aided design enabled architectural firms to preview designs for their clients three-dimensionally in 1984.
High school students wanting to go into engineering or many other trades can benefit from taking a computer-aided design, or CAD , class.
(SolidWorks was sold several years ago to Dassault Systèmes, a French company focused on computer -aided design.).
CHS students receiving national awards for the computer aid design contest sponsored by the American Digital Design Association are: Presidential Awards (the equivalent of 3rd place in the nation).
Green Pastures software is used to manage relationships between different document types, such as spreadsheets, multimedia files and computer-aided design (CAD) references.
Computer-aided-engineering (CAE) tools can be pricey, but it is still possible to design a low-noise amplifier at a commercial foundry using low-cost, open-source software simulators.

In science:

The recent research focuses on computer-aided design issues involved in rapid prototyping of heterogeneous object. The primary goal of the present research is to develop systematic methodologies for heterogeneous object representations, visualizations, constructions and manipulations.
Computer Aided Design Modeling for Heterogeneous Objects
The interactive map uses a high resolution of CAD (Computer Aided Design) picture provided by Melbourne Zoo as a background layer as shown in Figure 10.
An Interactive Zoo Guide: A Case Study of Collaborative Learning
This diamond contains 11 prolific authors in the area of digital hardware and computer-aided design, who publish in 7 venues.
Diamond Dicing
In recent years the RF design of the couplers has been enormously aided by computer codes.
Power coupling
H. Raymond and P. Wang, “Variability in sub-100nm sram designs,” in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Aided Design, pp. 347–352, 2004.
Design and modelling of different SRAM's based on CNTFET 32nm technology
Subdivision schemes in computer-aided geometric design.
General Midpoint Subdivision
The search for explicit generators of K is an active area of research in both the Commutative Algebra and also the Computer Aided Geometric Design community.
Minimal generators of the defining ideal of the Rees Algebra associated to a rational plane parameterization with \mu=2
In the Computer Aided Geometric Design community, such a basis is called a µ-basis of I (see for instance [CSC98, CGZ00, CCL05]).
Minimal generators of the defining ideal of the Rees Algebra associated to a rational plane parameterization with \mu=2
There are many applications of these splines such as computer aid design of cars , curve fitting in statistics, computation of energy levels of multi-electron atoms etc .
Application of Quantum Theory to Super-parametric Density Estimation
Williams, T.W., Daehn, W., Gruetzner, M. and Starke, C.W., Bounds and Analysis of Aliasing Errors in Linear Feedback Shift Registers. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design, 7(1), pp 75-83, 1988.
A Simulation Experiment on a Built-In Self Test Equipped with Pseudorandom Test Pattern Generator and Multi-Input Shift Register (MISR)
Robinson, J. P., and Saxsena, N.R., Simultaneous Signature and Syndrome Compression. IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design, CAD-7, pp 589-594, 1988.
A Simulation Experiment on a Built-In Self Test Equipped with Pseudorandom Test Pattern Generator and Multi-Input Shift Register (MISR)
Dabholkar, S . Chakravarty, I. Pomeranz, and S. M. Reddy, ―Techniques for min imizing power dissipation in scan and combinational circuits during test application,‖ IEEE Trans. Comput.-Aided Design Integr.
Power Management during Scan Based Sequential Circuit Testing
The problem of generating technical-documentation in a cost-effective manner is becoming even more critical because advanced Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) tools are reducing the time required to design ob jects, but no equivalent tools have been developed to reduce the time required to document designs.
Automatic Generation of Technical Documentation
This basis is referred to as the ‘computational basis’, since this aids in designing useful algorithms for the QC.
The Ion Trap Quantum Information Processor
Rational surfaces play an important role in the frame of practical applications, especially in Computer Aided Geometric Design (see [13, 17] and the references therein).
A matrix-based approach to properness and inversion problems for rational surfaces