cave in


  • Keep Away from the Banks for Fear The Banks Will Cave In 329
    Keep Away from the Banks for Fear The Banks Will Cave In 329
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v cave in break down, literally or metaphorically "The wall collapsed","The business collapsed","The dam broke","The roof collapsed","The wall gave in","The roof finally gave under the weight of the ice"
    • n cave in the sudden collapse of something into a hollow beneath it
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Androcles cowers in fear as the lion enters the cave Androcles cowers in fear as the lion enters the cave


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “At eighteen our convictions are hills from which we look; at forty-five they are caves in which we hide.”
  • H.G. Wells
    “Mankind which began in a cave and behind a windbreak will end in the disease-soaked ruins of a slum.”


In literature:

I went out of the cave in fear, and when outside I fancied I saw the terrible form of Betsey Fraddam.
"Roger Trewinion" by Joseph Hocking
More uneasy, then, than ever, because of their behavior, she went on her way in silence and came to the great Cave Hall.
"The Shadow Witch" by Gertrude Crownfield
"The Young Bank Messenger" by Horatio Alger
He was born in Cave Spring, Georgia, in Floyd County.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
Kentucky's most talked-of cave in recent years is that in which Floyd Collins lost his life in 1925.
"Blue Ridge Country" by Jean Thomas
He was going to look for those men himself, either in a cave or a gypsy wagon.
"The Curlytops on Star Island" by Howard R. Garis
You'll remember, Polly, that that was the side where the pit cut the cave in half.
"Polly's Business Venture" by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
One of them had hewed out a little cave in the rock.
"Stories of the Saints by Candle-Light" by Vera C. Barclay
All the Cave-men made such tents in the summer when they were away from the caves.
"The Later Cave-Men" by Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
Do many little boys live in caves like me?
"A Cousin's Conspiracy" by Horatio Alger
Do you suppose those people are hiding and making their headquarters in caves?
"A Woman at Bay" by Nicholas Carter
Having heard them out, Fafner, unseen in the cave, gives a long lazy comfortable yawn.
"The Wagnerian Romances" by Gertrude Hall
It occurred to Mr. Cave that this was not in accordance with the laws of optics as he had known them in his younger days.
"Tales of Space and Time" by Herbert George Wells
Now, as all the world knows, the devil is supposed to wander much among the caves in Kynance Cove.
"The Birthright" by Joseph Hocking
The children tore up the bank and over the hill to get back to the cave in time to see him coming.
"The Cave Twins" by Lucy Fitch Perkins
I was somewhat disappointed in the display of stalactites and other similar formations of the protocarbonate of lime found in the cave.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 20, No. 122, December, 1867" by Various
In about half an hour I heard the bushes rustle, and Bill wabbled out into the little glade in front of the cave.
"The Boy Scouts Book of Stories" by Various
It would be better, first, to feel their way on into the cave in the hope of finding another exit.
"In the Morning of Time" by Charles G. D. Roberts
In every room is a feature that has puzzled scientists both here and in the cave dwellings.
"Through Our Unknown Southwest" by Agnes C. Laut
I store for winter market in a cave in bulk, and am successful.
"The Apple" by Various

In poetry:

Thus they in this infernal cave
Will now be holden fast
From heavenly freedom, though they crave,
Of it they may not taste.
"Of Hell And The Estate of Those Who Perish" by John Bunyan
Gordred the giant rous'd himself
From sleeping in his cave;
He shook the hills, and in the clouds
The troubl'd banners wave.
"Gwin King of Norway" by William Blake
Thrice the fierce cloud lighten'd,
Down the hill slow thunder trembled
Day in her cave grew frightened,
Crept away, and died.
"The Fugitive" by John Freeman
Rose Red in a cave that smells of honey
dreams she is combing the fur of her cubs
with a golden comb.
Rose White is lying awake.
"An Embroidery" by Denise Levertov
A burning cauldron stood in the midst,
The flame was fierce and high,
And all the cave so wide and long
Was plainly seen thereby.
"Gondoline" by Henry Kirke White
What Force can meet our matchless might?
What Power is not our slave?
We bound the angel of the light,
We scourged him in a cave.
"The Young Man's Song" by Sydney Thompson Dobell

In news:

