• WordNet 3.6
    • v chortle laugh quietly or with restraint
    • n chortle a soft partly suppressed laugh
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • chortle To exclaim exultingly, with a noisy chuckle: a vaguely suggestive word used in the first passage quoted, and since taken up by other writers in the sense defined.
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  • Garrison Keillor
    Garrison Keillor
    “The funniest line in English is Get it? When you say that, everyone chortles.”


In literature:

The evening star Chortled in joy.
"Otherwise Phyllis" by Meredith Nicholson
In the hold, Kerk and Meta had opened some of the crates and were chortling with joy over their lethal contents.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
As the Cub spun around he banged Scotty with his free hand and chortled with glee.
"Smugglers' Reef" by John Blaine
He put his hands to his sides, threw back his head, and fairly chortled.
"The Tale of Timber Town" by Alfred Grace
Lar Tantril chortled, and his men, most of them only half comprehending what he had done, echoed him.
"The Bluff of the Hawk" by Anthony Gilmore
Its crying turned to a little chortle like a brook's music.
"In a Little Town" by Rupert Hughes
But he was not giving this matter much thought as he emptied the swill-pails to the chortling hogs.
"The Bondboy" by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
The triumphant and gleeful chortling of the old squaw attracted his stunned senses.
"The Wilderness Trail" by Frank Williams
He and Pierce chortled over the frantic queries and exclamations from the victim.
"The Man Who Staked the Stars" by Charles Dye
And he must have felt the triumphant, incoherent chortle that gushed from my mind.
"The Telenizer" by Don Thompson

In poetry:

A zany is a kind of clown
Who wanders idly up and down,
And wags his head, and shakes his bells,
And chortles at the tales he tells.
"Little People: An Alphabet" by Thomas William Hodgson Crosland
In a state of chortle sin—once he reflected,
swilling tomato juice—live I, and did
more than my thirstier years.
To Hell then will it maul me? for good talk,
and gripe of retail loss? I dare say not.
I don't thínk there's that place
"Dream Song 57: In a state of chortle sin--once he reflected" by John Berryman

In news:

Those chortling chuckleheads at the Houston Press have taken us to an alternative universe where the truth shall set ye free.
My favorite devil was calling from somewhere near Malibu, chortling over the follies of those mortals involved in college sports.
Down With Love is a ball of fluff that draws smiles, a chortle or two, but not many belly laughs.
Before you scoff, chortle or snort, I realize there's no official "nymph season," so hear me out.
MAYBE IT'S because of the movie "Troy" that I imagined the ancient gods of Mount Olympus, armed with TV controllers and chortling over the hilarious vanity of one Vin Diesel, a man who glows and hums with his own legend.
I don't expect Rush Limbaugh to acknowledge that George Bush had his own "temple" back in 2004 when he's chortling over the "temple" Barack Obama used last night.
There was much chortling across the Balkans last year when Mr Pacolli took a large party of Kosovars to Libya as part of his attempt to get Mr Qaddafi to abandon his pro-Serbian stance and to recognise the country.
Finally, the critics chortled, supply management would be a thing of the past.
Thus it's hard to avoid chortling at the embarrassment suffered by Iranian leaders today when the much-heralded meeting of the Nonaligned Movement in Tehran went off in an unscripted direction.
Thank God, the constant chortle was starting to interfere with my daily life.
Normally when I see a George Will column, I run for my dictionary while I visualize him joyously putting quill to ink, to parchment, and chortling as he readies to dazzle us with his words.
The chattering classes are chortling today about the latest supposed mistake by Mitt Romney in which he is being condemned for telling the truth about the corrupt and violent political and economic culture of the Palestinians.
Some Minnesotans might be chortling about a study out today showing Mississippi is the most obese state in the country, but our day will come, Minnesota.
Buffoonish Biden chortles, smirks at Ryan throughout vice presidential debate.
When I first learned of this method, I'll admit I did a good bit of childish chortling.