climb on


  • A mouse climbs on a melted (and snuffed) candle
    A mouse climbs on a melted (and snuffed) candle
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v climb on get up on the back of "mount a horse"
    • ***


  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “All ambitions are lawful except those that climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind.”
  • Warren Wiersbe
    Warren Wiersbe
    “Bumps are the things we climb on.”
  • Paul Twitchell
    Paul Twitchell
    “The higher one climbs on the spiritual ladder, the more they will grant others their own freedom, and give less interference to another's state of consciousness.”
  • Saskya Pandita
    Saskya Pandita
    “By depending on the great, The small may rise high. See: the little plant ascending the tall tree Has climbed to the top.”
  • Amos Bronson Alcott
    “We climb to heaven most often on the ruins of our cherished plans, finding our failures were successes.”


Climb on the bandwagon - When people climb on the bandwagon they do something because it is popular and everyone else is doing it.


In literature:

Bunny and Sue sometimes sat near the back doors, looking out, or else they climbed up on boxes near the side windows.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue on Grandpa's Farm" by Laura Lee Hope
Then he covered up the seeds and climbed back over the wall to eat his apple, and then go on his way.
"Tell Me Another Story" by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
The boy had climbed up on a small ladder that led to the big storage battery tanks.
"Under the Ocean to the South Pole" by Roy Rockwood
Deputies were climbing about to join their friends among the ladies, whose light laughter was to be heard on every side.
"The Eternal City" by Hall Caine
They both climbed on top and only smothered sounds could be heard from beneath the pile.
"Bob Hunt in Canada" by George W. Orton
We got into the field and climbed the hill, and there on the top of it waited for the attack to begin.
"The Great War As I Saw It" by Frederick George Scott
I've found two trees which I'm sure we may climb on Sundays.
"A Flat Iron for a Farthing" by Juliana Horatia Ewing
To drive them down, Addison climbed on a scaffold and thrust the lantern close up to the one with the turkey's head in its mouth.
"A Busy Year at the Old Squire's" by Charles Asbury Stephens
Soon he reached a lofty mountain, and he made up his mind to climb it and see what was going on at the other side.
"Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories" by Various
A hundred yards more he went on, and looked back to see her climbing the log fence into the strip of common beside the sea.
"The Mermaid" by Lily Dougall
Without a word she climbed and sitting on the little plateau looked down on him.
"The Beach of Dreams" by H. De Vere Stacpoole
Whilst in other insects the legs are used for all kinds of work, such as seizing prey, carrying it, climbing, digging, and so on.
"Chatterbox, 1905." by Various
The generators were on, pouring enormous power into the coils, and the dials surged, stopped, and climbed ever so slowly.
"Invaders from the Infinite" by John Wood Campbell
Gordon climbed into the enclosed cab and pulled back questioningly on the only lever he could see.
"Police Your Planet" by Lester del Rey
The boy had climbed up on a pile of boxes to make himself higher, and in this position had seen a fly on the mule's back.
"Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Sunny South" by Laura Lee Hope
He made his way to the side of the track, climbing up on the fence-board next to the top, he stood erect.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
That never prevented Ismerie from climbing on to mine like a monkey.
"Marie Claire" by Marguerite Audoux
The other party was the pilot of a hansom cab that had climbed down off his perch and was layin' on with his whip.
"Torchy" by Sewell Ford
I even climbs on top of one and gazes up and down the block.
"Torchy and Vee" by Sewell Ford
The boat was quickly alongside; Tom and Gerald managed to climb on deck without much assistance.
"The Three Lieutenants" by W.H.G. Kingston

In poetry:

"I want to tell you how our boys
Went charging on the enemy.
'Twas when we climbed up Juan's hill;
And there we got the victory.
"A Hero Of San Juan [Hill]" by Olivia Ward Bush-Banks
''Tis Strephon, on the mountain's brow,
Has won my right good will;
To him I gave my plighted vow,
With him I'll climb the hill.'
"Nancy of the Vale" by William Shenstone
Then he protested on his life,
"If she refus'd to be his wife,
And still should disappoint his hope,
He'd climb to heaven in a rope."
"The True Lover's Knot" by William Hutton
Now-down a slope again it hastens,
Now-on and upwards, in a climb,
As only life, maybe, is meant to
Strain up and onward all the time.
"The Road" by Boris Pasternak
"Of God--on whose strong Vine, Heredity,
Rooted in Voids primeval,
The world climbs ever to some great To-Be
Of passion or reprieval."
"The Strong Man To His Sires" by Cale Young Rice
But this bold floweret climbs the hill,
Hides in the forest, haunts the glen,
Plays on the margin of the rill,
Peeps round the fox's den.
"The Daisy - On Finding one in Bloom on Christmas-day" by James Montgomery

In news:

