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    21 Checked
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v check become fractured; break or crack on the surface only "The glass cracked when it was heated"
    • v check make cracks or chinks in "The heat checked the paint"
    • v check arrest the motion (of something) abruptly "He checked the flow of water by shutting off the main valve"
    • v check slow the growth or development of "The brain damage will retard the child's language development"
    • v check examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition "check the brakes","Check out the engine"
    • v check put a check mark on or near or next to "Please check each name on the list","tick off the items","mark off the units"
    • v check be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something "He verified that the valves were closed","See that the curtains are closed","control the quality of the product"
    • v check verify by consulting a source or authority "check the spelling of this word","check your facts"
    • v check find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort "I want to see whether she speaks French","See whether it works","find out if he speaks Russian","Check whether the train leaves on time"
    • v check write out a check on a bank account
    • v check place into check "He checked my kings"
    • v check hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of "Arrest the downward trend","Check the growth of communism in South East Asia","Contain the rebel movement","Turn back the tide of communism"
    • v check decline to initiate betting
    • v check mark into squares or draw squares on; draw crossed lines on
    • v check stop for a moment, as if out of uncertainty or caution "She checked for an instant and missed a step"
    • v check stop in a chase especially when scent is lost "The dog checked"
    • v check abandon the intended prey, turn, and pursue an inferior prey
    • v check hand over something to somebody as for temporary safekeeping "Check your coat at the door"
    • v check consign for shipment on a vehicle "check your luggage before boarding"
    • v check lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits "moderate your alcohol intake","hold your tongue","hold your temper","control your anger"
    • v check make an examination or investigation "check into the rumor","check the time of the class"
    • v check develop (children's) behavior by instruction and practice; especially to teach self-control "Parents must discipline their children","Is this dog trained?"
    • v check block or impede (a player from the opposing team) in ice hockey
    • v check be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics "The two stories don't agree in many details","The handwriting checks with the signature on the check","The suspect's fingerprints don't match those on the gun"
    • v check be verified or confirmed; pass inspection "These stories don't check!"
    • n check the act of inspecting or verifying "they made a check of their equipment","the pilot ran through the check-out procedure"
    • n check (chess) a direct attack on an opponent's king
    • n check obstructing an opponent in ice hockey
    • n check the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess "his common sense is a bridle to his quick temper"
    • n check a textile pattern of squares or crossed lines (resembling a checkerboard) "she wore a skirt with checks"
    • n check a mark left after a small piece has been chopped or broken off of something
    • n check something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress
    • n check an appraisal of the state of affairs "they made an assay of the contents","a check on its dependability under stress"
    • n check additional proof that something that was believed (some fact or hypothesis or theory) is correct "fossils provided further confirmation of the evolutionary theory"
    • n check the bill in a restaurant "he asked the waiter for the check"
    • n check a mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc. "as he called the role he put a check mark by each student's name"
    • n check a written order directing a bank to pay money "he paid all his bills by check"
    • n check the state of inactivity following an interruption "the negotiations were in arrest","held them in check","during the halt he got some lunch","the momentary stay enabled him to escape the blow","he spent the entire stop in his seat"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

The Waiter Brought Dad the Check 063 The Waiter Brought Dad the Check 063
One Man Wanted Dad to Cash a Check 067 One Man Wanted Dad to Cash a Check 067
At the bench, checking the last At the bench, checking the last
Checking the heel measurement of the last Checking the heel measurement of the last
Checking the instep measurement of the last Checking the instep measurement of the last
Checking the measurement of the last around the ball of the foot Checking the measurement of the last around the ball of the foot
Checking the toe measurement of the last Checking the toe measurement of the last
A check for one hundred dollars A check for one hundred dollars

