• WordNet 3.6
    • v co-sign sign and endorse (another person's signature), as for a loan
    • v co-sign sign jointly "Husband and wife co-signed the lease"
    • ***


In literature:

It says Sands & Co. on the sign.
"Poor and Proud" by Oliver Optic
If anyone shows signs of co-operating he is disciplined severely, the first time.
"The Lani People" by J. F. Bone
This inventory was taken without the co-operation of the padre, who refused to sign it.
"The Old Franciscan Missions Of California" by George Wharton James
With Signe and her co-religionists, he could now see eye to eye, all having the same glorious hope for the future.
"Added Upon" by Nephi Anderson
I can see that Chinaman's sign now: 'Heekee & Co., Gold Dust Bought.
"Forty-one Thieves" by Angelo Hall
Co-ordinates were not given and I checked the planetary co-ordinates with the call sign and the Communications List.
"Indirection" by Everett B. Cole
The first lot are signed either by Thomas Boult & Co., Hammett & Co., Egerton Brothers, or T. Seymour & Co.
"The Humbugs of the World" by P. T. Barnum
Some of these had the sign, "From Pike Co., Mo.," painted on their wagon covers.
"Crossing the Plains, Days of '57" by William Audley Maxwell
She was her husband's partner in a twofold sense: for it was DEXTER & CO. on the sign-board, and Jessie was represented by the Company.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 86, December, 1864" by Various
Then the five-years' lease of Hope Mills and all its appurtenances was made out to "Hope Mills Co-operative Association," and duly signed.
"Hope Mills" by Amanda M. Douglas
The sign over the door read Sumner, Allen & Co., Brokers.
"The Missing Tin Box" by Arthur M. Winfield
These proposals were signed by Noah Webster and Isaiah Thomas & Co.
"Noah Webster" by Horace E. Scudder
By this time Co. Q was a quarter of a mile away, and already beginning to fire on the rebels, who showed signs of relinquishing the attack.
"Si Klegg, Book 3 (of 6) Si And Shorty Meet Mr. Rosenbaum, The Spy, Who Relates His Adventures" by John McElroy
Choose any favour, any sign of my gratitude, my best and truest councillor and co-ruler?
"A Struggle for Rome, v. 3" by Felix Dahn
The sign, Garnett & Co., almost frightened me off, though, Ambo; and you know I'm not easily frightened.
"The Book of Susan" by Lee Wilson Dodd
The signing of the treaty of course rendered Beaumarchais's secret work through Hortalez & Co. of less importance.
"The True Benjamin Franklin" by Sydney George Fisher
Abbey and Co., cum familiaribus et consanguineis (signed) Count de Cockaigne.
"Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends" by John Keats
It is charged that Miner & Co. signed and placed in Brady's office a false oath on July 8.
"The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Vol. 10 (of 12) Dresden Edition--Legal" by Robert G. Ingersoll
But before they reached the bridge they came to a small frame structure over whose arched doors was the sign: NEPTUNE HOOK AND LADDER CO. NO.
"The Brownies and Prince Florimel" by Palmer Cox

In poetry:

Straightway grew his custom great,
For his sign read so:
"Hearts united while you wait.
Step in. Love and Co."
"Partners" by Ellis Parker Butler

In news:

