• "'Your Majesty is certainly wrong.'"
    "'Your Majesty is certainly wrong.'"
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj certain exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance "be certain to disconnect the iron when you are through","be sure to lock the doors"
    • adj certain established beyond doubt or question; definitely known "what is certain is that every effect must have a cause","it is certain that they were on the bus","his fate is certain","the date for the invasion is certain"
    • adj certain having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured "felt certain of success","was sure (or certain) she had seen it","was very sure in his beliefs","sure of her friends"
    • adj certain certain to occur; destined or inevitable "he was certain to fail","his fate is certain","In this life nothing is certain but death and taxes"- Benjamin Franklin","he faced certain death","sudden but sure regret","he is sure to win"
    • adj certain definite but not specified or identified "set aside a certain sum each week","to a certain degree","certain breeds do not make good pets","certain members have not paid their dues","a certain popular teacher","a certain Mrs. Jones"
    • adj certain reliable in operation or effect "a quick and certain remedy","a sure way to distinguish the two","wood dust is a sure sign of termites"
    • adj certain established irrevocably "his fate is sealed"
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There's certainly a screw loose somewhere There's certainly a screw loose somewhere

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Certain female species of spiders such as the Australian crab spider, sacrifice their bodies as a food source for their offspring
    • Certain A certain number or quantity.
    • Certain Actually existing; sure to happen; inevitable. "Virtue that directs our ways
      Through certain dangers to uncertain praise."
      "Death, as the Psalmist saith, is certain to all."
    • Certain Assured in mind; having no doubts; free from suspicions concerning. "To make her certain of the sad event.""I myself am certain of you."
    • adv Certain Certainly. "God so wisly have mercy on me."
    • Certain Certainty.
    • Certain Determined; resolved; -- used with an infinitive. "However, I with thee have fixed my lot, Certain to undergo like doom."
    • Certain Fixed or stated; regular; determinate. "The people go out and gather a certain rate every day."
    • Certain Not specifically named; indeterminate; indefinite; one or some; -- sometimes used independenty as a noun, and meaning certain persons. "It came to pass when he was in a certain city.""About everything he wrote there was a certain natural grace und decorum."
    • Certain Not to be doubted or denied; established as a fact. "The dream is certain , and the interpretation thereof sure."
    • Certain Unfailing; infallible. "I have often wished that I knew as certain a remedy for any other distemper."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Lipogram refers to writing that does not have certain letter or letters
    • certain Fixed; determinate; definite; specified; prescribed; settled beforehand: as in the phrase “at a time certain.”
    • certain Indefinite in the sense of not being specifically named; known but not described: applied to one or more real individual objects or characters, as distinguished from a class of objects or an order of characters; coming under particular observation, but undefined, as to kind, number, quantity, duration, etc.; some particular: as, a lady of a certain age.
    • certain Some (known but unspecified): followed by of.
    • certain Established as true or sure; placed beyond doubt; positively ascertained and known; unquestionable; indisputable.
    • certain Capable of being depended on; trustworthy.
    • certain Unfailing; unerring; sure; positive: as, a certain remedy for rheumatism.
    • certain Assured; free from doubt regarding: used absolutely, or with of, and formerly sometimes with on.
    • certain Sure: with an infinitive: as, he is certain to be there to-morrow.
    • certain Synonyms Undeniable, unquestionable, undoubted, indubitable, indisputable, incontrovertible, inevitable. Sure, Positive, Certain, Confident, etc. (see confident); unhesitating, undoubting.
    • n certain A definite but unstated quantity.
    • n certain Certainty.
    • n certain In the Roman Catholic Church, prayers said daily at mass for specified persons, as for the members of a guild unable to keep a priest of its own, but who paid so much to a church to have a daily remembrance. Also certainty.
    • certain Certainly; assuredly.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: By feeding hens certain dyes they can be made to lay eggs with varicolored yolks.
    • adj Certain sėr′tān or sėr′tin sure: not to be doubted: resolved: fixed: regular: inevitable: some: one
    • adj Certain sėr′tān or sėr′tin, sure: not to be doubted: resolved: fixed: regular: inevitable: some: one
    • ***


  • Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve
    Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve
    “There are people whose watch stops at a certain hour and who remain permanently at that age.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “I did send to you for certain sums of gold, which you denied me.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “Certainty? In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.”
  • Fraude
    “There is nothing certain except the unforeseen.”
  • John F. Kennedy
    “The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is unchangeable or certain.”
  • Owen Meredith
    Owen Meredith
    “There is nothing certain in a man's life but that he must lose it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. certain, fr. (assumed) LL. certanus, fr. L. certus, determined, fixed, certain, orig. p. p. of cernere, to perceive, decide, determine; akin to Gr. to decide, separate, and to E. concern, critic, crime, riddle, a sieve, rinse, v
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—L. certuscern-ĕre, to decide.


