• WordNet 3.6
    • n characterisation the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features "the media's characterization of Al Gore as a nerd"
    • n characterisation a graphic or vivid verbal description "too often the narrative was interrupted by long word pictures","the author gives a depressing picture of life in Poland","the pamphlet contained brief characterizations of famous Vermonters"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • characterisation See characterization, characterize.
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In literature:

They are characterised by the disproportionately large beak.
"Birds of the Indian Hills" by Douglas Dewar
Possibly not a very 'definite portrait,' possibly a very negative characterisation.
"The Comedies of William Congreve Volume 1 [of 2]" by William Congreve
Heraclitus has extended his characterisation to man.
"Christianity As A Mystical Fact" by Rudolf Steiner
His conduct of the operations which I am just about to describe was characterised by his customary skill, boldness and decision.
"1914" by John French, Viscount of Ypres
Barbarous rites, nameless abominations, and cannibalism in its most fearful forms characterised the whole population.
"Captain Cook" by W.H.G. Kingston
Those branches were clad with the delicate pinnate leaves that characterise the family of the mimosas.
"The Forest Exiles" by Mayne Reid
The birds of this group may be characterised by their resemblance in all important points of structure, especially in the beak, to the rock-pigeon.
"The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Vol. I." by Charles Darwin
Gneiss is a similar mixture, but characterised by the predominance of mica, and by its banded structure.
"Elements of Agricultural Chemistry" by Thomas Anderson
The primitive virtue which had characterised the farmers broke down in the face of temptation.
"The War in South Africa" by Arthur Conan Doyle
Sweetness and natural elegance characterise the writings of this Poet, as much as carelessness and ease distinguished his manners.
"An Essay on the Lyric Poetry of the Ancients" by John Ogilvie
Once more, they differ in being characterised by definiteness.
"The World's Greatest Books--Volume 14--Philosophy and Economics" by Various
The air of ferocity that characterised his features was sufficiently indicative of his thoughts.
"The Tiger Hunter" by Mayne Reid
This want of complete individuality and of full personality it is which characterises totems.
"The Idea of God in Early Religions" by F. B. Jevons
As I found the Portuguese, so I have characterised them.
"The Works of Lord Byron, Volume 2" by George Gordon Byron
It was March, and a sudden cold had set in; and Frau Hadebusch had a superstitious fear of coal, which she characterised as Devil's dung.
"The Goose Man" by Jacob Wassermann
How were Washington's military tactics sometimes characterised?
"Assimilative Memory" by Marcus Dwight Larrowe (AKA Prof. A. Loisette)
I am least able to characterise the French, They have no traits so bold as the English, nor so minute as the Germans.
"The World's Greatest Books - Volume 15 - Science" by Various
This in itself supplies a useful clue to characterisation.
"The Detection of Forgery" by Douglas Blackburn
There is one special feature which characterises the movement when the month is equal to the day.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
These about exhaust the list of poets who must be characterised here, though it could be extended.
"A History of English Literature" by George Saintsbury

In news:

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterised by progressive airflow limitation associated with chronic inflammation.
In a post-hoc modelling analysis we characterised the associations between anti-circumsporozoite antibodies and protection against clinical malaria episodes.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterised by progressive airflow limitation associated with chronic inflammation.
The 25 years of Indonesian military occupation of East Timor were characterised by repeated allegations of human-rights atrocities, few of which were ever investigated or prosecuted by the Indonesian authorities.
1 characterise the virulence profiles of E coli O104:H4 isolates from 80 patients in the large outbreak in Germany.
Many human B-cell lymphomas are characterised by recurrent chromosomal translocations involving immuno-globulin (Ig) genes and different oncogene loci.
The elusive causes of squamous-cell lung cancer have now been characterised by a comprehensive genomic project.
Background Charles Bonnet's Syndrome (CBS), characterised by the presence of complex visual hallucinations in psychologically normal people, was considered for a long time to be rare.
The elusive causes of squamous -cell lung cancer have now been characterised by a comprehensive genomic project.
Characterisation of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) life cycle has enabled the development of direct-acting antiviral drugs that target different steps in the viral replication process.
Whatever the received medical opinion, some of Mr Chen 's supporters would question the persecution's characterisation as "delusional".
We characterised isolates into four groups: cross-sectional, longitudinal, household, and community.
The reason is that the first half of the year was characterised by very weak demand as the overall economy slowed down.
Despite growing international pressure to provide HIV-1 treatment to less-developed countries, potential demographic and epidemiological impacts have yet to be characterised.
Microstructural Characterisation of Fibre- Reinforced Composites.

In science:

In order to characterise this distribution uniquely we have to give the mean and the covariance of entries.
Gaussian Random Matrix Models for q-deformed Gaussian Random Variables
It has been reliably used in the reconstruction of the density matrix of radiation field and spin systems , and in the characterisation of quantum communication channels for qubits .
Characterising a universal cloning machine by maximum-likelihood estimation
Average statistical error in the characterisation of the universal covariant cloning machine versus number of data K .
Characterising a universal cloning machine by maximum-likelihood estimation
In our example, a good characterisation of the 1-to-2 universal cloning machine has been achieved, with a number of simulated data as low as 104 .
Characterising a universal cloning machine by maximum-likelihood estimation
In accordance with the central limit theorem, the statistical error of the characterisation shows the inverse-square-root asymptotic dependence on the number of data.
Characterising a universal cloning machine by maximum-likelihood estimation
Only a fraction of these systems have been characterised experimentally.
Growing Random Networks with Fitness
Ishihara , they can be characterised as harmonic maps which are horizontally weakly conformal.
Harmonic morphisms with one-dimensional fibres on Einstein manifolds
For foliations of codimension not equal to two which produce harmonic morphisms we have the following characterisation of R.L.
Harmonic morphisms with one-dimensional fibres on Einstein manifolds
As discussed in Paper I, such a Td versus control parameter dependence characterises buoyancy driven flux transport models and portrays the fact that a higher control parameter means more efficient flux transport due to buoyancy and hence, a lower dynamo period.
Characteristics Of A Magnetic Buoyancy Driven Solar Dynamo Model
Any nary present tense connective of pre-conditionals is fully characterised by a mapping 3n → 3.
The temporal calculus of conditional objects and conditional events
To characterise the spectrum qualitatively we analysed the densities of the distributions Pk (r) of the moduli of the largest eigenvalues λk .
Random unistochastic matrices
Moreover, the support of the induced charge density is generically characterised by a finite number of disjoint intervals J := ∪g+1 j=1 (aj , bj ) .
Eigenvalue correlations on Hyperelliptic Riemann surfaces
The critical exponent η characterising the scaling behaviour at k2 → 0 comes out in agreement with the known value 0.25 of the Ising universality class. η is made of two contributions: one, analytic (75%) and another (25%) which can be evaluated only numerically with an estimated error of 3%.
Critical properties of $\Phi^4_{1+1}$-theory in Light-Cone Quantization
Finally, Brou´e and Kim use Theorem 3.6, together with the block structure of H , to show that the irreducible representations of H can be grouped according to a generalization of Lusztig’s famil lies; a key ingredient in their paper is a block theoretical characterisation of Lusztig’s famillies due to Rouquier [105].
The representation theory of the Ariki-Koike and cyclotomic q-Schur algebras
Burgos, Hermitian vector bund les and characterisic classes, in The arithmetic and geometry of algebraic cycles, Amer.
Higher arithmetic K-theory