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  • Basel coat of arms
    Basel coat of arms
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n coat of arms the official symbols of a family, state, etc.
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Freiburg coat of arms Freiburg coat of arms
Coat of Arms, Strasburg Coat of Arms, Strasburg
Coat of Arms, Darmstadt Coat of Arms, Darmstadt
Coat of Arms, Frankfort Coat of Arms, Frankfort
Coat of Arms, Bingen Coat of Arms, Bingen
Coat of Arms, Coblenz Coat of Arms, Coblenz
Coat of Arms, Laach Coat of Arms, Laach
Coat of Arms, Trèves Coat of Arms, Trèves

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Emus and kangaroos cannot walk backwards, and are on the Australian coat of arms for that reason.
    • Coat of arms (Her) a translation of the French cotte d'armes, a garment of light material worn over the armor in the 15th and 16th centuries. This was often charged with the heraldic bearings of the wearer. Hence, an heraldic achievement; the bearings of any person, taken together.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The kangaroo and the emu are shown supporting the shield on Australia's coat of arms.
    • Coat of arms the family insignia embroidered on the surcoat worn over the hauberk, or coat of mail: the heraldic bearings of a gentleman
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. cote (Fr. cotte)—Low L. cottus, cotta, a tunic; the further ety. is uncertain.


In literature:

If Farnham bore arms they were concealed beneath the skirt of his coat.
"Beth Norvell" by Randall Parrish
The tankard has upon the cover a coat of arms; the crest is a demi-wolf supporting a crown.
"Handbook to the Severn Valley Railway Illustrative and Descriptive of Places along the Line from Worcester to Shrewsbury" by J. Randall
They had no coats-of-arms or family trees.
"The Trumpeter Swan" by Temple Bailey
On one exquisitely carved panel appeared, in defiance of attempts to destroy it, the Wickham coat-of-arms.
"The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 4" by Various
I made no display of a weapon; he could not be sure that I was armed, yet my right hand was hidden in the side pocket of my coat.
"Gordon Craig" by Randall Parrish
After making presents to the chiefs, the party proceeded on their way, putting up the coats of arms and burying the lead inscriptions.
"With Wolfe in Canada" by G. A. Henty
The Prince's and Princess's coat of arms were emblazoned on it, and shone like a star.
"Stories from Hans Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
Didn't you say your coat-of-arms was a sand-pail?
"Marjorie at Seacote" by Carolyn Wells
And the King gave our commander the right to carry as supporters on his coat-of-arms two sea-wolves.
"Days of the Discoverers" by L. Lamprey
There was a ring on the hand, a seal ring with a coat of arms.
"The Tin Soldier" by Temple Bailey

In poetry:

The trees gave back our din and shout,
And flung their shadow arms about;
And shivering in their coats of gray,
They heard us roaring far away,
Up the line.
"Up The Line" by William McKendree Carleton
He fell: and says the shattered man, I fell:
And sweeps an arm the height an eagle wins;
And in his breast a mouthless well
Heaves the worn patches of his coat of skins.
"Bellerophon" by George Meredith
Art thou not bright with diverse dainty arms,
A purple girdle and a coat of mail?
And yet to win the maid of peerless charms
For whom thou dar'st the battle thou shalt fail.
"Ferdiah; Or, The Fight At The Ford" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
When King Ulva heard the news, he told his warriors to prepare,
Then suddenly the clatter of arms sounded in the night air;
And the pale beams of the moon shone on coats of mail,
But not one bosom beneath them with fear did quail.
"The Battle of Shina, in Africa, Fought in 1800" by William Topaz McGonagall
They wore no coat of armour, the boys in twilight days–
They sang no classic music, but the old 'Come all ye' lays;
For armed with axe and handspike, each giant tree their foe,
They rallied to the battle-cry of 'Gee!' 'G'lang!' and 'Whoa!'
"An Idyl Of The Farm" by Thomas O Hagan

In news:

A Prussian 6pf Coat of Arms stamp (Scott 16).
When people marry, their coats of arms are merged.
Kate Middleton's family does not have a coat of arms .
Best known for its striking reddish-orange coat covered with dark stripes, the big cat shows up in mythology and folklore, on coats of arms and even as mascots for sports teams.
Traditional symbols of the pectoral cross, miter, ring, crosier and coat of arms represent the dignity of bishop's office.
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Traditional symbols of the pectoral cross , miter, ring, crosier and coat of arms represent the dignity of bishop's office.
It bears the coat of arms of a wealthy and powerful Venetian family that places itself above the law.
Although a stole wrapped round the shoulders might reveal bared arms and a bra, or shorts under coats had the familiar Prada frisson of perversity.
A FEW weeks before the opening of his first solo show, "Herald," at the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea, Rashaad Newsome rendered himself as a coat of arms.
The design had a regal theme using Blunt 's family coat of arms, along with the monkey symbolism of the album, and the desire to progress the show in a series of scenes.
Williams and Wilson also wore the plaids of one of their ancestors whose coat of arms they have documented .
The Flag of New York State depicts the state's coat of arms, shown above.
Armed with blankets and covered in coats, all are iPhone enthusiasts who wanted to be some of the first to purchase the iPhone 5.
Luxembourg's Prince Guillaume and Countess Stephanie kiss on the balcony of the Royal Palace, with part of the Luxembourg coat of arms seen below, after their wedding in Luxembourg, Saturday, Oct 20, 2012.

In science:

The small part of the laser beam, sent into the delayed probe arm, was recombined with the XUV pump immediately after the spatial filter, using the coated surface of the aperture to reflect the probe beam.
Macroscopic effects in attosecond pulse generation
The standard communication channel (“the information theorist’s coat of arms”).
Quantum Computing