code of behavior


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n code of behavior a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group
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In literature:

Professor Blatherwick and Judge Blodgett were working out a code of behavior for Mr. Amidon when he should return to Bellevale.
"Double Trouble" by Herbert Quick
Stiff taboos and codes of behavior marked nations on Terra, especially warrior societies, and the same might be true here.
"Key Out of Time" by Andre Alice Norton
Once a code of ritual and of social behavior had been set up, it became permanent.
"Anything You Can Do ..." by Gordon Randall Garrett
Once a code of ritual and social behavior was set up, it became permanent.
"Anything You Can Do" by Gordon Randall Garrett
The French penal code allows the guardian or relatives of an offender under age to take him from prison on giving bonds for his good behavior.
"Speeches, Addresses, and Occasional Sermons, Volume 1 (of 3)" by Theodore Parker

In news:

Many associations create ethics codes or industry standards of behavior only to leave them on a shelf, not to be dusted off until it's time to update them.
The Wall Street Journal has charged that Google, along with a number of other advertising agencies, have planted code on millions of iPhones that allows the companies to track user behavior.
A world where a code of silence and proscribed rituals dictate social behavior.
Microsoft is readying the first piece of its so-called Active Protection technologies: behavioral-blocking code.
Ah, chivalry: That old code of behavior that men must follow in order to protect the "honor" of women they know.
If you want some new insight into the codes of animal behavior, have a look at Eight Below, an inspirational adventure in which a team of sled dogs marooned in Antarctica fights to survive winter without benefit of man or Milk-Bone.
Why can't Augusta Commission agree on a code of behavior.
Their Behavior and Code Design Requirements," will cover design requirements for adhesive anchors that were first introduced in the 2011 version of ACI 318, "Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete.
What if campers had to develop a "code of honor and respect" where they laid out all the considerations for behaviors with regard to responsible use of electronics.

In science:

Process improvement of peer code review and behavior analysis of its participants.
Exploring Peer Review in the Computer Science Classroom
In addition, we observed a much better numerical behavior of our method when employing the informative prior, as the code does not run as frequently into numerically extreme regimes as with the maximum ignorance prior.
Bayesian power-spectrum inference for Large Scale Structure data
Yet, it was used instinctively and in addition as a means of communicating complex expectations against the code or the behavior of others inside the project.
Introducing Automated Regression Testing in Open Source Projects
The actual implementation of DeltaASP compares exit codes in order to determine whether the observable behavior has changed or not.
Testing and Debugging Techniques for Answer Set Solver Development
As I will discuss in more detail below testing can produce knowledge about control code and in particular about the behavior of a code controlled box upon its execution.
Informal Control code logic
For a code to constitute a control code (in the sense of ) its (caused) impact on system behavior is dominant over its selfproclaimed role.
Informal Control code logic
Assuming that a convincing definition of computers can be provided which underlies computer science (if that is considered a necessity): is some form of universality of the mechanisms involved the critical factor for this definition or is mere flexibility in the dependence of machine behavior from control code sufficient.
Informal Control code logic
A code controlled box is a device which is characterized by a significant dependance of its behavior from its (polyadic) control code.
Informal Control code logic
B has a limited number of modes of operation that can be activated from its user interface where the ma jor modes can be understood as: producing the behavior expected from executing the loaded control codes and data by box B.
Informal Control code logic
In the machine function based model of (another conceivable form of box) a sequence of codes can be loaded and a mathematical function returning a sequence of codes describes the behavior.
Informal Control code logic
Viewing a control code as a bit sequence, a plurality of control codes can be simultaneously in charge of the behavior of a box as well.
Informal Control code logic
The IDBR for a code controlled box of the preceding section is unclear about how the transformation from polyadic control codes to box behavior exactly works.
Informal Control code logic
It is required that disassembly followed by analytic execution in the context of initialized volatile and permanent data structures produces the same behavior as an execution of the original polyadic control codes on the given code controlled box.
Informal Control code logic
In the latter circumstances control code testing cannot be replaced by a formalized alternative means of analysis even if the polyadic control code is known to be a compiled polyadic instruction sequence and an analytic execution architecture for M is known that enables predicting its behavior for a given Cp .
Informal Control code logic
A test conceived for verifying some functionality of an application without knowing the code internals is said to be a black-box test. A test conceived for verifying the behavior of a specific part of a program is called white-box test.
Unit Testing in ASPIDE