center stage


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n center stage the central area on a theater stage
    • n center stage a position of prominence or importance
    • ***


  • Edward Hoagland
    “The question of whether it's God's green earth is not at center stage, except in the sense that if so, one is reminded with some regularity that He may be dying.”


In literature:

There was Billie, taking the center of the stage again as usual, and there was Caroline looking after her with a smile.
"Billie Bradley at Three Towers Hall" by Janet D. Wheeler
But it was the dining-table that held the center of the stage, and that held everything else as well.
"Mr. Opp" by Alice Hegan Rice
And when I goes back to the crowd again I finds Toodle has the center of the stage, with the spotlight full on him.
"Odd Numbers" by Sewell Ford
Bucky had let Cullison take the center of the stage.
"Crooked Trails and Straight" by William MacLeod Raine
Because of that assumption, the low and humble never gained access to the center of the stage; they were only utilized to represent mobs.
"Mother Earth, Vol. 1 No. 2, April 1906" by Various
These steps are done in eight measures of 4/4 tempo, in the center of the stage.
"The Art of Stage Dancing" by Ned Wayburn
They had the center of the stage, and the interest of the audience, but acted not one whit like the people in a play.
"The Art of Disappearing" by John Talbot Smith
In the center of the great stage, but a few feet back from the footlights, she paused as Herr Deichenberg had told her.
"Dorothy's Triumph" by Evelyn Raymond
The separation of church and state continued to hold the center of the stage in 1907.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume I (of 8)" by Various
In case of fire all Artists will please gather in the center of the stage and wait orders from the Stage Manager.
"Continuous Vaudeville" by Will M. Cressy
Thirty sides and the center of the stage four times.
"Blue-grass and Broadway" by Maria Thompson Daviess
Nervous and jerky he walked to the center of the stage, and raised his hand begging silence.
"The Fifth String" by John Philip Sousa
Three people illustrious in her small world were at once to be centered on the stage of war before her eyes.
"The Treasure Trail" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Punishment of the Indians occupied the center of the stage for months.
"The First Seventeen Years: Virginia 1607-1624" by Charles E. Hatch
The control divan is stage center.
"The Big Time" by Fritz Reuter Leiber
She had been in the center of her own stage; now she felt herself most gently, most civilly, pushed into the wings.
"Stories That End Well" by Octave Thanet
At the appointed time the big day dawned, and the political wind-up held the center of the stage.
"The Wreckers" by Francis Lynde
Notice that in the preliminary stage directions the center entrance is not designated.
"How to Produce Amateur Plays" by Barrett H. Clark
Arden still held the center of the stage.
"The Mystery of Jockey Hollow" by Cleo Garis
It means spotlights, music, three-sheets, puffs; in short the center of the stage.
"The Sunset Trail" by Alfred Henry Lewis

In poetry:

The stage-driver was tellin’ when he hit the sagebrush flat
That’s south of Cactus Center, Bill jest wept behind his hat,
And he nearly went plum dotty, his joy was so intense,
At the prairie dogs a-scoldin’ behind each wire fence.
"The Cowboys Homing" by Arthur Chapman

In news:

Season's greetings, center stage .
Customer Engagement Takes Center Stage .
Brazil Takes Center Stage at the Healdsburg Jazzfest.
Frederik the Great, a Friesian stallion, takes center stage during the presentation of The Black Stallion on Thursday morning at the Pauline Whitaker Arena in Fayetteville.
Center Stage features show stopper after show stopper from Broadway, those much loved MGM-Hollywood musicals and London 's West End.
Foreign affair issues take center stage in race for WH.
Foreign affairs are taking center stage in the race for the White House this week.
Filibuster Reform Takes Center Stage on First Day Back.
After Operation Hall Harvest, a Wooster drug treatment facility is at center stage .
QBs take center stage in Hays-Leander clash.
Two local coaches, two ball-control offenses take center stage .
Conwell-Egan, Truman take center stage .
DOCSIS 3.1 takes center stage at Cable-Tec Expo.
'Nutcracker,' holiday shows take center stage in December.
Gov Chris Christie Takes Center Stage at RNC.

In science:

Were I writing it again, I might try to find a way to put this new proof at center stage, but at this stage, it doesn’t seem worth the effort.
What do quantum "weak" measurements actually measure?
In the spring of 1999 the Observatory was delivered to the the Kennedy Space Flight center for integration with the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) and subsequent integration into the cargo bay of Columbia.
The Making of the Chandra X-ray Observatory: the Project Scientist's Perspective
In the first stage of δ(c), the local sensor can use any “reasonable” stationary deterministic quantizer and the fusion center needs to make a preliminary guess about the true state of nature.
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
The key requirements for randomization update posterior distributions at the fusion center, especially at the second stage.
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
Assume a randomized quantizer is given in our two-stage test is that the fusion center must know which deterministic quantizer is picked to quantize the raw observation, since otherwise the randomization can cause confusion at the fusion center.
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
In the scenario of composite hypotheses, the definition of the two-stage tests is similar except a slight modification of the stopping time N and the final decision D of the fusion center in the second stage.
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
At time step n in the second stage, the fusion center computes πm(cid:48) ,nW (m(cid:48) , [m]) m(cid:48) (cid:54)∈[m] which is the average loss if one makes a final decision D = [m].
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
Note that we do not change the fusion center policies in the first stage, i.e., the preliminary decision D0 at the fusion center still picks up the most promising state among the M states instead of picking up one of the B hypotheses.
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
PROO F O F TH EOR EM 4 .1 At each stage of our proposed two-stage test δ(c), since the local sensor uses stationary (though possibly randomized) quantizers, the sensor messages Un ’s are i.i.d. and the fusion center essentially faces the classical centralized sequential hypothesis testing problems.
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
For example, when a randomized quantizer ¯φ = (cid:80) pj φj is proposed for the two-stage tests, denote by ˜φn the quantizer used at time step n to the best knowledge of the fusion center. implemented and the fusion center knows that the deterministic quantizer φj is picked at time step n, then ˜φn = φj .
Asymptotic Optimality Theory For Decentralized Sequential Multihypothesis Testing Problems
One of us, JV, beneficiary of the grant BES-200714736, thanks the Dark Cosmology Centre for facilities during his stage at this center.
Halo growth and the NFW profile
We have chosen to study this material as it is a well characterized face centered cubic material that has been utilized by Chhabildas et al. for the validation of high velocity impacts that formed the basis of the second stage of our validation simulations.
Validation of the material point method and plasticity with Taylor impact tests
Studies of the Higgs Boson are expected to be center stage at the ILC.
SiD Letter of Intent
The filter null shown near the center of the plot defines the alias-rejection performance of the chain, which exceeds 100 dB for the whole passband of FIR stages 4–6.
Biasing and Demodulation Firmware for Kilopixel TES Bolometer Arrays
Hitchin moduli space does not only take a center stage role in the gauge theory approach to the geometric Langlands program, initiated in [KW], but also in the classical (arithmetic) Langlands program (in the recent proof of the fundamental lemma, see [Ngo 2006a], [Ngo 2006b]).
Eight dimensional physics and the Langlands program - A short note