chlorine water


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n chlorine water an aqueous solution of chlorine used as a bleaching agent
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In literature:

The plate may be prepared by making it the positive pole of a battery, and letting it at the same time be immersed in chlorine water.
"American Handbook of the Daguerrotype" by Samuel D. Humphrey
He also carried a large jar full of chlorine water, to keep off all miasmata.
"Madame Bovary" by Gustave Flaubert
Chlorine water or a solution of chloride of lime will remove fruit stains, and vegetable colors.
"Science in the Kitchen." by Mrs. E. E. Kellogg
The chlorine liberates oxygen from the water.
"General Science" by Bertha M. Clark
They don't carry the chlorinating plant on trek, and men often have to replenish water-bottles during short halts.
"Letters from Mesopotamia" by Robert Palmer
Here it was chlorinated; and hence the water, now fit for all purposes, was pumped forward to its destination.
"With the British Army in The Holy Land" by Henry Osmond Lock
The drinking water was unpalatable, being heavily chlorinated to sterilise it.
"The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918" by F.L. Morrison
Why must chlorine water be kept in the dark?
"An Elementary Study of Chemistry" by William McPherson
What does the presence of chlorine in a surface well water indicate?
"Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value" by Harry Snyder
There is only one consolation in drinking well chlorinated water.
"In Mesopotamia" by Martin Swayne

In news:

Add in a soaking of sea water and chlorine, and you've got a recipe for a rat's nest.
A Chlorine used to kill waterborne germs in water disperses as a gas, which go out the tank vent.
Villanueva and her team discovered that chemicals used to disinfect water, mainly chlorine , produce by-products that increase the risk of cancer.
The federal Environmental Protection Agency has fined Jamestown $2,080 for improper handling of chlorine at the city's water treatment plant.
Chlorine leak at Hillen Road water filtration plant.
According to IDEM, chlorinated water was purged from the disinfected lines into two storm drains that flow into a local creek that feeds into the Big Blue River, with the contamination causing a small fish kill.
they can discharge the chlorinated water in the sanitary sewer.
or they can discharge the chlorinated water into a container for prop...
Daytona Beach Water Treatment Plant Makes Chlorination Improvements.
A way to disinfect drinking water without the risk of chlorine's potentially harmful side effects.
BENNINGTON — Residents in a mobile home park have been told not to drink the water because of a high chlorine content.
(AP) — The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission has approved a variance that allows a West Virginia chlorine manufacturing plant to continue discharging mercury.
The death has been announced of Dr Tom Palin, pioneer of the DPD method for measuring chlorine in water.
Water must meet EPA potability standards and is chlorinated at 0.2 ppm.
Company's chlorine, salt water, and sterilization solution resistant remote provides extended wireless coverage and two-way feedback from LCD display.

In science:

The electro-negative impurities are mainly represented by oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and, in minor concentrations, some chlorine and fluorine compounds.
Study of accelerator neutrino interactions in a liquid argon TPC
In the 2nd phase salt was added to the heavy water target to enhance the N C detection efficiency via neutron capture on chlorine, n + 35C l → 36C l + γ .
Solar Neutrino Oscillation - An Overview
First, the three types of experiments, chlorine-based, gallium-based, and water-based, measured different levels of deficit.
Neutrino Experiments
Solar-neutrino fluxes have been measured by 3 different types of experiments: radio chemical measurements with chlorine and gallium, and water Cherenkov experiments.
Recent Results from the Super-Kamiokande Experiment
The water is stored in a surface 1.2-million-gallon reinforced concrete storage tank. A minimal amount of treatment is provided by a chlorinating system.
Reference Design Project Book: NUSEL-Homestake