• Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • coöpt To appoint summarily (with or without the appointee's consent).
    • coöpt To appropriate (something rightly belonging to another) as one's own; to preempt; as, to co-opt someone's name.
    • coöpt To assimilate (a smaller group) into a larger group.
    • coöpt To choose or elect as a colleague or fellow member of a group; as, The church members co-opted individuals from similar backgrounds to replenish the congregation.
    • v. t coöpt To choose or elect in concert with another. "Each of the hundred was to coöpt three others."
    • coöpt To persuade an opponent to join one's own side.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Coöptate. Cf. F. coopter,


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8 pm ET/5 PT Too Bad She's Bad (1954), co-starring Marcello Mastroianni.
45 ET/6:45 PT Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1963), also co-starring Mastroianni.
Midnight ET/9 PT The Millionaires (1961), co-starring Peter Sellers.

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The standard operations on simplicial sets, e.g., products A ×C B , co-products A ∪C B , quotients A/B := A ∪B pt, etc., are all inherited by Spc(k), by operating on the values of the given presheaves.
Comparison of cobordism theories
P J Metaxas, J P Jamet, A Mougin, M Cormier, J Ferr´e, V Baltz, B Rodmacq, B Dieny, R L Stamps, Creep and flow regimes of magnetic domain-wal l motion in ultrathin Pt/Co/Pt films with perpendicular anisotropy, Phys.
Anisotropic finite-size scaling of an elastic string at the depinning threshold in a random-periodic medium
It is possible to produce compounds of the form Sr3MNO6 in various combinations with M=Cu, Mg, Zn, Yb, Na, Ca, Co, and N=Pt, Ir, Rh, Bi.
Thermodynamics of Random Ferromagnetic Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Chains
Among these reactions the oxidation of CO on Pt(110) has been studied in great detail .
Spiral Turbulence: From the Oxidation of CO on Pt(110) to Ventricular Fibrillation
Both the oxidation of CO on Pt (110) and ventricular fibrillation have been the focus of many theoretical studies.
Spiral Turbulence: From the Oxidation of CO on Pt(110) to Ventricular Fibrillation
For the model of CO oxidation on Pt(110) (2), Hildebrand et. al. , find that there are many different statistical steady states.
Spiral Turbulence: From the Oxidation of CO on Pt(110) to Ventricular Fibrillation
NO reduction by H2 on Pt and Rh surfaces. The second one is a simplified kinetic description of the CO oxidation reaction with an inert siteblocking, reversibly adsorbing species; solution branches of both mechanisms possess turning point bifurcations. We will conclude with a brief discussion.
A Systems-Based Approach to Multiscale Computation: Equation-Free Detection of Coarse-Grained Bifurcations
The second remark co ncerns the higher order power suppressed terms: since GM-VNFS implicitly makes a different choice for the G(m, pT ) function, the results from the two approaches might differ considerably in the pT ∼ m region since, while formally suppressed, such terms can be numerically important.
Heavy Quarks: Summary Report
This is consistent with the coalescence mechanism where co-moving quarks with In this case scaling to the number of the constituent quarks high pT form hadrons.
Strange Particle Production and Elliptic Flow from CERES
These models describe the shape of the measurements quite well, whereas the CO contributions in NRQCD models tend to have different pt and z shapes than the CS contributions.
Summary of the Heavy Flavor Working Group
Preliminary experiments on Pt/Co multilayer magnetic thin films19 indicate that these are a promising alternative to videotape.
Progress in atom chips and the integration of optical microcavities
As of today, only the full colouroctet (CO) contributions to direct γ γ collisions have been evaluated at NLO for PT > 0 [75, 76].
Perspectives on heavy-quarkonium production at the LHC
Without taking into account any modifications of the CO LDMEs induced by the QCD corrections mentioned in Section 4.1, the integrated cross sections were found in to be dominated by the CS part, similarly to the differential cross section in PT up to at least 5 GeV/c for ψ and 10 GeV/c for Υ.
Perspectives on heavy-quarkonium production at the LHC
If the effect of CO transitions is confirmed to be negigible for the Υ, the Υ produced in association with a b¯b pair are predicted to be strictly unpolarised, for any PT (see Fig. 3).
Perspectives on heavy-quarkonium production at the LHC
Define ˜¯tnF : F Ñ ˜¯TnF “ holimT PP1 pS q X‚ pT q as the standard map to the holim, and ¯tnF : F ֌ ¯TnF as Qp˜¯tnF q the canonical cofibrant factor of ˜¯tnF .
A general context for Goodwillie Calculus