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Unique animals. Hippopotami cannot swim (ppl have said that a hippo can swim, but i dont think its classified as swimming. I'll check), whales can't swim backwards, tarantulas can't spin webs, crocodiles can't chew and hummingbirds can't walk
    • Check A condition of interrupted or impeded progress; arrest; stop; delay; as, to hold an enemy in check . "Which gave a remarkable check to the first progress of Christianity.""No check , no stay, this streamlet fears."
    • Check A mark, certificate, or token, by which, errors may be prevented, or a thing or person may be identified; as, checks placed against items in an account; a check given for baggage; a return check on a railroad.
    • Check (Chess) A word of warning denoting that the king is in danger; such a menace of a player's king by an adversary's move as would, if it were any other piece, expose it to immediate capture. A king so menaced is said to be in check, and must be made safe at the next move.
    • Check A woven or painted design in squares resembling the patten of a checkerboard; one of the squares of such a design; also, cloth having such a figure.
    • Check A written order directing a bank or banker to pay money as therein stated. See Bank check, below.
    • a Check Checkered; designed in checks.
    • Check Small chick or crack.
    • Check (Falconry) The forsaking by a hawk of its proper game to follow other birds.
    • Check To accept (something) for temporary custody from another; as, to check a customer's baggage; to check a customer's coat.
    • Check To act as a curb or restraint.
    • Check To chide, rebuke, or reprove. "The good king, his master, will check him for it."
    • Check To clash or interfere.
    • Check To crack or gape open, as wood in drying; or to crack in small checks, as varnish, paint, etc.
    • Check To leave (something) in the temporary custody of another; as, to check baggage; to check one's firearms at the door; to check one's coat at the cloakroom.
    • Check To make a checkered pattern upon.
    • Check (Chess) To make a move which puts an adversary's piece, esp. his king, in check; to put in check.
    • v. i Check chĕk To make a stop; to pause; -- with at. "The mind, once jaded by an attempt above its power, either is disabled for the future, or else checks at any vigorous undertaking ever after."
    • Check To make checks or chinks in; to cause to crack; as, the sun checks timber.
    • Check (Ice Hockey) To put a sudden restraint upon; to stop temporarily; to hinder; to repress; to curb. "So many clogs to check and retard the headlong course of violence and oppression."
    • Check (Naut) To slack or ease off, as a brace which is too stiffly extended.
    • Check (Falconry) To turn, when in pursuit of proper game, and fly after other birds.
    • Check To verify, to guard, to make secure, by means of a mark, token, or other check; to distinguish by a check; to put a mark against (an item) after comparing with an original or a counterpart in order to secure accuracy.
    • Check Whatever arrests progress, or limits action; an obstacle, guard, restraint, or rebuff. "Useful check upon the administration of government.""A man whom no check could abash."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: You can see how hydrated you are by checking the color of your urine. If it's a dark yellow to yellowish-green, you are under-hydrated. If it's light yellow to clear, you're very well hydrated.
    • n check In chess, an exposure of the king to a direct attack from an opposing piece, as a result either of a move made by this piece or of the removal of a piece that interposed. Warning of such an attack must be given to the player whose king is in danger by the word check! If the king cannot be protected, he is “checkmated.” The king cannot be moved into a position in which he will be in check. See chess.
    • n check A hostile movement; an attack; hence, disaster.
    • n check A reprimand; rebuke; censure; slight.
    • n check The act or means of checking or restraining; a stop; hindrance; restraint; obstruction.
    • n check A means of detecting or exposing error; an obstruction to the effect or acceptance of anything erroneous: as, one author serves as a check upon another in seeking the truth; a check upon the accuracy of a computation or an experiment.
    • n check In falconry, the act of a hawk when she forsakes her proper game to follow rooks, magpies, or other birds that cross her in her flight: as, the hawk made a check, or flew at or on check.
    • n check Hence Base game, such as rooks, small birds, etc.
    • n check A pattern of squares of alternating colors. Properly a check should have no divisions between the squares more than a thin boundary line; that is, it should resemble the ordinary chess-board. See plaid.
    • n check Hence A fabric having such a pattern.
    • n check A mark put against names or items on going over a list, to indicate that they have been verified, compared, or otherwise examined.
    • n check Any counter-register used as a security, as the correspondent cipher of a bank-note, a corresponding indenture, etc.; a counterfoil.
