• WordNet 3.6
    • n communalism loyalty and commitment to the interests of your own minority or ethnic group rather than to society as a whole
    • n communalism the practice of communal living and common ownership
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Communalism A French theory of government which holds that commune should be a kind of independent state, and the national government a confederation of such states, having only limited powers. It is advocated by advanced French republicans; but it should not be confounded with communism.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n communalism The theory of government by communes or corporations of towns and districts, adopted by many republicans in France and elsewhere; the doctrine that every commune, or at least every important city commune, should be virtually an independent state in itself, and the nation merely a federation of such states.
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  • Justin Kaplan
    Justin Kaplan
    “Television, despite its enormous presence, turns out to have added pitifully few lines to the communal memory.”
  • Robert Brustein
    Robert Brustein
    “Theatergoing is a communal act, movie going a solitary one.”


In literature:

Like man, he lives a communal life, and unites with others of his kind for purposes of defense.
"Our Southern Highlanders" by Horace Kephart
Communal purposes, and magic, 91.
"An Introduction to the Study of Comparative Religion" by Frank Byron Jevons
The peasants are finding the substitution of individual for communal holdings to their interests.
"Landmarks of Scientific Socialism" by Friedrich Engels
It must register itself in the communal register.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 7" by Various
We are poor citizens, nomads, who have little part with settled grooves and communal life on shore.
"Merchantmen-at-Arms" by David W. Bone
Elementary instruction is mostly provided by the communal schools.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 3" by Various
The Communal Council of Surveillance has minutely regulated everything.
"Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty" by Imbert de Saint-Amand
The communal charter, graven on stone and dating from the 12th century, is preserved in the public archives.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 6" by Various
Secular subjects were introduced in the church schools, and communal schools were established.
"Area Handbook for Bulgaria" by Eugene K. Keefe, Violeta D. Baluyut, William Giloane, Anne K. Long, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
Separate legislation provides for general elections to be held every four years and local communal elections to be conducted every two years.
"Area Handbook for Romania" by Eugene K. Keefe, Donald W. Bernier, Lyle E. Brenneman, William Giloane, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
Dole is the seat of a sub-prefect and has tribunals of first instance and of commerce and a communal college.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 6" by Various
There are communal furnaces now.
"Elegy" by Charles Beaumont
The land is wholly in the possession of the natives, who hold it on the communal system.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 4" by Various
The canting bells of your churches shall not silence our communal belfry!
"The Pilgrim's Shell or Fergan the Quarryman" by Eugène Sue
Your Count, Herr Poelitz, is one of the worst grumblers at the Communal Assemblies!
"The Breaking of the Storm, Vol. I." by Friedrich Spielhagen
So there grows up in the troop of children a communal or group feeling, which is then further developed at school.
"Group Psychology and The Analysis of The Ego" by Sigmund Freud
It was believed to be a pueblo or communal habitation.
"Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado" by Anonymous
Or did it make the public, that it fitted With such exactness in the communal life?
"Domesday Book" by Edgar Lee Masters
This communal idea runs through all the indigenous American architecture.
"North America" by Israel C. Russell
The communal constitution was to substitute for the representative lording it over his elector the strictly responsible mandatory.
"History of the Commune of 1871" by P. Lissagary

In news:

While doomsaying has been around since before Biblical times, many believe America is in its third wave of survivalism , an era unique for its focus on communal survival and embrace of environmentalism.
PEAK AT PICKOS' Featuring one of the greatest skiers of all time, white beaches and a communal atmosphere, Cory Pickos' Ski school beckons.
The Miner and a Major is an experiment in communal living and fantastical form.
Unlimited soaking in the communal or women's bath, $18.76.
William L Shirer, who witnessed a 1934 Nazi rally in Nuremberg, would link the criminality of individuals to communal frenzy.
Born in the economic tumult of the 1930s, was designed to be a utopia : Bauhaus-style ranch homes built around the communal industry and agriculture.
T he head of humanitarian affairs for the United Nations says conditions at refugee camps in western Myanmar housing victims of recent communal violence are among the worst she has seen in the world and is pleading for international aid.
The head of humanitarian affairs for the United Nations says conditions at refugee camps in western Myanmar housing victims of recent communal violence are among the worst she has seen in the world and is pleading for international aid.
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — The head of humanitarian affairs for the United Nations on Friday described conditions as dire in some camps housing refugees from communal violence in western Myanmar.
A bar was setup under a communal tent making the experience more comfortable.
Band, which for a time lived communally in Topanga Canyon.
Serving everyone from the same big bowl, tearing bread from a fresh loaf, passing a dish and serving each other: Shakshuka is a perfect communal meal.
ANI Example Of Communal Harmony.
Known for his exceptionally participatory, communal live shows, Deacon asked fans to help out in this tremendously energetic take on new album America 's massive-minimalist party-starter "True Thrush" through the use of his phone app.
Public housing residents in Prince George's County will soon be forbidden to smoke in communal rooms.

In science:

Formal Treatment of Certificate Revocation Under Communal Access Control. in IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. 2001. D.
A Community Authorization Service for Group Collaboration
Hoover, W. G. & Ree, F. H. Melting Transition and Communal Entropy for Hard Spheres . J.
Glass transition and random packing in the hard sphere system
Ree, Melting transition and communal entropy for hard spheres, J.
Random close packing of granular matter
Levy: CloudViews: Communal Data Sharing in Public Clouds.
Cloud and the City: Facilitating Flexible Access Control over Data Streams
However this focus on individual elements is at odds with the communal spirit of the theory of ideals, in which pairs of collections of elements (ideals) are composed with a uniform result.
Real Algebraic Number Theory II. Ideological Arithmetic
Discussed together also gives a chance to better gauge their physics communality, e.g., to access parton distribution functions at low Bjorken x.
Future Facilities Summary
Melting transition and communal entropy for hard spheres. J.
Negative virial coefficients and the dominance of loose packed diagrams for D-dimensional hard spheres
Melting transition and communal entropy for hard spheres. J.
Ninth and Tenth Order Virial Coefficients for Hard Spheres in D Dimensions
Sample sizes as small as ours, N = 63, may be acceptable if the following three things are all sufficiently high: the number of questions, the ratio of the number of questions to the number of factors , and the factor communalities .
The Relativity Concept Inventory: development, analysis and results
Communalities measure how much of a variable’s variance is due to the factor loadings, with a sufficiently high communality in this context being > 0.6.
The Relativity Concept Inventory: development, analysis and results
The average communality for our post-test questions is 0.74 . A caveat is that these studies considered continuous data, not binary data like ours.
The Relativity Concept Inventory: development, analysis and results
It calculates question communalities. Sudhir Panse, Jayashree Ramadas, and Arvind Kumar, Alternative conceptions in Galilean relativity: frames of reference, Int. J.
The Relativity Concept Inventory: development, analysis and results