• WordNet 3.6
    • n composer someone who composes music as a profession
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Beethoven dipped his head in cold water before he composed.
    • Composer One who composes; an author. Specifically, an author of a piece of music. "If the thoughts of such authors have nothing in them, they at least . . . show an honest industry and a good intention in the composer .""His [Mozart's] most brilliant and solid glory is founded upon his talents as a composer ."
    • Composer One who, or that which, quiets or calms; one who adjusts a difference. "Sweet composers of the pensive soul."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Beethoven used to pour cold water over his head to stimulate his brain before sitting down to compose.
    • n composer One who or that which composes. One who writes an original work, as distinguished from a compiler; an author.
    • n composer One who composes musical pieces; a musical author.
    • n composer One who or that which quiets or calms; one who adjusts a difference or reconciles antagonists.
    • n composer In printing, a compositor.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: French composer Erik Satie holds the record for shortest and longest composition in the world. His piano piece Vexations lasts for just under a minute. However, Satie states in the score that it should be played 840 times in succession a nonstop playing time of 14 hours.
    • Composer a writer, an author, esp. of a piece of music
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  • Anais Nin
    “Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action. They must be woven together.”
  • Igor Stravinsky
    Igor Stravinsky
    “A good composer does not imitate; he steals.”
  • Marcel Proust
    “Everything great in the world comes from neurotics. They alone have founded our religions and composed our masterpieces.”
  • John F. Kennedy
    “Written in Chinese, the word crisis, is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represent opportunity.”
  • Pablo Casals
    Pablo Casals
    “Let us not forget that the greatest composers were also the greatest thieves. They stole from everyone and everywhere.”
  • Rebecca West
    “I wonder if we are all wrong about each other, if we are just composing unwritten novels about the people we meet?”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. composer, from L. cum, and pausāre, to cease, to rest.


In literature:

The forces that faced them, bent on forcing a passage to Paris were composed of the best Prussian guards and shock troops.
"Kelly Miller's History of the World War for Human Rights" by Kelly Miller
If he could not compose an opera here it was certain that he could never compose one anywhere.
"The Way of Ambition" by Robert Hichens
It was at Glencotha that I first made a sustained attempt to compose in rhyme.
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume IV." by Various
Mother and Mrs. Woods in the congregation and five of us in the choir composed all the female portion of the congregation.
"Sixty Years of California Song" by Margaret Blake-Alverson
Borodin the composer is after all only the composer of a few fragments.
"Musical Portraits" by Paul Rosenfeld
Its audiences are more exclusively composed of citizens than those of any other house.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
The arch ring can be treated as a blockwork structure composed of rigid voussoirs.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
The celebrated composer of frottole, Bartolomeo Tromboncino, was for some time in the service of the Mantuan court.
"Some Forerunners of Italian Opera" by William James Henderson
So much for your three favorite latter-day composers.
"Old Fogy" by James Huneker
Besides this he composed what was then called the "Orchestic," whence we have our word orchestra.
"A Popular History of the Art of Music" by W. S. B. Mathews
After this necessary arrangement, we proceeded to view the town, which is composed of long and narrow streets.
"The Stranger in France" by John Carr
The individual who tries to compose either ideas or harmonious sounds, and hopes for success, must compose because he can not help it.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 14" by Elbert Hubbard
Legislative: The legislative department is called the Congress and is composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
"Citizenship" by Emma Guy Cromwell
The Legislative Committee was composed of Mrs. Coffin, Mrs. Blaney, Mrs. Edson and Mrs. Arthur Cornwall Juilliard.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
Not only Bach, but other composers of his time arranged it.
"The Standard Cantatas" by George P. Upton
At this point the history of opera divides, and three great composers are to be noted.
"Woman's Club Work and Programs" by Caroline French Benton
Let us suppose it is an opera by an American composer.
"Great Singers on the Art of Singing" by James Francis Cooke
The Pythagoreans drew up a list of ten opposites of which the universe is composed.
"A Critical History of Greek Philosophy" by W. T. Stace
It is composed of limestone, and is about four hundred feet high.
"Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea" by John Franklin
The composer often referred to the instructional value of such examinations.
"Principles of Orchestration" by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

In poetry:

In quest of many a new device,
Thro' pathless scenes they joy'd to roam,
Composing songs most wildly sweet,
Heard, with parental pride, at home.
"The Stag" by William Hayley
Not diff'rent food, or diff'rent dress,
Compose the kingdom of our Lord;
But peace, and joy, and righteousness,
Faith, and obedience to his word.
"Hymn 126" by Isaac Watts
Just ere the Convent dipped from view,
Backward I glanced: he was not there.
Within the chapel, well I knew,
His lips were now composed in prayer.
"At The Gate Of The Convent" by Alfred Austin
And a look of passionate desire
O'er the sea and to the stars I send:
"Ye who from my childhood up have calm'd me,
Calm me, ah, compose me to the end!
"Self-Dependence" by Matthew Arnold
If these few remarks, rather aptly chosen,
Make a hit with you, come, don't make me jealous.
Let me sing you songs of my own composing,
Oh, come on over!
"R.S.V.P." by Franklin Pierce Adams
Man is composed here of a twofold part;
The first of nature, and the next of art;
Art presupposes nature; nature, she
Prepares the way for man's docility.
"Upon Man" by Robert Herrick

