• WordNet 3.6
    • n competition the act of competing as for profit or a prize "the teams were in fierce contention for first place"
    • n competition an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants
    • n competition the contestant you hope to defeat "he had respect for his rivals","he wanted to know what the competition was doing"
    • n competition a business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers "business competition can be fiendish at times"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: One of the reasons marijuana is illegal today because cotton growers in the 30s lobbied against hemp farmers -- they saw it as competition. It is not chemically addictive as is nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine
    • n Competition The act of seeking, or endeavoring to gain, what another is endeavoring to gain at the same time; common strife for the same objects; strife for superiority; emulous contest; rivalry, as for approbation, for a prize, or as where two or more persons are engaged in the same business and each seeking patronage; -- followed by for before the object sought, and with before the person or thing competed with. "Competition to the crown there is none, nor can be.""A portrait, with which one of Titian's could not come in competition .""There is no competition but for the second place.""Where competition does not act at all there is complete monopoly."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: When playing competitive darts the player must be 7 feet 9 1/4 inches back from the dartboard. Also the board must be 5 feet 8 inches above the floor
    • n competition The act of seeking or endeavoring to gain what another is endeavoring to gain at the same time; common contest or striving for the same object; strife for superiority; rivalry: as, the competition of two candidates for an office. Formerly it was sometimes followed by to, now always by for, before the thing sought.
    • n competition A trial of skill proposed as a test of superiority or comparative fitness.
    • n competition In Scots law, a contest which arises on bankruptcy between creditors claiming in virtue of their respective securities or diligences. Synonyms Rivalry, etc. See emulation.
    • n competition In political economics, rivalry in the purchase or sale of a commodity or service: as, the competition of wage-earners lowers wages; British merchants have to meet German competition.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first triple jump in figure skating competition was performed by Dick Button in 1952.
    • n Competition the act of competing: common strife for the same object
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  • Gil Atkinson
    Gil Atkinson
    “Thank God for competition. When our competitors upset our plans or outdo our designs, they open infinite possibilities of our own work to us.”
  • Marguerite Beecher
    Marguerite Beecher
    “To free the mind from the habit of competition, we must see in detail the process by which the mind is ensnared by competition.”
  • Daniel Burrus
    Daniel Burrus
    “Focus on competition has always been a formula for mediocrity.”
  • Elbert Hubbard
    “Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed -- there's so little competition.”
  • Mrs. Jamieson
    Mrs. Jamieson
    “The only competition worthy a wise man is with himself.”
  • Saying
    “Competition is the whetstone of talent.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. competition,. See Compete
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. competĕrecom, together, petĕre, to seek.


In literature:

But I failed in the Championship competition, as, of course, I fully expected to do.
"The Complete Golfer [1905]" by Harry Vardon
The competition for Western products enhanced their price, and stimulated their more extended cultivation.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
So far have we gone from the free competition of isolated individuals.
"Liberalism" by L. T. Hobhouse
Restraint of Competition and Limited Monopoly.
"The Evolution of Modern Capitalism" by John Atkinson Hobson
They are probably more often handicapped by the competition of city life than by the conditions of life in the rural community.
"Rural Problems of Today" by Ernest R. Groves
Under what circumstances do you have competition between individuals and competition between groups?
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
These three girls were, according to the rules of the competition, to entertain their companions.
"A Bunch of Cherries" by L. T. Meade
The two girls were excused lessons; as for preparation for the prize competition, that they might go on with or not, as they wished.
"Hollyhock" by L. T. Meade
If, again, there is competition among workmen, there is competition among capitalists.
"Social Rights and Duties, Volume I (of 2)" by Sir Leslie Stephen
In such games there should be a gradual preparation for the competition.
"How Girls Can Help Their Country" by Juliette Low

In poetry:

And men, with their genial competitive ways
Present no decided improvements,
For their personal gain they will sacrifice all
Who may stand in the way of their movements.
"The Darker Side." by Alfred Castner King
A rainy day in camp! and you wonder how the C. P.
And the G. T. competition will affect the Golden West--
But these problematic matters only tend to make you sleepy,
And again beneath the blankets, like a babe you sink to rest.
"A Rainy Day In Camp" by William Henry Drummond
This is a sample of the hand I get
When I am playing more than solitaire,
Showing how I become the slowest yet
When it's a case of razors in the air,
And competition knocks me off creation
Like a gin-fountain smashed by Carrie Nation.
"The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum" by Wallace Irwin

In news:

DockDogs Diving Competition At Hebron Fair.
Charkashyna won the bronze medal in the all-around competition.
Beckham to play final competitive Galaxy match Posted: Nov 20, 2012 David Beckham announces the MLS CUP Final will be his last with the LA Galaxy.
Peak moments from the second day of competition at The Lane.
David Bier is a research associate at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Enlarge Daniel Shirey/US PRESWIREChirs Thompson and the FSU running backs weren't as far behind their ACC competition during 2011 as the Seminoles' rushing stats implied.
John Kerry just trounced the competition in the Iowa caucuses, and I'm on the phone with Michael Moore in New York, wondering why he endorsed General Wesley Clark.
World Tour surfers, along with local favorites, shine on day two of competition.
CJ Hobgood took to the stage on the first day of competition in Teahupoo.
EWEEK enables readers to successfully evaluate, deploy and leverage new technology solutions for competitive advantage.
In the months when my mutation was almost complete, when I had almost forgotten my Bird-Watching past, I felt competitive about birding for the first time in my life.
The Chargers face some stiff competition coming up.
The content in question is believed to promote a competition to draw cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, an act which many Muslims would consider blasphemy .
Pakistan says Twitter did not remove links to a competition to post Mohammed images.
A singer winning a singing competition.

In science:

As an illustration, we presented an evolutionary argument based on the simulated competition of two non-crossing varieties of the same species where the outcome shows that Nature would most probably choose the same strategy as we did.
Random deaths in a computational model for age-structured populations
This situation is very different for a non-linear σ -model description of disordered systems where this transition point or the Thouless energy is determined by the competition between the mass term and the kinetic term.
Chiral Random Matrix Model for Critical Statistics
The principal conclusions of this work is independent of dimensionality as well as the particular forms for the short-ranged potential V , since the underlining physics, the competition between enthalpy in the localized states and entropy in the extended states, is reserved.
Force-Induced Melting and Thermal Melting of a Double-Stranded Biopolymer
The competition between these tendencies can lead to appearance of coherently oriented dipoles.
Phase diagram of mixed system of ferroelectric relaxors in the random field theory framework
This maximum origin can be related to the competition between increase of L2 (see dashed line in Fig.7a) and (1 − x) decrease with x increase (see Eq.(6)).
Phase diagram of mixed system of ferroelectric relaxors in the random field theory framework