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    • n causing the act of causing something to happen
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What do you think is the cause What do you think is the cause


  • Theodore Roosevelt
    “At sometime in our lives a devil dwells within us, causes heartbreaks, confusion and troubles, then dies.”
  • John Morley
    John Morley
    “Evolution is not a force but a process. Not a cause but a law.”
  • Plato
    “Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.”
  • William Shakespeare
    “There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Never forget the facts are important but it's the opinion of the facts that causes comment.”
  • William James
    “There is but one cause of human failure. And that is man's lack of faith in his true Self.”


In literature:

The causes are the general causes of respiratory disease enumerated above.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
If thy right eye cause thee to fall, pluck it out.
"Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners" by B.G. Jefferis
But vomiting from over-feeding is very different from that caused by irritation of the stomach, which causes it to reject proper food.
"The Physical Life of Woman:" by Dr. George H Napheys
The nexus between them and events was not cause and effect, but magic.
"Folkways" by William Graham Sumner
But this system could not long be carried on without causing a scarcity.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
Imagine a paddle-wheel placed in water and caused to rotate.
"Fragments of science, V. 1-2" by John Tyndall
They were looked upon as the victims of oppression, as martyrs to a holy and righteous cause.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden
The great hero of the Reformation had planted his cause upon a rock.
"A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon" by John Lord
It may be caused by disease of the womb, or it may cause disease of the womb.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Vol 2 (of 4)" by W. Grant Hague
It requires a cause to determine it to action, and therefore cannot be called a free cause, but only a necessary cause.
"The World's Greatest Books--Volume 14--Philosophy and Economics" by Various
Mid-day had arrived, and the tropic sun, glaring down vertically from a cloudless sky, was causing a degree of heat almost intolerable.
"The Tiger Hunter" by Mayne Reid
Dey ain't no use to ask 'cause I ain't gwine tell you.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves, Arkansas Narratives, Part 4" by Work Projects Administration
Causes of its want of influence on subsequent schools.
"Modern Painters Volume I (of V)" by John Ruskin
She had meant never to marry but to devote herself wholly to the women's cause but he promised to devote himself to the same cause.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
Some words had been said which had caused annoyance, and he did not intend to return.
"Marion Fay" by Anthony Trollope
He affected to identify the cause of Spain with the cause of Christendom.
"History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain." by William H. Prescott
Explain how the breaking of the pitchers would cause a panic among the hosts of the enemy.
"The Bible Story" by Rev. Newton Marshall Hall
Lieut.-Col. James Washington perished in defence of that cause.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
The various changes of ownership caused much trouble with the land titles.
"The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris
Henry was, on the whole, right; the general cause for which he was contending was a good cause.
"The Divorce of Catherine of Aragon" by J.A. Froude

In poetry:

He thought that every man was fair;
He had no cause to sob or sigh;
He said that everything was square
As any die.
"Jim And Bill" by Franklin Pierce Adams
The moving Cause we cannot see
Which guides the heavenly spheres;
We only see the harmony
In seasons and in years.
"Extract From - Infidelity Its Own Punishment And Fidelity Its Own Happiness" by Joseph Hodgson
This time the people's power
The people's cause shall own;
Then up with the Republic,
And downward with the throne!
"The March Of Freedom" by Ernest Jones
One little look from mother,
Has caused the innocent child,
To go into spasmodic shame
Or a distillation of smiles.
"Life Pictures" by Frank Barbour Coffin
I want to serve the weary,
And cause a light to shine
In every path that's dreary,
To cheer when strength declines.
"Magna est Veritas" by Frank Barbour Coffin
Powers of iniquity may rise,
And frame pernicious laws;
But God my refuge rules the skies,
He will defend my cause.
"Psalm 94 part 2" by Isaac Watts

In news:

Questioning the causes behind 'for a cause'.
Slane had a similar incident in 2010 causing many viewers to wonder what the cause of her fainting spells were.
Press secretary Robert Gibbs caused a furor when he said the House seats in play "could cause Republicans to gain control".
A Border Gateway Protocol update caused several Juniper Networks routers to crash, causing service disruptions for Tier 1 network provider Level 3 Communications.
One expected to occur once every 200 years -- would far surpass destruction caused by a "Big One" earthquake, causing more than $700 billion in damage and hobbling the state's economy for decades, federal scientists are warning.
Sept 24, 1991 Age: 87 Cause: Natural causes.
Sept 24, 1991 Age: 87 Cause: Natural Causes.
Hanging glass racks are notorious for causing breakage through frequent glass -to- glass contact or vibration shock caused by shimmy.
National Weather Service meteorologists say the cause of such wind gusts are complex and they can't know what caused this one without more details.
A water hammer can occur when a valve is suddenly opened or closed in a pipe carrying water or steam, causing a pressure wave to travel down the pipe with enough force that it can sometimes cause the pipes to burst.
Investigators are looking Monday for the cause of a fire that caused heavy damage Sunday night to a restaurant near Lynnwood.
Of the 39 outbreaks caused by foreign food (which caused 2,348 illnesses) from 2005 to 2010, 17 of them happened in 2009 and 2010, according to the report.
Tropical Storm Debby caused considerable damage when she made her trek through Hernando County in June, dumping more than 12 inches of rain and causing a dozen sinkholes to open.
Cigarette believed cause of fire in apartments fire, units, damaged, building, kershaw, cigarette, flames, smoke, caused , firefighters.
CancerCare's Cupcakes for a Cause: The sixth annual Cupcakes for a Cause campaign will take place Sept 21-27.

In science:

Such long-ranging correlations exist due to conservation laws, they do not violate the relativistic causality, because they do not cause each other, but rather have a cause in common, and they are completely classical.
Quantum Physics of Simple Optical Instruments
Note that clauses causing a variable to be set by Online-Lazy are always satisfied, and those not causing a variable to be set are satisfied with probability 3/4 (if both variables are set) or 1 (if one is set satisfyingly).
Random MAX SAT, Random MAX CUT, and Their Phase Transitions
Considering these facts, we can reject binarity as a cause for composite spectra; it is unlikely that the spectral type of a star can change by several subclasses in < ∼ 20 years. A second possibility is that the composite spectra are caused by cool starspots on the surface of a hot young star.
Evidence for high accretion-rates in Weak-Line T Tauri stars?
In dwarf novae, the cause of the accretion rate variations is a thermal-viscous instability (see Lasota (2001) for a review). A similar thermal-viscous instability is believed to cause the FU Orionis phenomena in young stars.
Evidence for high accretion-rates in Weak-Line T Tauri stars?
The correlations we have discussed here commit us to very little, if we take an equally empiricist approach to random fields as we take to quantum fields: correlations just exist; we do not have to assume that they are caused by common (or any other kind of ) causes.
Bell inequalities for random fields
That said, the non-optimal sensitivity caused by this filter choice should not cause any signi ficant problems with the search because the improve d QE and reduced pixel scale of the new camera yield a net increased in detection sensitivity of 0.7 magnitudes over the previous NEAT12GEN2 camera discussed in Sec. 3.5.
Rates and Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae
The Faraday effect is caused by the presence of magnetic field while the gravity-induced rotation of the plane of polarization of light is caused by the presence of the, so-called, gravitomagnetic field [127].
General Relativistic Theory of Light Propagation in the Field of Radiative Gravitational Multipoles
There is a distributed cause, not a common cause.
Models of measurement for quantum fields and for classical continuous random fields
We will show that in such a system, the dynamical features which cause chaos are distinctly different from the ones which cause chaos in few–degrees–of–freedom systems.
Random Matrices and Chaos in Nuclear Spectra
The increase in bath squeezing r and temperature T causes phase diffusion while the increase in the bath exposure time t, causes the phase distribution to diffuse as well as shift.
Phase Diffusion in Quantum Dissipative Systems
This plot illustrates another paradoxical effect: in the same way that cooling causes an increase of the temperature of the hot phase, supplying energy with an efficient feedback causes a decrease of the temperature.
Thermodynamical properties of the ICM from hydrodynamical simulations
If we observe order and synchronization and cannot explain them by measurable causes in spacetime, we may intuitively be tempted to conclude that there is no cause at all, that “No One” acts through the brain.
Quantum randomness can be controlled by free will -a consequence of the before-before experiment
The result of a quantum measurement at point A is no more ‘caused’ by another one at a spatially separated point B than the measurement at B is ‘caused’ by the one at A.
Why Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen did not prove that quantum mechanics is `incomplete'
Although we assume turbulence is caused by MRI, we do not include the radial variation of the viscosity coefficient α caused by the dead zone (e.g.
Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula
Finally, it is not difficult to conceive scenarios in which the simultaneous occurrence of some transitions causes an infinite sequence of states to be traversed, thus causing a Zeno behavior.
Modeling Time in Computing: A Taxonomy and a Comparative Survey