The proposition is even riskier for anyone who co-signs one of these loans.
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — In a new sign of desperation, people are turning to Craigslist to search for co-signers when they don't have good enough credit to qualify for loans on their own.
After parting with Sony Music Nashville's RCA imprint in July, Josh Thompson has signed with Show Dog-Universal Music, co-helmed by Toby Keith.
The co-owners of Northeast Event Design have signed a four-year lease in the Promenade Mall and opened Skye Event Center with space for corporate and private events .
Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued for Randolph Co. Sign in or register with your favorite social identity.
Dr Michael Attas will sign his book, " Fly-fishing , the Sacred Art," which he co-wrote with Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer.
Millennium Films has signed Marshak Zachary Co.'s Darryl Marshak to a two-year first-look production deal.
Conditions at Colorado Springs, CO. Americans bought more previously owned homes in April, a hopeful sign that the weak housing market is gradually improving.
HOUSTON — Exxon Mobil and the Russian state oil co mpany Rosneft signed a strategic agreement on Monday that will open American domestic oil and gas fields to Russian investment for the first time.
Nexus Energy Ltd of Melbourne signed consolidation agreements with Shell Development Australia and Osaka Gas Co.
Conditions at Colorado Springs, CO. Sharon Drapeau signed up for overdraft protection on her checking account, thinking it would protect her from penalty fees if she overdrew.
Linkin Park 's Mike Shinoda has signed on to co-write the score for a new indie flick called "The Raid".
One sign online shoppers are sticking to that pledge: payment processor Litle & Co.
Dear Debt Adviser, I co-signed for a friend's payday loan, and unfortunately he's failed to pay it off.
It is based on signed real estate contracts for existing single-family homes, condos and co-ops.

In science:

E = −gµν (∂/∂ t)µ ˙xν , The sign in the definition of δJ is chosen such that positive δJ gives a co-rotating geodesic and δJ is negative for a counter-rotating geodesic.
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
For this purpose, we first note that the spatial co- and contravariant components of ω(i) (τ ) and ω (i) (τ ) differ by a minus sign, since the raising and lowering of the indices is carried out by the Minkowski metric η(αβ ) along the observer’s world line.
Rotation in relativity and the propagation of light
The sign problem for a Co impurity in the bulk is not large and average sign is between 0.90 and 0.97 depends on the simulation temperature.
Relevance of complete Coulomb interaction matrix for the Kondo problem: Co impurity on Cu(111)
The sign of the spin polarization follows the bipartite character of graphene: the polarization aligns parallel (antiparallel) to the spin moment of the Co impurity for carbon atoms sitting in the opposite (same) sublattice than the Co atom.
Magnetism of Substitutional Co Impurities in Graphene: Realization of Single $\pi$-Vacancies
Although the spin is fairly localized on the Co atom and the neighboring C atoms, the presence of the defect also causes a delocalized magnetization density with alternated signs in the two sublattices.
Magnetism of Substitutional Co Impurities in Graphene: Realization of Single $\pi$-Vacancies
At these concentrations, the exact behavior is in fact quite strange; above THT I the data appear to belong to the Co-side, then at THT I and below THT I the αi jumps and sign changes to the Nilike behavior.
Complex magneto-elastic properties in the frustrated kagome-staircase compounds (Co$_{1-x}$Ni$_x$)$_3$V$_2$O$_8$
The − sign stands for co-rotation, + means counter-rotation.
Testing gravitomagnetism on the Earth
The − sign stands for co-rotation, + means counter-rotation.
Testing angular momentum effects on the space time
We now discuss on the sign of the magnetoresistance of LSMO/Alq3/Co trilayers.
Unravelling the role of the interface for spin injection into organic semiconductors
However, the choice of a protocol must incorporates the tradition of each discipline in co-signing papers.
Tailor Based Allocations for Multiple Authorship: a fractional $gh$-index
This defines a signed groupoid-set R = CO(V ) := (G, Φ).
Groupoids, root systems and weak order I
It is easy to check from this that CO(V ) is a complete, regular, saturated, pseudoprincipal, rootoidal signed groupoid-set.
Groupoids, root systems and weak order I
The upper and lower signs refer to co-rotating and counter-rotating particles, respectively.
Tests of General Relativity in the Strong Gravity Regime Based on X-Ray Spectropolarimetric Observations of Black Holes in X-Ray Binaries
The upper sign here refers to a co-rotating ob ject.
Experimental tests of pseudo-complex General Relativity
Secondly, there seem to be some direct signs of the presence of adjacent dense clouds from the CO line observations.
On the Hadronic Gamma-ray Emission from Tycho's Supernova Remnant