• WordNet 3.6
    • adj client-server relating to a computer system in which a central server supports a number of networked workstations
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In news:

Company's software include server and client software for Windows systems.
When the client logs onto the network, the network access server (NAS) requests the username and password from the client and sends it to the authentication server for verification.
I deleted a file from my Microsoft FrontPage 2000—enabled Web server, but client browsers are still reading the file.
Applications developed under PowerHouse can be imported into Cognos' Axiant client/server environment.
If there is not enough printer memory to hold all the jobs, the print server causes the file server or the individual client machines to spool the printer output in the background.
This software bundle will use Virtual Iron's enterprise platform to create individual profiles within a server's virtualized environment and deliver these profiles to front-room thin clients using Provision 's Virtual Access Suite technology.
A message-queuing system mainly manages queues , messages, and message-queuing servers and clients that create, delete, locate, store, forward, and route queued data.
This solution worked very well except for the fact that Client Names and Comments in Client Properties of IP Reservations were not recovered on to the new DHCP server.
Access rights can be tied to a particular client or server, to folders within that machine or to specific programs and data files.
( S a MB a) Software that allows a Unix server to act as a file server to Windows clients.
He added, The scripted (client-server) based ISDN Emulator emulates ISDN calls over T1 E1 links in a similar manner as the GUI, with the added capability to script entire ISDN sessions.
Freescale replaces client server software with Enviance to achieve greater emissions awareness, flexibility to manage growing environmental priorities.
Users must understand how to optimize server performance regardless of using an OPC client or a native interface for connection.
This need for more distributed computing has increased the importance of client- server applications.
Triggers and stored procedures are built into DBMSs used in client/server environments.

In science:

Client and server do not execute in the same address space, so there are no global variables and pointers cannot be used across the interface.
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NFS allows files and directories to be exported from the server computer to client computers on the network.
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Since users access some web pages and applications frequently, some web servers will send a small amount of information back to the web client to be saved between sessions.
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The next time that the web page is accessed, the client will send the cookie back to the server.
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Terminal Server from Microsoft only allows Windows based clients to connect, while Citrix has an add on product, which provides Terminal Server clients for many UNIX flavors as well as Macintosh and a web client that permits connections from a standard web browser.
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