• WordNet 3.6
    • n cohesion (physics) the intermolecular force that holds together the molecules in a solid or liquid
    • n cohesion (botany) the process in some plants of parts growing together that are usually separate (such as petals)
    • n cohesion the state of cohering or sticking together
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Cohesion Logical agreement and dependence; as, the cohesion of ideas.
    • Cohesion (Physics) That from of attraction by which the particles of a body are united throughout the mass, whether like or unlike; -- distinguished from adhesion, which unites bodies by their adjacent surfaces. "Solids and fluids differ in the degree of cohesion , which, being increased, turns a fluid into a solid."
    • Cohesion The act or state of sticking together; close union.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n cohesion The act or state of cohering, uniting, or sticking together; specifically, in physical, the state in which, or the force by which, the molecules of the same material are bound together, so as to form a continuous homogeneous mass. This force acts sensibly at insensible distances—that is, when the particles of matter which it unites are placed in apparent contact. At insensible distances it is a much greater, at sensible distances a much smaller, force than gravitation, so that it does not follow the law of variation of the latter. It unites the particles of a homogeneous body, and is thus distinguished from adhesion, which takes place between the molecules of different masses or substances, as between fluids and solids, and from chemical attraction, which unites the atoms of a molecule together. The power of cohesion in a body is estimated by the force necessary to pull its parts asunder. In general, cohesion is most powerful among the particles of solid bodies, weaker among those of fluids, and least of all, or entirely wanting, in elastic fluids, as air and gases. Hardness, softness, tenacity, elasticity, malleability, ductility, and in crystallized bodies cleavage, are to be considered properties dependent upon cohesion. The most powerful influence which tends to diminish cohesion is heat, as shown in the change of a solid to a liquid, or of a liquid to a gas, which is effected by it. See gas and liquid.
    • n cohesion In botany, the congenital union of one part with another. If the parts are similar, as two stamens, their union is specifically called coalescence; if dissimilar, as calyx and ovary, it is styled adnation.
    • n cohesion Connection; dependence; affinity; coherence.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Cohesion the act of sticking together: a form of attraction by which particles of bodies stick together: logical connection
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  • Georges Bataille
    “Life has always taken place in a tumult without apparent cohesion, but it only finds its grandeur and its reality in ecstasy and in ecstatic love.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. cohésion,. See Cohere
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. cohærēre, cohæsum, co-, together, and hærēre, to stick.


In literature:

And may not this be also the cause of the attraction of cohesion?
"Conversations on Chemistry, V. 1-2" by Jane Marcet
But this was almost the only effectively cohesive provision in the whole instrument.
"The Critical Period of American History" by John Fiske
The isolation and independence of a farm life are powerful agents in preventing anything like cohesion.
"The Toilers of the Field" by Richard Jefferies
The cohesion of wealth is a force of peculiar social significance.
"The American Empire" by Scott Nearing
There is a beautiful cohesion between the words and their significance.
"Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II" by Martin Luther
From this point all cohesion was lost.
"History of the War in South Africa 1899-1902 v. 1 (of 4)" by Frederick Maurice
But can you wonder at the Negro's cohesion?
"Shadow and Light" by Mifflin Wistar Gibbs
This so-called socialistic movement in industry represents the growing cohesiveness of modern societies.
"The Evolution of Modern Capitalism" by John Atkinson Hobson
In the charge against Cavalry cohesion is the first and dominating condition.
"Cavalry in Future Wars" by Frederick von Bernhardi
But the cohesive force had gone.
"The Belovéd Vagabond" by William J. Locke
When the union results from a perception of likeness, it is a cohesion.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
The property of cohesion of small conductive bodies when influenced by Hertzian waves was first noticed in 1874 by Professor D.E.
"How it Works" by Archibald Williams
France was never cohesive until a mixture of Teuton had toughened it.
"A Short History of England, Ireland and Scotland" by Mary Platt Parmele
Therefore by the mutual contact of strong pieces of iron, the cohesion is strong.
"On the magnet, magnetick bodies also, and on the great magnet the earth" by William Gilbert of Colchester
Cohesion is the force which holds together molecules which are chemically similar.
"The Mechanism of Life" by Stéphane Leduc
This is the part of Thomas's system in which the cohesion of the different elements seems weakest.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 9, Slice 7" by Various
Last, though not least, we may reckon among the agents of geological change the forces of cohesion and affinity.
"The Religion of Geology and Its Connected Sciences" by Edward Hitchcock
He treats with no greater respect those who have explained cohesion by rest.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 3 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
COHESION, as we said, leads to STRENGTH.
"Manual of the Enumeration" by C. J. Coffman
Hence an inevitable lack of cohesion among their elements and a constant tendency to break up into caves and coteries.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 3" by Various