    • n check A token, usually in the form of a written or printed slip of paper or a stamped piece of metal, given as a means of identification, as to a railroad-passenger to identify his baggage, or (by a conductor) as a substitute for his ticket, or to a person leaving a theater with the intention of returning, as a means of showing his right to admission on his return and of identifying his seat. Checks for baggage are generally of brass and in duplicate, one being attached to the piece of baggage checked and the other given to the owner.
    • n check A written order for money drawn on a bank or private banker or bank-cashier, payable to a person named, or to his order, or to bearer. In legal effect it is a bill of exchange. [In England commonly spelled cheque.]’
    • n check A roll or book containing the names of persons who are attendants and in the pay of a king or great personage, as domestic servants. Also called check-roll, checker-roll.
    • n check Same as check-rein.
    • n check A pad on the back part of a pianofortekey, which catches the head of the hammer as it falls and prevents it from rebounding.
    • n check In mining, a slight fault or dislocation of the strata. See fault.
    • n check An alphabetic sound produced with complete stoppage of the current of breath; a mute.
    • check Ornamented with a checkered pattern; checkered: as, a check shirt.
    • check In chess, to place (one's adversary's King) in danger by a direct attack from any piece. See check, n. The word is sometimes used of similar attacks upon other important pieces, as the queen.
    • check To stop suddenly or forcibly; curb; restrain.
    • check Nautical: To ease off (a little of a rope which is too tightly strained). To stop or regulate the motion of, as a cable when it is running out too violently.
    • check To restrain by rebuke; chide or reprove.
    • check To mark in checks or small squares.
    • check To compare with a counterfoil or something similar, with a view to ascertain authenticity or accuracy; control by a counter-register; test the accuracy of by comparison with vouchers or a duplicate: as, to check an account.
    • check To note with a mark as having been examined, or for some other purpose; mark off from a list after examination or verification: as, to check the items of a bill; to check the names on a voting-list.
    • check To attach a check to, for the purpose of identification: as, to check baggage.
    • check To make a stop; stop; pause: generally with at.
    • check To clash or interfere.
    • check To exercise a check.
    • check In falconry, to forsake the prey and follow small birds, as a hawk: with at.
    • check To split, crack, or seam in seasoning or drying, or by becoming too dry, as timber, painted or varnished surfaces, and the like.
    • n check Same as check, 2 .
    • n check Same as chack.
    • n check A longitudinal crack in timber due to too rapid seasoning. Also called season-check. See check, intransitive verb, 5.
    • n check In irrigation, a small levee or dike for holding the water on irrigated fields.
    • n check In experimentation, a part of the material of the experiment left untreated for the sake of comparison. Thus in fertilizer-tests one or more plats are left without fertilizer in order to know what results are due to fertilization in the others.
    • n check Same as checkers; 11.
    • n check A joint having two parts which fit one into the other and so form a guide. A dowel-pin is a common example. It is customary in high-pressure hydraulic piping to check the flanges, that is, to turn a groove in the face of one flange and make a tongue to correspond on the other.
    • n check In card-playing and banking games, a counter sold by the banker which can be redeemed at any time. A stack of checks is 20. When of various colors, the white are always of least value, red next, and then blue and yellow.
    • n check In hunting, a stoppage of the hounds owing to temporary loss of the scent.
    • check To fit or fasten together (two pieces) in such a manner that they can be separated only by a motion perpendicular to the plane of the joint.
    • check To crack or split without falling apart.
    • check In hunting, to stop (as dogs do) because of loss of the scent.
    • check To draw a check.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Ten percent of frequent fliers say they never check their luggage when flying.
    • v.t Check chek to bring to a stand: to restrain or hinder: to rebuke: to control an account, &c., by comparison with certified data, vouchers, &c.: to place in check at chess: to mark with a pattern of crossing lines
    • n Check a term in chess when one party obliges the other either to move or guard his king: anything that checks: a sudden stop, repulse, or rebuff: :
    • adj Check (her.) divided into small squares by transverse, perpendicular, and horizontal lines
    • v.t Check in chess, to make a movement which ends the game: to defeat
    • n Check a money order on a banker payable at demand
    • n Check (B., Shak.) a rebuke: a mark put against items in a list: an order for money (usually written Cheque): any counter-register used as security, a counterfoil: a token, of printed paper or metal, given to a railroad passenger to make secure the after-identification of his luggage, to a person leaving his seat in a theatre with the intention of returning, &c.
    • n Check (U.S.) a counter used in games at cards—hence 'to pass in one's checks' = to die: a pattern of cross lines forming small squares, as in a chessboard: any fabric woven with such a pattern
    • ***


