• WordNet 3.6
    • v cere wrap up in a cerecloth "cere a corpse"
    • n cere the fleshy, waxy covering at the base of the upper beak of some birds
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first asteroid to ever be discovered is Ceres. It was discovered 1801 and is 582 miles in diameter.
    • n Cere (Zoöl) The soft naked sheath at the base of the beak of birds of prey, parrots, and some other birds. See Beak.
    • v. t Cere To wax; to cover or close with wax.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n cere Wax.
    • n cere In ornith.: Properly, a fleshy cutaneous or membranous, sometimes feathered, covering of the base of the upper mandible of a bird, as of all birds of prey and parrots: so called from its waxy appearance. A bare space about the base of the upper mandible, or a fleshy prominence in that situation, or a distinct part of the covering of the upper mandible, though of the same texture as the rest. It differs from the rest of the sheath of the bill in texture, and usually shows a plain line of demarkation. When such a structure is present, the nostrils are always pierced in ita substance, or at least open at its edge. When feathered, as in sundry parrots, it appears to be wanting, but its presence is recognized by the opening of the nostrils among the feathers which grow upon it.
    • n cere Also cera and ceroma.
    • cere To wax, or cover with wax, or with a cerecloth.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Cere sēr to cover with wax
    • n Cere the bare waxlike patch at the base of the upper part of the beak in birds
    • n Cere the art of modelling in wax
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. cerare, fr. cera, wax: cf. F. cirer,


In literature:

The rhododendron and the lilac have their blossoms all ready, wrapped in cere-cloth, waiting in patient faith.
"Household Papers and Stories" by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Here are Bacchus, Ceres, and with thee comes Love.
"La Sorcière: The Witch of the Middle Ages" by Jules Michelet
Dorn Starret, owner of a gallium mine on Ceres.
"Forget Me Nearly" by Floyd L. Wallace
Before him, crowned with the rich harvest, stands Ceres with her train of reapers.
"The Standard Cantatas" by George P. Upton
Another cult closely affecting the feminine portion of Roman society was the worship of Ceres, one of the twelve great deities of the Capitol.
"Roman Women" by Alfred Brittain
In the festivals of Ceres the modesty of her ears was assailed.
"Historia Amoris: A History of Love, Ancient and Modern" by Edgar Saltus
Born in the parish of Ceres, Fifeshire, Scotland.
"The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History" by Various
The lady, Frau Ceres, did not deem it necessary to make any reply.
"Villa Eden:" by Berthold Auerbach
I took my way, a few days ago, fishing-rod in hand, from Cupar in Fife, by Dura Den, up towards the healthy and sequestered village of Ceres.
"Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. 9" by Various
Ariel, Iris, Ceres, and Juno appear, Juno descending from the heavens.
"How Shakspere Came to Write the Tempest" by Rudyard Kipling
With a face as ashen as a cere-cloth, Katherine ran to her assistance, and Browne followed her example.
"The Red Rat's Daughter" by Guy Boothby
In the lower part of it are embedded some ancient columns of the Composite Order belonging to the Temple of Ceres.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 2" by Various
Their bills and cere were black.
"Lachesis Lapponica" by Carl von Linné
Sallust says that among the mundane divinities Ceres is the deity of the planet Saturn.
"The Eleusinian Mysteries and Rites" by Dudley Wright
The possibilities of the daughter of Ceres while she dwells beneath the earth are likewise to be found between the covers of a fairy library.
"Literature for Children" by Orton Lowe
Mother Ceres was exceedingly fond of her daughter Proserpina, and seldom let her go alone into the fields.
"A Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales" by Nathaniel Hawthorne
I engaged passage in the Dutch brig "Ceres," bound for Sydney; and sailed in the early part of June out of San Francisco Bay.
"Lost Lenore" by Charles Beach
Atque (ut poeta utamur altero) prima Ceres unco glebam dimouit aratro, prima dedit fruges alimenta mitia terris.
"Fine Books" by Alfred W. Pollard
The Greeks, too, did as much for Ceres as for Prosperine.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 1 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)
It was the goddess Ceres, without doubt; and having ascended to Ceres, we can scarcely go any higher.
"A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 3 (of 10)" by François-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)

In poetry:

What went ye out to see?
A corpse not laid to rest
(As all earth's sons should be)
In her maternal breast,
But cered in darkly symboll'd tomb
Drawn from old Egypt's mythic gloom?
"On Seeing A Thousand Sabbath School Children" by Janet Hamilton
But ah the sickle!—golden ears are cropped;
Ceres and Bacchus bid good-night;
Sharp frosty fingers all your flow'rs have topped,
And what schythes spared, winds shave off quite.
"The Grasshopper" by Richard Lovelace
Ah! Ceres, thou know'st not the slander and scorn
Now heap'd upon England's 'Squirearchy, so boasted;
Improving on Hunt, 'tis no longer the Corn,
'Tis the growers of Corn that are now, alas! roasted.
"Ode to the Goddess Ceres" by Thomas Moore
"An' here another zide do show
Her vinger in her scizzars' bow
Avore two daughters, that do stand,
Wi' leärnsome minds, to watch her hand
A-sheäpèn out, wi' skill an' ceäre,
A frock vor them to zew an' wear.
"The Leädy’s Tower" by William Barnes
I'm Ceres' cup-bearer; I pour,
For flowers and fruits and all their kin,
Her crystal vintage, from of yore
Stored in old Earth's selectest bin,
Flora's Falernian ripe, since God
The wine-press of the deluge trod.
"Ode Written For The Celebration Of The Cochituate Water Into The City Of Boston" by James Russell Lowell
'Tis love illumes the realms of night,
For Orcus dark obeys his might,
And bows before his magic spell
All-kindly looks the king of hell
At Ceres' daughter's smile so bright,—
Yes—love illumes the realms of night!
"The Triumph Of Love" by Friedrich von Schiller