In literature:

He looked at her, but he did not speak, he certainly did not know who she was.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
I'm perfectly certain the number her photograph is going to be in will have a good sale.
"Woman on Her Own, False Gods & The Red Robe" by Eugène Brieux
But even that metaphor implies that the pot itself is of a certain shape and a certain substance; a pretty solid substance.
"What I Saw in America" by G. K. Chesterton
Experiments on this subject have shown that a certain area of soil is only able to support the healthy growth of a certain number of plants.
"Manures and the principles of manuring" by Charles Morton Aikman
At length a certain order was perceived to govern the apparently capricious movements of the planets.
"The Story of the Heavens" by Robert Stawell Ball
Dolly was thoughtful certainly, and sweet certainly; "but that don't tell," Mrs. Eberstein remarked; "it is her characteristic.
"The End of a Coil" by Susan Warner
The beginning of the movement is seen in certain savage tribes.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
It is also used in the manufacture of soap, certain kinds of glass, matches, certain explosives, and chemical reagents.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
Every lad of a certain station in life was forced to go to certain schools within the Prussian dominions.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
In a certain sense, or to a certain extent, all men have equal rights.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various

In poetry:

I am the wind that wavers,
You are the certain land;
I am the shadow that passes
Over the sand.
"I Am The Wind" by Zoe Akins
Certain wild chimeras haunt me,
Jealousy doth tear my heart,
And despairing love distracts me.
"The Purgatory Of St. Patrick - Act II" by Denis Florence MacCarthy
While I gaze upon it
I feel a certain distance:
The moon light
Makes its way to dwellings
Everywhere, I feel.
"While I gaze upon it" by Ki no Tsurayuki
Farewell, Myrt, for Ethelisa
Seems to be my certain fate,
Stupid? Silly? Sure, but she's a
Perfect thirty-eight.
""A Perfect Woman Nobly Planned"" by Franklin Pierce Adams
Thin as hot air up-trembling,
Thin as sun-molten crape,
An ethereal shadow of something
Is taking a certain shape;
"The Old Garden" by George MacDonald
I'll weave a garland out of these,
The darlings of the birds,
And send it over singing seas
With certain sunny words —
"From the Forests" by Henry Kendall

In news:

The fetid fable certainly grabs our imagination, but there's nothing captivating about our own bad body smells.
Leadership is certainly one of my favorite and most frequent topics.
Despite what certain people may tell you, boiled peanuts do not come from the May River.
Giants' Boley practices fully, nearly certain to play in opener.
Thomas' condition certainly sounds the more serious of the two.
Gov Bill Bolling , who will preside over a state Senate equally divided between the parties next week, told senators Tuesday that he believes he can vote on organizational matters, but not the budget and certain other matters.
Perhaps it's the confluence of a certain erotic tome on the best seller list.
Thomson, a brilliant Londoner, certainly never writes the same book twice.
The owners of Talas, Marge and Jake Salik, said it was often difficult to secure certain supplies.
Desaussure, who was certain her hat would spark LaBelle's memory, said she had heard about LaBelle's appearance at Wegmans and came to purchase a book to surprise her.
A bookkeeper will certainly be more skilled and knowledgeable than you or a family member, but your cost per hour will increase.
'If that had got into the wrong hands, it would certainly put the president and some of his entourage at risk,' expert says.
If there's one thing that's certain, besides death and taxes, it's that even children's bookstores are currently moving a lot of copies of Fifty Shades of Grey.
Biden connects, Oct 14) should certainly put any such doubts to rest.
Last week, Mickey Kaus exposed some postings on JournoList, the by-invitation-only website for certain young left-wing political writers.

In science:

For example , the Casimir effect can make E < 0 for certain states of quantum fields confined within a certain regions of radius ≤ R, violating the bound.
Defining Entropy Bounds
In Section 3 it is proved that for certain systems of differential or partial differential equations, the solutions are harmonic maps between certain generalized Lagrange spaces, in the sense of Section 1.
Harmonic Maps between Generalized Lagrange Spaces
We have also shown that this is possible for certain mixed states and certain regimes of conclusive discrimination.
Optimal local discrimination of two multipartite pure states
Einstein and his collaborators showed that if this property is valid then the physical reality in a certain region must include, or specify, the values that certain unperformed measurements would have revealed if they, rather than the actually performed measurements, had been performed.
Quantum theory and the role of mind in nature
In this case, because we have total destructive interference of certain paths during the walk, the deviation of the quantum to classical walk is much larger at certain stages of the walk.
Implementing the quantum random walk