  • Charles Caleb Colton
    “The excess of our youth are checks written against our age and they are payable with interest thirty years later.”
  • David Plowright
    David Plowright
    “The ability to sign a check is the least reliable guide to a company's fitness.”
  • John Osborne
    John Osborne
    “We all of us waited for him to die. The family sent him a check every month, and hoped he'd get on with it quietly, without too much vulgar fuss.”
  • Jose Ortega Y Gasset
    “An idea is a putting truth in check-mate.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “What you THINK about reveals what you ARE. Sometimes we need to do a check-up from the neck-up.”
  • Rupert Murdoch
    Rupert Murdoch
    “The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. chek, OF. eschec, F. échec, a stop, hindrance, orig. check in the game of chess, pl. échecs, chess, through Ar., fr. Pers. shāh, king. See Shah, and cf. Checkmate Chess Checker


In literature:

She replaced the blotting-pad, and dried the check in mechanical fashion; but her face was white with anger.
"The Scarlet Feather" by Houghton Townley
Warren checked his pony, holding him with his nose toward the trail, and listened.
"The Young Ranchers" by Edward S. Ellis
You can check on that very easily.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
Facts have not been collected to check social theories.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
Daoud felt angry words rushing up inside him, but he kept himself in check.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
He came into position to open upon the Rebels and to check their pursuit.
"My Days and Nights on the Battle-Field" by Charles Carleton Coffin
The woman checked her with a question.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
We couldn't run a deep check on all of them, and a superficial check wouldn't mean anything.
"The Electronic Mind Reader" by John Blaine
What had become of the check, if it had really been sent?
"Counsel for the Defense" by Leroy Scott
But he was checked by a twitch in his side.
"The Web of the Golden Spider" by Frederick Orin Bartlett

In poetry:

Yet some wondrous thing within the mess
Was held in check:—
Was missing as she groped and clung
About his neck.
"To A Cabaret Dancer" by Djuna Barnes
With rage and malice sevenfold,
He then resumes his sway;
No more by checks to be controlled,
No more to go away.
"Satan Returning" by John Newton
Jenny and Will go arm in arm.
He's a lucky fellow;
Jenny's checks are pink as rose,
Her mother's cheeks are yellow.
"Under The Locusts" by John Crowe Ransom
Then heard ye how a little post.
Some twenty miles away,
A check upon proud Dearborn's hopes,
Was fixed upon for prey?
"A Ballad Of 1812" by Sarah Anne Curzon
But if some mawkish potion
Might chance to overdose him,
To check its rage,
He took a page
Of logic—to compose him—
"The Rape of the Trap. A Ballad" by William Shenstone
'It may be foolish thus to weep
But I cannot check my tears
To see in one short hour destroyed
The darling hope of years.
"Alexander And Zenobia" by Anne Bronte

In news:

The new rebate check program begins immediately, and rebate checks must be redeemed by Nov 15, 2012.
NASA's intrusive background checks OK. NASA scientists had challenged background checks that included questions about past drug use.
Southwest Airlines (LUV) said it is manually checking it passengers after its online check-in system shutdown earlier Thursday afternoon.
Check out Friday's morning foursomes, and then check back as we move into afternoon four-ball at the 2012 Ryder Cup.
Check out the new track from Motionless In White, "Devil's Night" which you can check out here.
Kart maintenance includes checking oil , tires, gas and walking the track to check it for issues and to check the rails, explained General Manager Tim Olson.
Obeying President Obama's dictum that it's always educational to check in with what the other side is saying, I checked in with MSNBC's Countdown the other night.
In Bankrate's 2012 Checking Survey, almost every checking fee we follow went up, with some bank fees rising 25% or more.
Check out the Pics and check out the live performances below.
Check radars if you have outdoor plans and check the latest forecast numbers.
City checks you before your application checks out.
Check out some of Manhattan's most unusual hotel services and creative decor when you check into these hot properties.
Using Criminal Background Checks in Small Businesses small-business-criminal- background -checks.
And now he's watching state workers check her over at one of the state's seven moose check stations that pop up around the state this week.
Worth checking out, even if not checking in By Tom Sietsema Sunday, November 11, 2012.

In science:

Check In Vertex() checks, if a certain flavour is included in the list of vertices.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Check Vertex() checks, if a vertex with the given flavour combination exists.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
If they are connected with endpoints, the left and the right Points are checked by (Check End()). • Having passed all these tests, the actual Pre Amplitude is copied.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Check End() checks for a given Point with already set flavour whether the linked left and right Points are already endpoints and, if this is the case, whether they match.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
One checks that ψ ◦ ϕ(b) = b for all b ∈ C ∗ (Zn , A, β ) by checking this for b ∈ A and for b = v .
Crossed products by finite cyclic group actions with the tracial Rokhlin property