In news:

Ceres has developed a genetic trait that allows certain plants to tolerate high levels of salt.
"The safety net should not be a hammock" is one he says he delivered to State Sen Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres, at a recent fundraiser.
And then there's Ceres, the next destination for Dawn.
Bank robber in unusual attire still at large after Ceres search.
Officials searched an apartment complex in Ceres for hours Tuesday afternoon, looking for a robber who targeted a Bank of America, police said.
Ceres' Whitmore Mansion close to being owned by city.
A man who police believe broke into a Ceres house was shot twice by the homeowner.
Ceres' Whitmore Mansion close to being owned by city .
Shares of Ceres Inc jumped nearly 16 percent on Monday after the energy- crop seeds developer signed an agreement with a Swiss agriculture company to jointly develop sweet sorghum projects in Brazil.
Now the NASA spacecraft will head to the dwarf planet Ceres.
Dawn spacecraft to depart asteroid for dwarf planet Ceres.
Dawn is now officially on its way to its second destination, the dwarf planet Ceres.
Police are investigating if a shooting in Ceres stemmed from a home invasion.
This year the Ceres Republican is taking a more modest approach —.
Matthew Beale, 24, teaches math in Ceres.

In science:

Later CERES experiment (for current status see ) has observed even more dramatic excess of dileptons at Me+e− ≈ 400 − 600M eV .
Physics of Heavy Ions Collisions: The Summary of Moriond-97
Li-Ko-Brown has developed the well known idea of “dropping rho mass” into a detailed cascade model, explaining in details both all CERES and HELIOS3 data with one set of parameters.
Physics of Heavy Ions Collisions: The Summary of Moriond-97
In order to test it further, one may increase the resolution of CERES and check how many ρ remains in the peak, on the top of the un-shifted ω . A less trivial test : if mρ (T ) is dropping, that of its axial partner mA1 should follow3 .
Physics of Heavy Ions Collisions: The Summary of Moriond-97
But in order to account for CERES excess one should increase yield of “escaping η ′” by too huge a factor.
Physics of Heavy Ions Collisions: The Summary of Moriond-97
The low mass dilepton enhancement observed by the HELIOS and CERES collaborations at CERN provides the experimental basis for such studies -.
QCD & QGP: A Summary
Evidence of enhanced dilepton production in S induced collisions at 200 A GeV was first reported at the 95 Quark Matter Conference by the three experiments involved in the measurement of dileptons at the CERN SPS –CERES, HELIOS-3 and NA38 .
Highlights on Dilepton and Photon Observables
Preliminary results with the Pb beam, presented at the 96 Quark Matter Conference by the CERES and NA50 experiments [3,4], show also an enhanced production of dileptons confirming at least qualitatively the results with the S beam.
Highlights on Dilepton and Photon Observables
These calculations also reproduce the CERES S data as can be seen in the middle panel of Fig. 4.
Highlights on Dilepton and Photon Observables
One should also notice that these two approaches reproduce equally well the S-W results of HELIOS-3 and the preliminary CERES results of Pb-Au collisions [15–17].
Highlights on Dilepton and Photon Observables
With the same fireball model including dropping masses used to explain the CERES and HELIOS-3 dilepton results he calculated the amount of direct photons in central S-Au collisions at 200 A GeV.
Highlights on Dilepton and Photon Observables
Ravinovich, for the CERES Collaboration, these Proceedings. 8. G.
Highlights on Dilepton and Photon Observables
I thank Asantha Cooray for comments on the manuscript and my collaborators in the CERES pro ject for helpful discussions.
The image separation-source redshift relation for gravitational lenses as a cosmological test
The Pb+Pb analysis on direct photons of the WA98 and NA45/CERES collaborations is in progress.
Signatures of Quark-Gluon-Plasma formation in high energy heavy-ion collisions: A critical review
Left: inclusive e+ e− mass spectra in 200 GeV/nucleon S+Au collisions as measured by the CERES collaboration [397].
Signatures of Quark-Gluon-Plasma formation in high energy heavy-ion collisions: A critical review
Calculations evaluating in-medium spectral functions, due to the coupling of the ρ with nucleon resonances and particle-hole excitations, also achieve a satisfactory reproduction of the CERES data [449], without requiring a dropping ρ-mass.
Signatures of Quark-Gluon-Plasma formation in high energy heavy-ion collisions: A critical review