chip off


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v chip off break off (a piece from a whole) "Her tooth chipped"
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    Source Unknown
    “The best way to knock the chip off your neighbor's shoulder is to pat him on the back.”


Chip off the old block - If someone is a chip off the old block, they closely resemble one or both of the parents in character.


In literature:

In doing this lay it on the lap or a cushion and chip off the mold.
"Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit" by Albert B. Farnham
He read them, cut them off, and scraped the chips into the fire.
"Primitive Psycho-Therapy and Quackery" by Robert Means Lawrence
Howley nodded apologetically and pulled off everything but two thousand dollars worth of chips.
"...Or Your Money Back" by Gordon Randall Garrett
He dug into it with his prospector's pick, chipped off specimens, and carefully covered up the hole.
"When the West Was Young" by Frederick R. Bechdolt
Malan stood with his club feet planted wide on the log, leaned over, and began to hack the bark off where he wished to take out his great chip.
"Dwellers in the Hills" by Melville Davisson Post
He used to say that I'd learn to love chipping off the rough corners.
"At the Crossroads" by Harriet T. Comstock
She chipped the top off his egg and cut finger sizes of bread for him, so that he might have it in the foreign way he preferred.
"Aurora the Magnificent" by Gertrude Hall
He brought his heel down with such vehemence that he chipped off a splinter from the threshold.
"Captain Pott's Minister" by Francis L. Cooper
The verger prevented my chipping off a bit of the high altar as a memento the last time I was over.
"His Lordship's Leopard" by David Dwight Wells
The sack of chips came tumbling off the pots and pans, spilling upon the roadway.
"The Plow-Woman" by Eleanor Gates
Keep your chips off from that spot.
"The Vision of Elijah Berl" by Frank Lewis Nason
He asked Chip to follow suit, but the latter only smiled and dove off forward, instead.
"The Auto Boys' Mystery" by James A. Braden
I threw off my jacket and set to work, and when the chips began to fly, I felt better.
"On the Heights" by Berthold Auerbach
A piece chipped off, then another.
"The Ranch Girls at Rainbow Lodge" by Margaret Vandercook
They might just as well have been brothers, chips off the same block.
"Kastle Krags" by Absalom Martin
If it were allowed to dry absolutely, it would chip off under the needle.
"A Treatise on Etching" by Maxime Lalanne
Ye've made a enemy out o' Al Thompson, an' he's a chip off'n ther old block, only his Daddy is worse nur him.
"The Nightrider's Feud" by Walter C. McConnell
A few dismal-looking laborers were seen chipping off the rock amid the misty shadows caused by the fitful light.
"Under the Southern Cross" by Maturin M. Ballou
The caterpillar, when full fed, makes a cocoon with silk and the chips of wood that it has bitten off; and in this undergoes its metamorphoses.
"Butterflies and Moths" by William S. Furneaux
As to the cold scraps of mutton, they were perfectly icy, and the fat flew off in chips and splinters.
"A Little World" by George Manville Fenn

In poetry:

Now, when His bag of stars he had deplete,
When all the dark with orbs of fire was strown,
The Sower found at bottom, 'twixt two folds,
A little bit of shining sun, chipped off.
"The Legend Of The Earth" by Sarah Anne Curzon
Before anything had a soul,
While life was a heave of Matter, half inanimate,
This little bit chipped off in brilliance
And went whizzing through the slow, vast, succulent stems.
"Humming-Bird" by D H Lawrence
As I went down by Hastings Mill I heard a fellow singing,
Chipping off the deep sea rust above the tide a-swinging,
And well I knew the queer old tune and well the song he sung
(Shipmate, my shipmate!) when the world was young.
"Hastings Mill" by Cicely Fox Smith

In news:

