• WordNet 3.6
    • v cocainize anesthetize with cocaine
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: 97% of all paper money in the US contains traces of cocaine
    • v. t Cocainize To treat or anæsthetize with cocaine.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Tobacco kills more Americans each year than alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin, homicide, suicide, car accidents, fire and AIDS combined
    • cocainize To subject to the influence or effects of cocaine; impregnate with or reader insensible by cocaine.
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  • Sigmund Freud
    “Woe to you, my Princess, when I come... you shall see who is the stronger, a gentle little girl who doesn't eat enough or a big wild man who has cocaine in his body.”
  • Allen Ginsberg
    Allen Ginsberg
    “Nobody saves America by sniffing cocaine, jiggling your knees blankly in the rain, when it snows in your nose you catch cold in your brain.”
  • Little Richard
    Little Richard
    “They shoulda called me Little Cocaine, I was sniffing so much of the stuff! My nose got big enough to back a diesel truck in, unload it, and drive it right out again.”
  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams
    “Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money.”


In literature:

Rum, and cocaine, and sugar, and canned food, and clothes, and missionaries... all civilization!
"The Naturewoman" by Upton Sinclair
I recommend it to you, for it's safer than cocaine, and just as sure.
"The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne" by Kathleen Norris
As Jatupon gluttonously swallowed the pills down his gullet he kept wondering if it were cocaine.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito" by Steven Sills
One of the worst aspects of the use of cocaine, she knew, was the desire of the user to share his experience with some one else.
"Constance Dunlap" by Arthur B. Reeve
A very large proportion of King's stores consisted of morphia and cocaine.
"King--of the Khyber Rifles" by Talbot Mundy
All three of us were having trouble with snow-blindness; the "zinc and cocaine" tabloids being in great demand.
"The Home of the Blizzard" by Douglas Mawson
Cocaine, Ether, Chloroform, and Other Powerful Drugs.
"A Practical Physiology" by Albert F. Blaisdell
Coca: Shrub from which cocaine is extracted.
"Inca Land" by Hiram Bingham
Segregation is affiliated with gambling, bootlegging, opium and cocaine joints.
"Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls" by Various
Pain may be allayed by repeated instillations of cocain and carbolic acid (5 grains of each to a dram of glycerine).
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles

In poetry:

Big gold chariots on the Milky Way,
Snakes and elephants silver and gray.
Oh the cocaine blues they make me sad,
Oh the cocaine blues make me feel bad.
"Cocaine Lil and Morphine Sue" by W H Auden
Did you ever hear about Cocaine Lil?
She lived in Cocaine town on Cocaine hill,
She had a cocaine dog and a cocaine cat,
They fought all night with a cocaine rat.
"Cocaine Lil and Morphine Sue" by W H Auden
They laid her out in her cocaine clothes:
She wore a snowbird hat with a crimson rose;
On her headstone you’ll find this refrain:
She died as she lived, sniffing cocaine
"Cocaine Lil and Morphine Sue" by W H Auden
She had cocaine hair on her cocaine head.
She had a cocaine dress that was poppy red:
She wore a snowbird hat and sleigh-riding clothes,
On her coat she wore a crimson, cocaine rose.
"Cocaine Lil and Morphine Sue" by W H Auden

In news:

Cocaine raises the risk 15-fold.
The court's below-guidelines sentence for defendant's cocaine offense is vacated.
They're not straight girls on cocaine, no way.
Lorre says "You can't do that much cocaine and work," referring to what he says Sheen was doing.
Mailman Accused of Delivering Cocaine on Route.
According to the Orlando Sentinel, a 24-year-old Florida mailman was arrested this week on a federal drug charge for allegedly delivering cocaine on his route.
That's why there's cocaine and blood on the cover.
Researchers find cocaine, cannabis in Italian city air.
0 Paraguayan police confiscate a batch of cocaine headed for Italy.
A new study finds trace quantities of cocaine and marijuana in Italian city air.
As recently as a year ago, Miami rapper Gunplay was better known for a clip of him snorting cocaine outside a restaurant in Medell ín than he was for his music.
In her new E True Hollywood Story (watch a clip above), Baskett, now, 24, says that she was "about 13" when she had her first experience with cocaine.
Opens at Guild 45, Fri. Dennis Quaid Would Rather Talk About His Cocaine Habit Than His Brother Randy.
New mint packets being sold by The Hershey Co. Look nearly identical to the tiny heat-sealed bags used to sell illegal powdered drugs like crack, heroin and cocaine and glorify the drug trade, a Philadelphia police official said.
Cocaine's popularity fuels new approaches to sobriety.

In science:

Official terminology are words that are unmistakingly related to illicit drug use (e.g., cocaine and heroin) and are assigned a high weight, i.e., 5.
Inference of the Russian drug community from one of the largest social networks in the Russian Federation