As he was climbing on his bike to leave he said, "We should do it on the stage of the Royal Alex for 200 people.".
NEW YORK—Dell's stock climbed more than 5 percent on Monday as a Goldman Sachs analyst raised his rating and price target on the company.
Who climbs on machinery in the wee hours of the morning.
NEW YORK – Stocks climbed to session highs on Wednesday after the US Federal Reserve announced a new stimulus plan at the end of its two-day monetary policy meeting in its latest attempt to kickstart a struggling economy.
Wall Street climbs on stimulus anticipation .
On the heels of a nearly three-point increase, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) climbed into positive terrain for the first time in five months.
Here, he climbs the "Costao" route on Rio's Sugarloaf Peak with the Urban Climbing School.
Arsenal endured its third 0-0 draw of the Premier League season, allowing Aston Villa to climb out of the relegation zone on Saturday.
Liberty Middle School students climb on the anchor which was once a part of the SS Davy Crockett, a World War II Liberty ship.
Shlomo Venezia was one of the first Jews to climb out of the freight car when it came to the end of the line at the Auschwitz -Birkenau concentration camp in Poland on April 11, 1944, his mother crammed behind him.
It's been a long, tough climb for Ballet Jörgen Canada but, after 25 years, the Toronto-based troupe, once dubbed "the little company that could," is making its final assault on ballet 's ultimate peak.
A rock climbing group filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court challenging a US Forest Service management plan that bans climbing on Cave Rock, a landmark on Lake Tahoe's east shore.
MPs climb on the Twitter bandwagon .
Margo Bennett says Mendiola Urbina decided to climb up on a large rock and fell.
To prepare for his pioneering climb, Vawter said, he practiced on a small escalator at a gym.

In science:

Peres, Y. (1999) Probability on Trees: An Introductory Climb, Ecole d’Et´e de Probabilit´es de Saint Flour XXVII – 1997.
Fast graphs for the random walker
In current models, the main emphasis is on hill climbing and related techniques that concentrate search in areas that are proving productive without ruling out any part of the search space a priori—and with enough flexibility to be able to escape from ‘local peaks’.
Towards an Intelligent Database System Founded on the SP Theory of Computing and Cognition
Probability on Trees: An Introductory Climb.
Almost Sure Recurrence of the Simple Random Walk Path
For intermediate to high (z < 5) redshifts, the SHARC II flux density drops rapidly as a power law (∼ ν −1.7 due to the hotter components of dust) with redshift on the Wien side of the spectrum, while the millimeter-wave climbs up the steep Rayleigh-Jeans portion of the SED.
The Bolocam 1.1 mm Lockman Hole Galaxy Survey: SHARC II 350 micron Photometry and Implications for Spectral Models, Dust Temperatures, and Redshift Estimation
Probability on trees: an introductory climb.
A subdiffusive behaviour of recurrent random walk in random environment on a regular tree
Peres Y. (1999), Probability on trees: an introductory climb.
Mean-field conditions for percolation on finite graphs
The analysis done in [14, 15] shows that on the interval [0, t], t ∈ N, the walk Xn spends asymptotically all its time trying to climb excursions of height of order log t + C for a real C .
Aging and quenched localization for one-dimensional random walks in random environment in the sub-ballistic regime
These methods have natural convergence guarantees since they are hill climbing strategies on a function with an upper bound, and have proved successful at robot control in continuous spaces .
The Local Optimality of Reinforcement Learning by Value Gradients, and its Relationship to Policy Gradient Learning
On the other hand, from length 20 to 40 the green line climbs more quickly then the blue one.
An Approximation of the Universal Intelligence Measure
For any y in [w, v ], d(x, y) ≥ h(u, v)/2, as the only path in the tree from y to x always passes by w , and we need to climb h(u, v)/2 levels if we use links on leafs.
On the Hyperbolicity of Small-World and Tree-Like Random Graphs
The first implementations relied on Powell’s method , hill climbing , or similar methods without gradients, which were accurate but slow. A GPU speed-up was suggested in .
Locally Orderless Registration
The global efficiency E was defined by summing the competences of the members level by level, multiplied by the level-dependent factor of responsibility, ranging from 0 to 1 and linearly increasing on climbing the hierarchy.
The beneficial role of random strategies in social and financial systems
Roychoudhuri, Shall we climb on the shoulders of the giants to extend the reality horizon of physics?’ In Quantum Theory: Reconsideration of Foundations-4, G.
Born's rule from statistical mechanics of classical fields: from hitting times to quantum probabilities
Because φ has to climb over the central hump of the potential, there is excess energy trapped on the string.
Testing cosmological defect formation in the laboratory
The effect of climbing out of the wells results in the so-called Sachs-Wolfe effect, which, due to the induced redshift on the photons moderates the δT /T peak somewhat.
What is the Role of Neutrinos in Shaping the Universe?