computer user


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n computer user a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business
    • ***


  • Brandt Allen
    Brandt Allen
    “Control over computing belongs with users.”
  • Dave Barry
    Dave Barry
    “The word user is the word used by the computer professional when they mean idiot.”


In literature:

As we have seen, there were hundreds, perhaps thousands of computer users in America with the E911 Document in their possession.
"Hacker Crackdown" by Bruce Sterling

In news:

You blamed software manufacturers, Internet service providers, government and corporate network administrators, and individual computer users.
Now they are reference aids to computer users: Many consumers choose from catalogs but order from supplier Web sites.
The VS120 virtual microscopy system scans up to 100 slides at a time at high fidelity, so users anywhere can view and navigate high-resolution images of entire microscope slides or slide areas using a computer.
Computer users in the Netherlands .
The Google Analytics Opt -out Browser Add-on stops data from being sent from a user's computer when the user visits Websites that use Google Analytics Javascript to track usage.
While users can hide from the interest-based ads, they can't avoid the location-based tracking Apple is using for its iPhone, iPads and computers.
The logo tells the computer user that their computer has been linked to child pornography.
Solutions by Computer has announced the introduction of Card Payment Gateway, a payment processing module for credit and debit card that gives Enfinity system users the option of three different payment processing vendors to choose from.
Internet users are lax about security, Firefox fixes a flaw, cyberthieves raid school computers and pull off identity thefts.
Similar to Skype, Google Voice allows users to make free phone calls via their computer.
The anti- piracy move from Microsoft prompted lawsuit threats and howls of indignation in China, where the vast majority of computer users are believed to be using pirated versions, unwittingly or not.
Apple's profile pollution patent, written in 2005 by or on behalf of inventor Stephen R Carter for Novell, describes how computer users are taking counter-measures to combat data gathering.
Companies are accusing various computer users of downloading their videos through widely used file-sharing systems.
An analysis of a user's computer to determine if its software and settings are up-to-date.
As a new user of the computer, I have had a wide range of experiences.

In science:

In a spoken conversational system, it is usually necessary to confirm to the user what was spoken and understood by the computer in the last turn.
Modeling informational novelty in a conversational system with a hybrid statistical and grammar-based approach to natural language generation
Until now computation has been done in the limit hypothesis of connection between users and only one provider.
Growing dynamics of Internet providers
User modeling is directed toward developing a basis to compute overlap, and ultimately is conducted to make connections among people to drive recommendation.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
Therefore an extension to implicit user modeling and an approach toward a basis to compute recommendations entails directly exposing these self-organizing and self-maintaining social structures.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research
The system predicts how a user seeking recommendation would rate an unrated article by computing a weighted average of the ratings of that message by users whose ratings were correlated with the user seeking recommendation.
A Connection-Centric Survey of Recommender Systems Research