• WordNet 3.6
    • v cleat secure on a cleat "cleat a line"
    • v cleat provide with cleats "cleat running shoes for better traction"
    • n cleat a strip of wood or metal used to strengthen the surface to which it is attached
    • n cleat a fastener (usually with two projecting horns) around which a rope can be secured
    • n cleat a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe); prevents slipping
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Cleat (Naut) A device made of wood or metal, having two arms, around which turns may be taken with a line or rope so as to hold securely and yet be readily released. It is bolted by the middle to a deck or mast, etc., or it may be lashed to a rope.
    • Cleat (Carp) A strip of wood or iron fastened on transversely to something in order to give strength, prevent warping, hold position, etc.
    • v. t Cleat To strengthen with a cleat.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n cleat The burdock.
    • n cleat Butter-bur.
    • n cleat Nautical:
    • n cleat A piece of wood or iron consisting of a bar with arms, to which ropes are belayed.
    • n cleat A piece of wood nailed down to secure something from slipping.
    • n cleat A piece of iron fastened under a shoe to preserve the sole.
    • n cleat A piece of wood nailed on transversely to a piece of joinery for the purpose of securing it in its proper position or of strengthening it.
    • n cleat A strip nailed or otherwise secured across a board, post, etc., for any purpose, as for supporting the end of a shelf.
    • n cleat A trunnion-bracket on a gun-carriage.
    • cleat To strengthen with a cleat or cleats.
    • n cleat In coalmining, the principal set of cleavage-planes by which the coal is divided. Bituminous coal is more or less distinctly stratified—that is, divided by planes parallel to the bedding of the rocks above and beneath it. It is also almost always divided into thin layers by two sets of joint-planes nearly at right angles to each other and to the bedding. Of these two sets one is usually more distinct, and this is called the cleat. The surfaces exposed in mining on the line of this cleat, which are in reality joint-planes of the coal, are called faces and backs. Called in England board.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Cleat klēt a wedge: a piece of wood nailed across anything to keep it in its place or give it an additional strength: a piece of wood fastened on parts of a ship, and having holes or recesses for fastening ropes
    • v.t Cleat to strengthen with a cleat
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. clete, wedge; cf. D. kloot, ball, Ger. kloss, klotz, lump. clod, MHG. klōz, lump, ball, wedge, OHG. chlōz, ball, round mass


In literature:

I secured his feet, and made him fast to the jib-sheet cleat.
"Desk and Debit" by Oliver Optic
Then he quickly passed a rope about the girl's waist and made the ends of the line fast to the cleats.
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
Frantically he struggled with the rope, firmly clinched though it was round its cleats with the ice that had made upon it.
"Labrador Days" by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell
The wires should be drawn taut, and supported by cleats or knobs at least every four feet.
"Electricity for the farm" by Frederick Irving Anderson
Nail inside it stout cleats, to hold the cross bars for the meat.
"Dishes & Beverages of the Old South" by Martha McCulloch Williams
Place the cleats on the back half an inch from the opening, the longer fitting in between the two shorter ones.
"Construction Work for Rural and Elementary Schools" by Virginia McGaw
Snarling and clutching at the cleats, the leopard was hoisted into the air, heavily outweighed.
"Kings in Exile" by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
Make it fast to that cleat alongside.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Stories" by Various
Resting on the floor and wedged under this cleat there is a prop of planed wood, slender and neat looking.
"Social Life" by Maud C. Cooke
The details of the mooring-cleats are shown in Fig.
"Boys' Book of Model Boats" by Raymond Francis Yates
We're dressed in our football togs, of course, right down to the cleated shoes.
"Interference and Other Football Stories" by Harold M. Sherman
He made it fast around a cleat.
"The Flying Stingaree" by Harold Leland Goodwin
They wound the slack around a cleat as they pulled it in, so as not to lose what they had once won.
"The Rushton Boys at Treasure Cove" by Spencer Davenport
Cleats had been nailed in the bottom to catch the black sand.
"Gold" by Stewart White
The track cleats bit futilely at the ground.
"The Barbarians" by John Sentry
Then he gathered up the slack of the painter and wound it about a cleat until it was taut.
"Doubloons--and the Girl" by John Maxwell Forbes
A "cleat" is also a wedge fastened to a ship's side to catch the shores in a launching cradle or dry dock.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 4" by Various
Once, I went head over heels backward into the water; and once Jake tripped over a cleat and did likewise.
"My Brave and Gallant Gentleman" by Robert Watson
The blue earth is run down long wooden tables with cleats on them, like washing out gold.
"The Flaming Mountain" by Harold Leland Goodwin
He hauled it to the stern of the MTB and attached the line to a cleat.
"The Pirates of Shan" by Harold Leland Goodwin

In news:

Bus boxes are designed to hang from their rims, so screwed-on cleats make perfect drawer supports.
I like to graduate the distance between cleats, so the bottom boxes have more headroom.
Some put on their left sock and cleat before the right, others insist on being last out onto the field and some listen to certain songs on their ipods before taking the field.
Rebuild your Harken 150 Cam-Matic(R) Cam Cleat.
Then he hung up the cleats for a higher calling: P.J.
Shedding the Collar to Lace Up Cleats.
Lifetime Rockie Todd Helton isn't ready to hang up his cleats.
12-year-old Stephen Wagner might find it hard to sleep Monday night as Packers wide receiver Donald Driver tracked him down after seeing video of a woman ripping a cleat out of his hands.
There are those pink cleats and that 5-foot-8, 118-pound frame.
The man started his spree at the Parma Heights Cleats restaurant, where he ordered food and beverages and asked for a $100 gift card but left without paying for his tab or the gift card .
Just make sure you take your cleats off before entering.
First-time wearers of Adidas's newest Predator LZ soccer cleats will be forgiven for wondering about the unwieldy mess of textiles encapsulating their feet.
Today's Calls: Pink cleats vs neon jerseys, Ravens vs Pats, Gus Malzahn vs Monte Kiffin, Sam Bradford vs LeGarrette Blount, Chicago vs Rio, Zack Greinke vs Minnesota and More.
While most high school athletes focus on pumping up balls and lacing up cleats, some Verde Valley School students focus on feeding, brushing and saddling their equipment.
Another plug for the midship cleat involves its use in everyday docking situations.

In science:

Now it is cleat that we may simultaneously treat A as a hbi-module and as an hxi-module, and in this respect, A ∩ L as a codimension-1 submodule of A for both these cyclic groups hbi and hxi.
The Minimal Degree for a Class of Finite Complex Reflection Groups