In news:

Performer, conductor composed 'The Way We Were' and 'A Chorus Line .
This Sept 15, 2009 file photo shows composer Marvin Hamlisch attending the premiere of "The Informant" at The Ziegfeld Theatre in New York.
On this day in classical music: American composer Douglas Moore died in New York in 1969.
Chorus Line ' composer's music still has a kick.
American composer Charles Ives was unprecedented at suiting his musical style to the story he wanted to tell.
A concert featuring Stefan Andre Waligur, musician/composer and leader of New Chant and Kirtan Around the World, 2 pm, June 24, in the meeting hall of First Christian Church, 701 Franklin St S.E.
Legendary composer Ennio Morricone turned 83 on November 10th.
On Wednesday, November 10th, Italian film composer and conductor Ennio Morricone turns 82.
They are composed of ice and are thin, wispy clouds blown in high winds into long streamers.
The composer Richard Einhorn had despaired of truly enjoying a concert or Broadway show before encountering a hearing loop.
Cremona, 15 May 1567 Died: Venice, 29 Nov 1643 Nationality: Italian composer.
Skrillex Composing New Music For Movie Score.
TILE-SIG Feature: In Defense of Narrative Texts and Online Tools For Composing Them.
Linda Niebrugge, composing supervisor, 217-347-7151, ext 137.
Counterpart Composers of Venice, Separated by 300 Years.

In science:

As in the previous paragraph, on composing the latter isomorphism with ψ1 , we obtain the desired K -algebra homomorphism ψ : R → S .
$K_0$ of purely infinite simple regular rings
Composing (b) with 9.3(g), we obtain a bijection Irrv0 H λ,λ∗ R,L ↔ R(Gϑ, GJ , C , F ).
Classification of unipotent representations of simple p-adic groups,II
Composing this with the bijection 10.4(a) we obtain a map R(Gϑ, GJ , C , F ) −→ T /W .
Classification of unipotent representations of simple p-adic groups,II
Consider the infinite subtree Uγ (ν ) of V composed only from those paths that between levels kγ and (k + 1)γ , with k ∈ N, have prescribed number νij = ˆβij γ ∈ N of edges of type ij .
Random walks in random environment on trees and multiplicative chaos
In making this translation to the algebra, one must take the matrices of the matrix model and compose with a permutation.
Bi-oriented Quantum Algebras, and a Generalized Alexander Polynomial for Virtual Links
The following automaton A = (Σ, Q, Qf , q0 , ∆) accepts only trees whose labels (all of them) are composed of the same letter, either a or b.
Using Tree Automata and Regular Expressions to Manipulate Hierarchically Structured Data
This describes the same sequence as the previous example, but this time (r) matches al l the trees that compose that sequence.
Using Tree Automata and Regular Expressions to Manipulate Hierarchically Structured Data
Tree regular expressions written in infix form (as in Figure 5 on page 21) look more complex and may be more difficult to compose than string regular expressions.
Using Tree Automata and Regular Expressions to Manipulate Hierarchically Structured Data
Polymers are long, topological ly one dimensional molecules, composed by repeating several times (typically 100–10000) the same structural unit.
On the physical relevance of random walks: an example of random walks on a randomly oriented lattice
Vi )i∈I acting on a Hilbert space K ⊃ H, uniquely determined up to isomorphisms, such that the family (Vi )i∈I is composed by non-zero partial isometries on K.
On the physical relevance of random walks: an example of random walks on a randomly oriented lattice
For instance in the controlled algebra used here, sizes grow when morphisms are composed.
Lectures on controlled topology: mapping cylinder neighborhoods
We will be interested in considering a signal incident from the left on a system composed of N such scatterers, and in monitoring what is reflected or transmitted through it at different times, i.e. the output to the left of scatterer 1 and to the right of scatterer N , respectively.
Modeling the propagation of a signal through a layered nanostructure: Connections between the statistical properties of waves and random walks
We will define fm(φ) as the function composed of the first m Fourier components of f (φ).
A Search for Gamma-Ray Bursts and Pulsars, and the Application of Kalman Filters to Gamma-Ray Reconstruction
As described fully in §1.2, the EGRET instrument is composed of three sections: a calorimeter, an e− e+ tracker, and an anti-coincidence system.
A Search for Gamma-Ray Bursts and Pulsars, and the Application of Kalman Filters to Gamma-Ray Reconstruction
The adjective “large” usually means either systems composed of many particles or systems with a high number of internal degrees of freedom.
Bell's inequality for n spin-s particles