• WordNet 3.6
    • n compartmentalization the act of distributing things into classes or categories of the same type
    • n compartmentalization a mild state of dissociation
    • ***


  • James Dye
    James Dye
    “Here's what they're doing: All power and wealth is going to the top of a compartmentalized pyramid system and then they plan to rule the entire world.”


In literature:

I wish I had a more compartmental mind, like men.
"Main Street" by Sinclair Lewis
Perhaps he had his soul compartmentized.
"Chopin: The Man and His Music" by James Huneker
Compartmentation helps, but you can still be unlucky.
"The Planet Strappers" by Raymond Zinke Gallun

In news:

But compartmentalization is a moral fraud and the Left knows it, although it has been at the core of the Left's arguements for generations.
Even his critics concede this, while denouncing the Academy's compartmentalization .
For " Hard Candy " Madonna is more compartmentalized.
Everything known about al-Qaida, they said, suggests that information is compartmentalized.
In 1989, legal scholar and theorist Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw coined the term " intersectionality " to argue for a broader definition of what it means to be a woman: one that doesn't compartmentalize gender but centers "multiple identities.
The septa compartmentalize or separate the ectopic tooth (or teeth) and the maxillary sinus , and thus the interpretation of whether the tooth is adjacent to or actually within the maxillary sinus is conjectural.
All these binders , this wide array of skills and life experience and expertise, are useless as long as they stay neatly compartmentalized.
The Phillies have done a pretty decent job of compartmentalizing their baseball lives this season, not dwelling on the past, not looking beyond the task immediately at hand.
The Penn State/Jerry Sandusky sex crime scandal is wrenching on so many levels that it's often difficult to compartmentalize them.
Their multimedia center will be located next to the Heroes and Legends Café on the perimeter of Chevrolet Court and will itself be compartmentalized into three areas.
Saddlemen keeps trike cargo compartmentalized.
They compartmentalize their lives and miss the presence and light of God in every moment, breath, and context of life.
But Tyler failed to see the irony, explaining that he and his brother's presence on their nemesis's social network had more to do with their ability to compartmentalize.

In science:

The known solutions are reviewed and compartmentalized according to this scheme in order to illustrate general ideas, without being exhaustive.
Static charged perfect fluid spheres in general relativity
Using solutions with five to twenty-fold greater concentrations (to make up for their build-up in geological time) generated compartmentalized structures, shown in Fig.2 where the chambers and walls are ∼ 20 and 5 µ, respectively.
Magnetism, FeS colloids, and Origins of Life
The compartmental-model representation of passive dendritic trees is an R1C -R2 network (each compartment consists of an R1 membrane leakage resistor in parallel with a capacitance C , and compartments are connected with an R2 junctional resistor) .
Interplay Between Structural Randomness, Composite Disorder, and Electrical Response: Resonances and Transient Delays in Complex Impedance Networks
We have chosen to study in detail the Poisson, linear birth and linear death processes because they are basic blocks widely used to build more complex, multi-process models, such as compartmental models used in population dynamics and queuing networks in engineering.
Compound Markov counting processes and their applications to modeling infinitesimally over-dispersed systems
Stochastic Population Models. A Compartmental Perpective.
Compound Markov counting processes and their applications to modeling infinitesimally over-dispersed systems
Second, we can compartmentalize the information, which was originally proposed to solve the parasite problem in the hypercycle theory [2,21].
Spatio-temporal Dynamics in the Origin of Genetic Information
Boerlijst and Hogeweg also showed that compartmentation obtained by spatial gradient of molecular decay rate increases the capacity for information accumulation .
Spatio-temporal Dynamics in the Origin of Genetic Information
For a standard compartmental model with Suceptible, Infectious and Recovered individuals (SIR), we show that the posterior distributions obtained with ABC and MCMC are similar.
HIV with contact-tracing: a case study in Approximate Bayesian Computation
Physics students’ thinking is simply not always compartmentalized.
Analyzing Problem Solving Using Math in Physics: Epistemological Framing via Warrants
The outcome of this automatic cell ’growth’ results in the tissue being compartmentalized according to similar types of cells, based on the correlation of the multidimensional input features incoming into the tissue.
Artificial Immune Tissue using Self-Orgamizing Networks
Compartmental Analysis in Biology and Medicine.
A goodness-of-fit test for parametric and semi-parametric models in multiresponse regression
Identifiability of compartmental systems and related structural properties.
A dynamic Bayesian nonlinear mixed-effects model of HIV response incorporating medication adherence, drug resistance and covariates
Yet the more general topic of civil timekeeping is harder to compartmentalize.
The Colloquium on Decoupling Civil Timekeeping from Earth Rotation
Compartmental pore space may have been partially filled with rapidly precipitated dendrites.
Field-control, phase-transitions, and life's emergence
While in the latter compartmentalization increases stability, it has the opposite effect in the former.
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems