• WordNet 3.6
    • v clink make or emit a high sound "tinkling bells"
    • v clink make a high sound typical of glass "champagne glasses clinked to make a toast"
    • n clink a correctional institution used to detain persons who are in the lawful custody of the government (either accused persons awaiting trial or convicted persons serving a sentence)
    • n clink a short light metallic sound
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Clink klĭṉk A prison cell; a lockup; -- probably orig. the name of the noted prison in Southwark, England. "I'm here in the clink ."
    • n Clink A slight, sharp, tinkling sound, made by the collision of sonorous bodies. "Clink and fall of swords."
    • v. t Clink klĭṉk To cause to give out a slight, sharp, tinkling, sound, as by striking metallic or other sonorous bodies together. "And let me the canakin clink ."
    • Clink To give out a slight, sharp, tinkling sound. "The clinking latch."
    • Clink To rhyme. Humorous.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • clink To ring or jingle; chink; give forth a sharp metallic sound, or a succession of such sounds, as small metallic or other sonorous bodies in collision.
    • clink To cause a clinking sound by striking two objects, as glasses, together.
    • clink To make a jingle; chime.
    • clink To cause to produce a sharp, ringing sound: as, to clink glasses in drinking healths.
    • clink To clench; weld; clasp; seize quickly.
    • n clink A sharp, ringing sound made by the collision of sonorous (especially metallic) bodies.
    • n clink A smart stroke.
    • n clink Money; chink: as, “needfu' clink,”
    • n clink A latch.
    • n clink A key.
    • n clink plural Long iron nails.
    • n clink The name of a prison or lockup in Southwark, London, often mentioned in the sixteenth century and later.
    • n clink [lowercase] Any prison.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Clink klingk a ringing sound made by the striking together of sounding bodies: jingle
    • v.t Clink to cause to make a ringing sound
    • v.i Clink to ring or jingle: to go with a clinking sound
    • v.t Clink klingk to clinch: to rivet.
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In the clink - (UK) If someone is in the clink, they are in prison.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. clinken,; akin to G. klingen, D. klinken, SW. klinga, Dan. klinge,; prob. of imitative origin. Cf. Clank Clench Click (v. i.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Scot. for Clinch.


In literature:

With a little clink the star fell upon the table.
"The Light That Lures" by Percy Brebner
There followed the clink of glasses, but Carey did not turn.
"The Tidal Wave and Other Stories" by Ethel May Dell
The coins clink thickly in the bottom of the charitable chapeau.
"Lippincott's Magazine Of Popular Literature And Science, No. 23, February, 1873, Vol. XI. No. 23." by Various
He knew what that clink meant.
"The Mysterious Rider" by Zane Grey
Then, having filled the glasses to the brim, he insisted on clinking them.
"Abbe Mouret's Transgression La Faute De L'abbe Mouret" by Emile Zola
Harry set down his glass, and the clink on the silver tray sounded loud.
"The Way of a Man" by Emerson Hough
Passing the house of the chief-of-police, I heard laughter and the clink of glasses.
"White Shadows in the South Seas" by Frederick O'Brien
We hear the clinking of Mime's hammer, and the curtain rises on his home in a cave.
"Wagner" by John F. Runciman
I've done a thing I must pay for, and 't is a clink job, so I've comed right along.
"Children of the Mist" by Eden Phillpotts
I fain would drink with you, my glass to Freedom clinking, If 'twere a better wine that here I see you drinking.
"Faust" by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

In poetry:

The silken trains go rustling,
The spur-clinks sound between,
The dark dwarfs blow and bow there
Small horn and violin.
"Translations And Adaptations From Heine" by Ezra Pound
A little gold won't mar our grace,
A little ease our glory.
This world's a better biding place
When money clinks its story.
"Dr. Booker T. Washington To The National Negro Business League" by Joseph Seamon Cotter Sr
So clink and drink when falls the eve;
But, comrades, hide from me
Their graves—I would not see them heave
Beside me, like the sea.
"Christmas Comes Again" by Elizabeth Drew Barstow Stoddard
The market boat is on the stream,
And voices hail it from the brink;
Thou hear'st the village hammer clink,
And see'st the moving of the team.
"In Memoriam A. H. H.: 121." by Alfred Lord Tennyson
Old forays of the field and ford, —
Brave echoes from brave years that were,
A trumpet-call, a clinking spur,
And chiming of a swinging sword.
"Hodson of Hodson's Horse" by Cicely Fox Smith
For the clink o' siller put smiles on his face,
An' a gleg look in his e'e;
But wae to the greed that brocht on his doom,
An' the death he had to dree.
"The Deil's Stane" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

Josh Wolf is out of the clink, but the debate about why he was freed continues.
1 Defense Sunday At Clink .
Clinking to fly flag for stable.
Well, apparently Batchleor prefers time in the clink to waking up at 10 am to meet with his probation officer.
They took home field advantage away from the Clink.
Prepare to clink your glasses and have some fun at the 17th Acadia Oktoberfest.
Just thought I'd be really awkward and write you a letter while you're in the clink.
Glasses of Sazerac, the local whiskey-based cocktail, and champagne clinked as a Dixie band serenaded diners with When the Saints Go Marching In.
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — In Pyongyang, North Koreans clinked beer mugs and danced in the streets to celebrate the country's first satellite in space.
Paul Cinquin, left, a Beaujolais Nouveau producer, clinks glasses with customer in Lille, France Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Michel Spingler.
Drumsticks, pounded on gym floors, clinked overhead and bounced on exercise balls, are among the latest workout tools to tap into the group fitness scene, according to fitness experts.
We all clinked glasses, sipped our drinks and went back to eating.
And nosebleed and all, I've been perfectly willing to join them, awkwardly clinking my swizzle-sticked Shirley Temple with their double Between the Sheets.
Chains clinking, they inspected the tiny 1.5 L four cylinder engine.
As the coffeepot circulates around the table, stirring spoons clink against steaming hot mugs.