Researchers will need to build off of this technology to develop chips comprised of many P-31 transistors that are able to be used for computation.
You'd think a decent guacamole recipe wouldn't be that difficult to pull off — just smash an avocado, add a bunch of spices and dip your chip in, right.
I've been seeing "Chip" off and on for a year and a half.
But in the sudden-death playoff, Calcavecchia nestled a 30-foot putt from off the 18th green close enough for a short birdie , and Cochran missed his chip short from the back rough to extend the tournament.
Challenger Chip Yarborough called off the recount after it started at the county Registrar of Voters office Thursday, Dec 6.
Chip Kel-ly rolls off the tongue, just like An-dy Reid.
In 1980, Chip 's carefully thought out plan to keep jerking the chain of his new boss until he finally got fired- paid off.
Lawrence Miller added 15 points and seven rebounds, and Quinton Marshall chipped in with12 points off the bench for The Citadel (3-1).
Many clear- coated wheels will have rock chips in the clear-coat, or may already have started to flake off.
You must be aware of this before choosing your cleaning procedure because if the wheel is aluminum or magnesium, and the clear-coat is chipped or flaking off, certain cleaners may cause problems.
The new Socialist leader is a chip off the old block—but he may not last.
Luke Babbitt set a new career-high with 24 points, while Joey Shaw chipped in 15 points off the bench.
TSMC's Morris Chang pioneered the $28 billion semiconductor foundry industry, kicking off a revolution in the business of chips.
Chip Beck waves to fans before tees off on the first hole during the final round of the Greater Hickory Classic Champions Tour golf tournament at Rock Barn in Conover, N.C.
Some skin had been torn off her hands, where doctors also found glue residue and white paint chips from the apartment wall.

In science:

N the processing gain, Tc = Tb/N the chip interval, and hSRRC (·) a square-root raised cosine waveform with roll-off factor α ∈ [0, 1].
Power control and receiver design for energy efficiency in multipath CDMA channels with bandlimited waveforms
Unfortunately, the bubble is located off the main ACIS chip, and is thus not included in all exposures.
Constraining the Nature of X-ray Cavities in Clusters and Galaxies
The read-write global memory and read-only texture memory is located off-chip on the graphics card and provides the main source of storage for the GPU, as shown in Figure 2.
Accelerator-Oriented Algorithm Transformation for Temporal Data Mining
Table 2 lists these percentages, where for the parent optically selected sample we consider only the SDSS galaxies on ACIS chips (excluding chip S4, ccd#8), and with off-axis angle θ < 0.2 deg, consistent with the conditions used in compiling the X-ray samples.
Probing the Balance of AGN and Star-Forming Activity in the Local Universe with ChaMP
Additional C coding techniques and compiler directives can be used in the software coding of the application to force the use of on-chip or off-chip memory, embedded multipliers or LUT-based multipliers.
A space-efficient quantum computer simulator suitable for high-speed FPGA implementation
This last model is further simplified, again by the cyclic property and the FRV multiplication rule applied once, to the standard GOE random matrix squared (and the pro jector P ≡ diag(1N , 0T −N ), designed to chip the rectangle eY off the square GOE), whose properties are firmly established.
A Random Matrix Approach to VARMA Processes
Some of this can be done on-chip but it is usual to do some of it off-chip (i.e. post-readout) during extraction of the spectrum.
On the use of electron-multiplying CCDs for astronomical spectroscopy
This is an equivalent form of off-chip binning.
On the use of electron-multiplying CCDs for astronomical spectroscopy
The relative SNR achievable using each mode as a function of the total (i.e. source+sky) per-pixel signal. β is the off-chip binning factor. δ is the photon counting blocking factor (the number of thresholded PC frames that are summed within each temporal bin).
On the use of electron-multiplying CCDs for astronomical spectroscopy
The curves indicate the observation time required to reach an SNR of 1 in each wavelength element of the final extracted spectrum using a normal (non-FT) CCD, a FT CCD, an EMCCD in linear mode and an ideal detector. Off-chip spatial binning of x2 and σN = 2.6e− are assumed.
On the use of electron-multiplying CCDs for astronomical spectroscopy
This means that parts of the chip have to be switched off according to the bunch train structure of the LC to save power.
Concept and status of the CALICE analog hadron calorimeter engineering prototype
Next, continuum regions around a quasar emission line were interpolated across the emission line and subtracted off each spatial row on the chip.
New lensed quasars from the MUSCLES survey
Since the response of the multiplier chips only drops off slowly below 2 GHz and above 20 GHz, a somewhat higher bandwidth of approximately 1 –23 GHz with the appropriate lag spacing and calibration should in principle be possible, but has not been investigated yet.
A 2-20 GHz Analog Lag-Correlator for Radio Interferometry
This last model is further simplified, again by the cyclic property and the FRV multiplication rule applied once, to the standard GOE random matrix squared (and the pro jector P ≡ diag(1N , 0T −N ), designed to chip the rectangle eY off the square GOE), whose properties are firmly established.
A Random Matrix Approach to Dynamic Factors in macroeconomic data
Note that during the observation, the ACIS-S3 chip was on; however, due to its large off-axis angle and non-coincidence with any z ≈ 2.23 sources in the 2QZ Clus field, we chose to exclude data from the ACIS-S3 CCD.
Concurrent Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Growth: Linking Environment and Nuclear Activity in z = 2.23 H-alpha Emitters