• WordNet 3.6
    • n citizenry the body of citizens of a state or country "the Spanish people"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n citizenry The general body of citizens; the inhabitants of a city as opposed to country people, or the mass of people in common life as opposed to the military, etc.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Citizenry the general body of citizens
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  • William F. Buckley
    William F. Buckley
    “The best defense against usurpatory government is an assertive citizenry.”
  • Stephen King
    Stephen King
    “The rope by which the great blocks of taxes are attached to any citizenry is simple loyalty.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
M. E. citesein—O. Fr. citeain. See City.


In literature:

The gigantic armies of Ghana had been conscripted from the common citizenry.
"The Black Experience in America" by Norman Coombs
The return to Lustadt after the battle was made through cheering troops and along streets choked with joy-mad citizenry.
"The Mad King" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Patriotism means equipped forces and a prepared citizenry.
"United States Presidents' Inaugural Speeches" by Various
Patriotism means equipped forces and a prepared citizenry.
"U.S. Presidential Inaugural Addresses" by Various
We draw for laughter on all the almost countless racial elements that form our citizenry.
"Jokes For All Occasions" by Anonymous
For a planetary savior, he was personally doing in an awful lot of the citizenry.
"Planet of the Damned" by Harry Harrison
Behind Sir Kenneth, Sir Thomas Boyd strode, looking majestic, as if he were about to fling purses of gold to the citizenry.
"That Sweet Little Old Lady" by Gordon Randall Garrett (AKA Mark Phillips)
The citizenry of the countryside, save kin and friend of the slain feudists, had turned out to attend.
"Blue Ridge Country" by Jean Thomas
Therefore, one cannot understand the apple-tree unless one knows something of its citizenry.
"The Apple-Tree" by L. H. Bailey
Thousands of soldiers and citizenry, in fighting array, watched the departure of the little group.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various

In news:

I often speak about the generosity of Wichitans and the citizenry of our 12-county service area.
College education ensures an engaged, informed citizenry.
But on the other hand, the effort raises concerns about the understanding our citizenry has as to the role of a judge .
Then, I would say, the Jones campus experience and the superb staff of teacher- naturalists will have done their jobs: building awareness, the necessary foundation of a citizenry committed to conservation.
A national political campaign can be a good vehicle for educating the citizenry about vital issues — whether fiscal balance requires tax increases, say, or the pros and cons of health care reform.
Normally we are not a big fan of government regulations or finding new ways to punish just one sector of the citizenry.
Of course, since he wouldn't be able to fight crime, he would have to wreak havoc on the unassuming citizenry.
I think Judge Elloie's removal is one of the most positive signs that New Orleans is fed up with crime and will not tolerate abuse of the citizenry or the Police department by someone who is entirely negligent in their job.
Ÿ The military, which even today is not as egalitarian as it once was, will become much as the Praetorian Guard was to the Roman society and lose its connection with the overall citizenry.
ŸThe military, which even today is not as egalitarian as it once was, will become much as the Praetorian Guard was to the Roman society and lose its connection with the overall citizenry.
Instead, they're oinking down free eats at a private club with the power people, and the uncharitable might assume, figuring out ingenious ways to extract a little cash from the hapless citizenry.
In this place, hallowed when two planes ripped a hole in the skyline, scarring a city that prides itself on its emotionally unassailable citizenry, 9/11 is an old hurt.
In case you were wondering, few things anger the citizenry more than the closure of an arena, pool, or library.
America doesn't demand much of its citizenry.
Whether he overreached in his authority using this statute (intended for emergencies or to address small budgetary shortfalls) may be judged by the courts, but will certainly be judged by the citizenry.

In science:

We strongly support the efforts of NSAC, the funding agencies, and other bodies, to expand education and outreach activities in Nuclear Physics at all levels, from elementary school through graduate education, and to help ensure a scientifically literate citizenry.
Phases of QCD: Summary of the Rutgers Long Range Plan Town Meeting