Part of Berkeley Mall roof caves in at Belk atrium during storm.
Democrats are expecting Republicans to cave in to the "compromise" that must come into play in less than 50 days—while still no talk of reducing our spending.
Timmonsville getting money to fix sewer cave -in.
The creatures dwelling in caves are truly one of a kind and the only way to see them and this remarkable world is to find a caving adventure of your own.
A cave on a hill in Lawrence Township is named for a man viewed as a hero by some in his day but whose activities history casts in a much darker light.
They were found by researchers from Spain's University of Navarra in the isolated Maestrazgo caves in the Teruel region of Spain, at elevations up to 6,560 feet (2,000 meters).
Visitors equipped with special eyewear and an iPad Mini as a controller, above, can zoom in on details of the 3rd-century caves in Dunhuang, China, they are "standing" in at the Sackler Gallery installation "Pure Land.".
Republicans in Congress are under tremendous pressure to cave in to President Obama's demand for tax hikes by December 31.
John 'Skip' Edward Cave Jr. Former Fort Lewis College Dean of Business School John "Skip" Edward Cave Jr, died Thursday, Nov 22, 2012, in New Orleans.
A worker digging a trench at a New City house was trapped Friday when the trench caved in on him, authorities say.
Jefferson County deputies are searching for the body of a man discovered by a spelunker Wednesday afternoon in a cave in rough terrain near Red Rocks Amphitheater, officials say.
As my holiday tradition every year, I try to find some way to keep the spendthrifts and heavily indebted from caving in to the pressure to buy when they don't have the cash.
In books and movies, I don't recall a cave man ever seeking help from a cave woman.
One of the few justifiable recent excursions into 3-D, Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams documents a secret wonder of the world, the Chauvet cave—a subterranean gallery of 300 animal images discovered in 1994 in the South of France.
And while the Czech ceramics were made at outdoor hearths and were sometimes deliberately exploded, as if in a ritual, the Croatian ceramics were found in a cave with no hearth.

In science:

Caves, Quantum Mechanics and Measurements Distributed in Time I: A Path Integral Approach, Phys.
Generalizing Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Spacetime
The first of these was described by Song, Caves, and Yurke in .
Methods for Producing Optical Coherent State Superpositions
The original back-action evasion scheme of Song, Caves, and Yurke was improved by Yurke, Schleich, and Walls in .
Methods for Producing Optical Coherent State Superpositions
Allowing to display as many views as needed, each PC handling a point of view. This is particularly useful in case of project reviews: a general point of view of the product being designed is displayed for all reviewers on an images wall, or on a cave.
Integration of a Balanced Virtual Manikin in a Virtual Reality Platform aimed at Virtual Prototyping
Similarly, we de fine the expected ǫ-averaging cost Cave (ǫ) to be the expected communication cost in the first Tave (ǫ) iterations of the algorithm: Cave (ǫ) = E[C (Tave (ǫ))] = E[R(1)]Tave (ǫ).
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
In the second column we report the value of the Scott & Caves modified standard deviations of Eq. ( 39) while in the third column we report the corresponding numerically computed standard deviation values.
Relaxation due to random collisions with a many-qudit environment
We have further numerical evidence to support the above analysis: in Scott and Caves reported an analytical expression of the average variance of the system purity distribution for a random interaction between a system of µ degrees of freedom and an environment of ν degrees of freedom.
Relaxation due to random collisions with a many-qudit environment
That the Caves-Schumaker state and pair coherent state can be realized as short term and steady state solutions of master equation was shown in the seminal paper on pair coherent states by G.S.
A Generalized Master Equation for Janus Faced Coherent States
The corrugations were obtained by milling circular hollows concentric to the holes (Figure 2), with the difference in diameter corresponding to the corrugation depth, and the cave depth (0.7 mm) corresponding to the the corrugation groove thickness.
W-band prototype of platelet feed-horn array for CMB polarisation measurements
We refer to the convex regions in the lower left and upper right of the polygon as ears, and the narrow region in the lower right of the polygon as the cave.
Hidden Mobile Guards in Simple Polygons
Any guard that sees a portion consisting of more than four convex vertices in the cave sees a narrow strip of space extending to the end of the cave and containing all reflex vertices in the cave.
Hidden Mobile Guards in Simple Polygons
An initial guard spanning the length of the cave is necessary, and a second guard for an ear results in an unguardable region in the other ear.
Hidden Mobile Guards in Simple Polygons
The proof is very similar to the proof that the quantum entropy S (ρ) is conIf we can show that ∆L(K α cave (∩) in ρ (see Ref.).
Relaxation Method For Calculating Quantum Entanglement
Caves, in Quantum Measurement and Chaos, ed. E. R.
The noise in gravitational-wave detectors and other classical-force measurements is not influenced by test-mass quantization
This effect was first discussed by Caves [11, 12] using an approach based upon fluctuations in the numbers pf photons striking the mirror.
Stochastic Spacetime and Brownian Motion of Test Particles