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  • Coming in to Puttenham
    Coming in to Puttenham
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v come to return to consciousness "The patient came to quickly","She revived after the doctor gave her an injection"
    • v come to cause to experience suddenly "Panic struck me","An interesting idea hit her","A thought came to me","The thought struck terror in our minds","They were struck with fear"
    • v come to attain "The horse finally struck a pace"
    • v come to be relevant to "There were lots of questions referring to her talk","My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Come to pry into things, and look about and find out, that wuzn't a real ship Come to pry into things, and look about and find out, that wuzn't a real ship
He Comes to Chinon--4-00-406 He Comes to Chinon--4-00-406
Blue Beard cried out so loud for her to come down, that his voice shook Blue Beard cried out so loud for her to come down, that his voice shook
Tis here the children love to come Tis here the children love to come

Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The word "comet" comes from the Greek word "kometes" meaning long hair and referring to the tail
    • Come to to obtain: to amount to: to recover consciousness or sanity
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  • Susanna Moodie
    Susanna Moodie
    “When things come to the worse, they generally mend.”
  • Grantland Rice
    Grantland Rice
    “For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, He writes -- not that you won or lost -- but how you played the Game.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Courage comes from wanting to do it well. Security comes from knowing you can do it well. Confidence comes from having done it well.”
  • Walt Disney
    “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
  • Yogi Berra
    “Always go to other people's funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours.”
  • Mark Twain
    “Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.”


Come to a head - If events reach a crisis point, they come to a head.
Come to a pretty pass - If something has come to a pretty pass, then it is in a difficult, unfavourable or negative situation.
Come to bear - If something comes to bear on you, you start to feel the pressure or effect of it.
Come to call - If someone comes to call, they respond to an order or summons directly.
Come to grips - If you come to grips with a problem or issue, you face up to it and deal with it.
Come to heel - If someone comes to heel, they stop behaving in a way that is annoying to someone in authority and start being obedient.
Cross that bridge when you come to it - If you will cross that bridge when you come to it, you will deal with a problem when it arises, but not until that point
Hard to come by - If something is hard to come by, it is difficult to find.
I'll cross that road when I come to it - I'll think about something just when it happens, not in advance.
If Mohammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed - If something cannot or will not happen the easy way, then sometimes it must be done the hard way.
If worst comes to worst - This isused to show the worst that could happen in a situation: If worst comes to worst and the hotels are full, we can sleep in the car.('If the worst comes to the worst' is also used.)
Just coming up to - If the time is just coming up to nine o'clock, it means that it will be nine o'clock in a very few seconds. You'll hear them say it on the radio in the morning.
Not know enough to come in out of the rain - Someone who doesn't know enough to come in out of the rain is particularly stupid.
Push comes to shove - If or when push comes to shove, the situation has become some bad that you are forced to do something: If push comes to shove, we'll just have to use our savings.
When the chickens come home to roost - When a person pays dearly for something bad he or she did in the past, the chickens come home to roost.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. cuman; Ger. kommen, to come.


In literature:

Come, my dear, he's got his dressing-gown on, and you may just come to the door and ask him how he does.
"Orley Farm" by Anthony Trollope
And it is too far on in the day for me to doubt that good guidance will come to her as to the rest.
"Janet's Love and Service" by Margaret M Robertson
But when that which is perfect has come, that which is imperfect shall come to an end.
"The Children's Bible" by Henry A. Sherman
We used to go down there and eat sometimes, and every time we done so he'd come to stand around.
"The Man Next Door" by Emerson Hough
I was going to make bold to come to Prince's Gate, and ask you to come to see him.
"How It All Came Round" by L. T. Meade
She didn't mean to have him coming to tea on Sunday evenings, a fashion that still lingered.
"A Little Girl in Old New York" by Amanda Millie Douglas
There were many people who never expected to go to Europe, and who were glad beyond measure to have it come to them.
"A Little Girl of Long Ago" by Amanda Millie Douglas
For who dare say that this child would ever come to the birth, or coming, what form it would bear?
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
He used to come to the convent once in a while, and when he was ready to go to England he took me.
"A Little Girl in Old Boston" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Single ladies, when they come here, generally like some one to come to them.
"Miss Mackenzie" by Anthony Trollope
Ned coming to peep from the study-door, she beckoned him to her, and asked to be shown to where Phoebe was.
"Deerbrook" by Harriet Martineau
To-morrow is the wedding morning, and the guests will begin to come to-day.
"Floyd Grandon's Honor" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
We come to consult together, to give and receive justice.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
Jesus Christ comes to cure temperaments, and to enable us to resist circumstances.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
And I come to you to ask you to help me in the only thing that remains to me.
"Robert Elsmere" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
And I hae come to say to you, that it is your duty to go to him where he lies on his dying bed.
"Allison Bain" by Margaret Murray Robertson
Tookey had promised to come to his club this day, and there he would go and await his coming.
"An Old Man's Love" by Anthony Trollope
If Benda would only come; if the good friend were only sitting in his room and could come to the door.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
I have but few friends, neither do I wish to make any, but I want you to come to me, mother.
"The Day of Judgment" by Joseph Hocking
Perhaps it was wrong of me to write; I ought to have come to you instead.
"Lover or Friend" by Rosa Nouchette Carey

In poetry:

Who it is, needless to ask...
It's me, I.
The me who comes to your door
is you, head to toe.
"Outside In/Inside Out " by Ozdemir Asaf
To thine altar, Holy One,
Who dost now this temple fill,
As a servant of thy Son,
"Lo, I come to do thy will."
"Hymns For Ordination and Installation XI" by John Pierpont
As the grape comes to the vine,
The fruit to the tree;
As the wind comes to the pine,
And the tide to the sea;
"Ultima Thule: The Poet And His Songs" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Dear sister, be resigned then,
Nor let your faith grow dim,
He cannot come to you again,
But you can go to him.
"On The Death of a Child" by James McCauley
(taking her in his arms).
I am very glad to have my little girl;
I walked quite fast to come to her again.
"Within and Without: Part III: A Dramatic Poem" by George MacDonald
Who nivver once forgets that day,
When yo've to draw yor bit o' pay,
But comes to meet yo hawf o'th' way?
A wife.
"A Wife [1]" by John Hartley

In news:

WASHINGTON ( AP ) — Astro­nauts may have had the 'right stuff' to go to the moon, but when it comes to keep­ing track of what they brought back, NASA seems to have mis­placed some of the stuff.
The tips come from a variety of online sources, including the people who should know best when it comes to business: Forbes magazine.
If Chicago will not come to Missoula, Missoula must come to Chicago.
When it comes to flooding downtown you can consider Pittsburgh lucky when it comes to Hurricane Sandy.
When it comes to gardening, a little goat manure can do wonders, and when it comes to fire mitigation, the goats' nonselective palate proves just as effective.
While many Muslims in the public eye have come to expect such condemnation, other religious leaders feel a responsibility to stand up to concerted efforts to demonize Muslims .
This time of year we usually talk about Santa Claus coming to town, but this fall we've heard a lot about La Nina coming to town.
' Occupy Wall Street' Movement Comes To Okla. A nationwide protest against corporate greed and social inequality has come to central Oklahoma.
Italians may still be light-years ahead when it comes to gelato, but when it comes to extra-virgin olive oil .
Italians may still be light-years ahead when it comes to gelato, but when it comes to extra-virgin olive oil.
Germany on Monday said it wants a GM executive to come to Berlin this week to explain why the US auto giant failed to choose a buyer for its European unit Opel amid growing fears of a transatlantic rift.
When I think about all the people who have come in and out of my life during my time with newspapers, one person always comes to mind, Ann Rounsvall.
For the third straight year, the UTEP men's basketball team will open the season against a team coming off a 20-win campaign when Oral Roberts comes to the Haskins Center for "80's Night" on Friday.
Black Friday, which is traditionally one of the biggest shopping days of the year, may come with serious problems for Walmarts nationwide if a grassroots campaign calling for the store's workers to strike comes to fruition.
Our long-time client, The American Academy of Pediatrics , has come to us over the years with several ideas to give a "WOW" factor to their annual meeting, specifically to their general sessions.

In science:

How they come to be thus diversified we cannot pretend to say; but we can see that the peculiarity is structural— that it is an outcome of the fundamental laws governing the distribution of cosmic matter.
Cosmic Dust in the 21st Century
The role of this transition is unclear also when it comes to the ferro- to paramagnet phase boundary, and the nature of the phase transition.
Susceptibility and Percolation in 2D Random Field Ising Magnets
It is also desirable to devise special tests of randomness, depending on the particular application you have in mind. I shall come to tests for randomness a bit later.
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
What are the properties, or constraints, a system need in order for the notion of quantization to be applicable? Is quantization one thing or several different things? What is the relation between constraints and quantizations? These are just some of the questions that comes to mind.
The categorical theory of relations and quantizations
In contrast to an Euclidean space, in Minkowski spacetime one can go to infinity in various directions: moving along timelike geodesics we come to the future (or past) timelike infinity I + (or I − ); along null geodesics (cf.
Radiative spacetimes
It is indeed surprising that Quantum Logics come to satisfy formal properties designed with a completely different intention: to describe properties “introduced on introspective grounds” and intended to describe disciplined “jumping to conclusions”.
Connectives in Quantum and other Cumulative Logics
At this point, the process pointed out by Middleton and Tang comes to a halt due to the finite floating–point precision, because each site in the system receives during each period the same force increment of 4α from its neighbors, allowing thus for a periodic state.
The complex scaling behavior of non--conserved self--organized critical systems
There is not any doubt that one should come to reliable conclusions concerning the validity of individual theoretical alternatives when the experimental measurement is performed with the polarizers exhibiting very small value of parameter ε in Eq. (1); being near to the so called ideal polarizers.
Quantum mechanics and EPR paradox
Coming to term (III), we have by Proposition 5.4 that (1 − ψ)Q belongs to G∞ (Rn ).
Elliptic regularity and solvability for partial differential equations with Colombeau coefficients
Ono for enabling me to come to Hokkaido University and for explaining to me the theory of Kuranishi structures.
The Arnold-Givental conjecture and moment Floer homology
Another, more qualitative contraint may be that the party has to be pleasant, and this may introduce further interdependencies (e.g., if Mr. x comes to the party then Mrs. y had better not be invited).
Dialogue as Discourse: Controlling Global Properties of Scripted Dialogue
These two systems, as they are transported, carry the information about θ to Bob’s location, where, following a suitable local interaction, the descriptor of his system (5) also comes to depend on θ.
Nonlocality and information flow: The approach of Deutsch and Hayden
While vanishing pro jected curvature is likely to be the first notion of spatial straightness that comes to mind, it is perhaps not the most natural for all cases.
Generalizing Optical Geometry
One possibility that comes to mind is to extend any k − ary representation used for the rational numbers to include infinitely long symbol strings.
Towards a Coherent Theory of Physics and Mathematics: The Theory-Experiment Connection
This leads to complicated bookkeeping when it comes to defining total and partial operations. A more straightforward approach is to apply theorem 9 which characterizes locally finitely presentable categories.
Weak Omega Categories I