In news:

Yoga Teaching Strategies for Cohesiveness .
James Amos says lifting the ban on openly gay service members might hurt unit cohesion and combat readiness.
COIN extends US military beyond its competence by making it try to build a cohesive nation in Afghanistan.
After a decade as a rock-anthem-spewing locomotive, Fort Lauderdale's Crease has nearly arrived at a cohesive, big-time-ready persona.
TextRank is a system for unsupervised extractive summarization that relies on an innovative application of iterative graph-based ranking algorithms to graphs encoding the cohesive structure of texts.
Andwherein the cohesive engaging and receiving areas do not include hook and loop fasteners .
The bank's goals were to improve and expand their existing space, including linking the entrances, offices, work areas and conference rooms into a more cohesive whole.
With its first senior class taking the court this season, River Ridge will attempt to overcome a difficult jump in classifications with both of its basketball teams relying upon a strong sense of unity and cohesion.
He says he's found getting information for his stories is easy, but getting them to form into a cohesive story is not.
More importantly, they will be a cohesive team with a championship goal.
Pull up a stool and let their knowledgeable scent bartenders, who have perfected the sense of smell, guide you in finding scents that will blend into cohesive fragrances to use alone or with unscented lotions, soaps and oils.
Modelling of Sedimentation and Self-Weight Consolidation of Cohesive Sediments .
G- Side 's LP "The One Cohesive" landed at number eight on Spin magazine's 50 Best Albums of 2011 list.
Luxury lifestyle brand re-launches both ecommerce and mobile sites on Demandware Commerce to create cohesive shopping experience from web to mobile.
WENY-TV Sports was on hand for the first ever summer cohesion track meet in Chemung County.

In science:

Incorporating cohesion constraint into our ordering strategy by opportunistically grouping sentences together would be beneficial.
Inferring Strategies for Sentence Ordering in Multidocument News Summarization
Cohesion is achieved by surface devices, such as repetition of words and coreferences.
Inferring Strategies for Sentence Ordering in Multidocument News Summarization
We describe next how we include cohesion in the CO algorithm based on these surface features.
Inferring Strategies for Sentence Ordering in Multidocument News Summarization
Disfluencies arise in the output of the CO algorithm when topics are distributed over the whole text, violating cohesion properties (McCoy & Cheng, 1991). A typical scenario is illustrated in Figure 11.
Inferring Strategies for Sentence Ordering in Multidocument News Summarization
Stairmand M., (1996)., A Computational Analysis of Lexical Cohesion with Applications in Information Retrieval, PhD, Department of Language Engineering, UMIST Computational Linguistics Laboratory. 26.
Annotation of Scientific Summaries for Information Retrieval
Salton et. al. (1997) presented a sentence extraction method that exploits the semantic links between sentences in the text. The feature they used in this work may be considered as a cohesion feature.
Bengali text summarization by sentence extraction
Barzilay and Elhadad (1997) described a summarization approach that used lexical chaining method to compute the salience of a sentence. Cohesion (Halliday and Hasan, 1976 ) is a method for sticking together different parts of the text. Lexical cohesion is the simplest form of cohesion.
Bengali text summarization by sentence extraction
Localization-induced band and cohesive model. J.
Validation of the material point method and plasticity with Taylor impact tests
The lexical cohesion structure of the text can be exploited to determine the importance of a sentence/phrase.
Automated Text Summarization Base on Lexicales Chain and graph Using of WordNet and Wikipedia Knowledge Base
Lexical chains are useful tools to analyze the lexical cohesion structure in a text .
Automated Text Summarization Base on Lexicales Chain and graph Using of WordNet and Wikipedia Knowledge Base
The query-based summarizer used only queryterm information, and the hybrid summarizer used some discourse information along with query-term information. The article presents a multi-document, multi-lingual, theme-based summarization system based on modeling text cohesion (story flow).
Automated Text Summarization Base on Lexicales Chain and graph Using of WordNet and Wikipedia Knowledge Base
Campillos et al. obtained even more explicit evidence for the effects of changing environments and horizontal gene transfer on modularity by studying evolutionarily cohesive functional modules in protein networks .
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems
As we use extractive summarization as task, documents have to be chunked into cohesive textual segments that will be assembled to produce the summary.
Beyond Stemming and Lemmatization: Ultra-stemming to Improve Automatic Text Summarization
As we use extractive summarization, documents have to be chunked into cohesive textual segments that will be assembled to produce the summary.
Artex is AnotheR TEXt summarizer
Binding energies (or cohesive energies) of molecules and solids are clearly improved by the GGA and energy barriers of chemical reactions are improved as well (see Ref. 29 and 30 and references therein).
Density-Functional Theory of Surface Diffusion and Epitaxial Growth of Metals