change of magnitude


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n change of magnitude the act of changing the amount or size of something
    • ***


In literature:

It worked a revolution in Massachusetts, it wrought changes of the greatest magnitude in the free States.
"William Lloyd Garrison" by Archibald H. Grimke
The consciousness of the magnitude of the change has come to us rather suddenly.
"Humanly Speaking" by Samuel McChord Crothers
Ras Algethi is a variable, changing from magnitude 3 to magnitude 3-1/2 in a period of 66-1/3 days.
"Half-hours with the Telescope" by Richard A. Proctor
The cycle of change is included between the eighth and ninth magnitudes.
"Pleasures of the telescope" by Garrett Serviss
Mu is variable, changing from the fourth to the sixth magnitude in a long period of five or six years.
"Astronomy with an Opera-glass" by Garrett Putman Serviss

In news:

If the price elasticity of the oil market had not been falling over time, the increasing magnitude of changes in oil prices would have produced a similar increase in the magnitude changes in oil supply and demand.
The Tidewatch changes can help predict the magnitude and effects of coastal flooding in a given location over the ensuing 36 hours, a period that generally includes the next three high water events, said John Boon, professor emeritus at VIMS.
The Twin Towers were enormous buildings and the attacks of 9/11 were of such magnitude that people were able to see the skyline change from neighboring states and camera-equipped satellites were even able to capture the aftermath from space.

In science:

Following the above calculation we expect that, in an experimentally relevant context, the change in the tunneling spectrum is of the order of 0.001 − 0.01 of the original signal’s magnitude.
Electromagnetic response of high-Tc superconductors -- the slave-boson and doped-carrier theories
We carefully analyzed the evolution between t = 80 ∼ 120 orbits and found that the sudden change of the torque’s magnitude is due to the development of a relatively large density blob between the planet and the edge of inner disk as a result of RWIs.
Disk-Planet Interaction Simulations: (I) Baroclinic Generation of Vortensity and Non-Axisymmetric Rossby-Wave-Instability
The simplex represents opinions about issues where the magnitude of one can only be changed by changing others in the other direction.
Fostering Consensus in Multidimensional Continuous Opinion Dynamics under Bounded Confidence
We see from (2.9) that interchanging the position of coordinates corresponding to different species does not change the magnitude of the integrand but it does change the phase, with each interchange of a species l − 1 and left neighbouring species l contributing e−2π i/(r+1) .
A random matrix decimation procedure relating $\beta = 2/(r+1)$ to $\beta = 2(r+1)$
For the standard oscillation parameters, the sensitivities become somewhat worse if there is an NSI pollution from ǫm eτ (second group versus first group of sensitivities), but the orders of magnitude do not change.
Neutrino factory optimization for non-standard interactions
In this limit the torque t is the control parameter which can be changed from one reading to the next by changing the magnitude B of the magnetic field. A feedback loop is used to ensure that < lk − lk0 > is maintained at π/2.
Free Energy of Twisted Semiflexible Polymers
We again see that the amplitude, not the shape, of the rotation curve changes as q and φ change, with the magnitude of the change becoming more pronounced as the potential becomes more asymmetric.
Constraining the NFW Potential with Observations and Modeling of LSB Galaxy Velocity Fields
The surface density of this layer changes by over two orders of magnitude between periastron and apastron (σ ∝ d−2 sep ), resulting in a dramatic increase in attenuation around periastron for X-rays.
3D modelling of the colliding winds in Eta Carinae - evidence for radiative inhibition
While the photoinduced transient is linear in F over several orders of magnitude , we observe pronounced changes upon increasing the excitation intensity into the 100 µJ/cm2 range.
Dynamics of photoinduced Charge Density Wave-metal phase transition in K0.3MoO3
Since no measurement of the temperature dependence of reflectivity at optical frequencies is reported to date, we have performed thermomodulation measurements to determine the magnitude and sign of change in equilibrium reflectivity upon increasing the temperature to above T3D .
Dynamics of photoinduced Charge Density Wave-metal phase transition in K0.3MoO3
Fig. 10.— The change in median radio luminosity of spectroscopical ly selected AGN corrected for dilution in eight volume-limited samples, selected according to their absolute R magnitude.
Active Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey II: galaxy and activity evolution
These stars show considerable changes in their effective temperatures and V magnitudes and a common set of variations - when they are at their warmest they are also brighter, dustier, and more luminous.
The Physical Properties of the Red Supergiant WOH G64: The Largest Star Known?
The second is that there is a speed change related to every particle due to the combined effect of the grad-B drift and the electric field E1y although the change, of a2 -order in magnitude, is relatively unimportant in a perturbative approach.
A counterexample against the Vlasov equation
In this exploratory work, this interference generates a change in the shape and magnitude of the functional form of Rh M which has an energy dependence as can be seen in the figure.
Experimental Studies of Hadronization and Parton Propagation in the Space-Time Domain
The later implies that, for example, one order of magnitude increase of the magnetic gravity results only in three times lower gas pressure for the outward-directed Lorentz force, which is too small to significantly change the opacity coe fficient and in fluence the model structure.
The Lorentz force in atmospheres of CP stars: 56 Arietis