• WordNet 3.6
    • n causation the act of causing something to happen
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Causation The act of causing; also the act or agency by which an effect is produced. "The kind of causation by which vision is produced."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n causation The act of causing or producing; the principle of causality; the relation of cause to effect, or of effect to cause.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Causation the act of causing: the bringing about of an effect; the relation of cause and effect
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  • Citium Zeno
    Citium Zeno
    “Fate is the endless chain of causation, whereby things are; the reason or formula by which the world goes on.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. causa.


In literature:

Before we look further into the matter it is well to note some exceptional cases of the causation of laughter.
"More Science From an Easy Chair" by Sir E. Ray (Edwin Ray) Lankester
Other conditions, however, enter largely into the causation of stone, or gravel.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
He again stood face to face with the most momentous question ever propounded by a waiting world: the question of causation.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
Of this system the general formula is causation.
"A Modern Symposium" by G. Lowes Dickinson
The church of the land farmer corresponded by logical social causation to the social economy of this type.
"The Evolution of the Country Community" by Warren H. Wilson
The simplest of all structures for a narrative is a straightway arrangement of events along a single strand of causation.
"Materials and Methods of Fiction" by Clayton Hamilton
"Analysis of Mr. Mill's System of Logic" by William Stebbing
Yet such propositions of moral causation can be proved from experience with reasonable probability.
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" by William Minto
Act, culpability, causation, damage, were the elements.
"An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law" by Roscoe Pound
The causation of the sporadic form of cretinism is, however, obscure.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 6" by Various
Causation inhabits no more sublime level than anything else.
"Essays in Radical Empiricism" by William James
Hume would not sanction belief in causation as a universal law.
"Thomas Carlyle" by Hector Carsewell Macpherson
The philosophical problems connected with causation are both metaphysical and psychological.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5" by Various
And then the simple way was celebrated by causation and the charge was sweetening, that is to say there was a round mass.
"Geography and Plays" by Gertrude Stein
Its causation is probably complex.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 1" by Various
As for causation our temerity is not less surprising.
"The Will to Doubt" by Alfred H. Lloyd
Here we must observe that Descartes is playing fast and loose with the law of causation.
"History of Modern Philosophy" by Alfred William Benn
The principle of evolution also operates both in physical and mental actions, and is a result of that of causation.
"The Scientific Basis of National Progress" by George Gore
This is the main line of causation.
"The Value of Money" by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
In their precise tracings-out and subtile causations, the strongest and fieriest emotions of life defy all analytical insight.
"Pierre; or The Ambiguities" by Herman Melville

In poetry:

The beauteous earth, the glorious sun,
The calm sweet moon, the spangled sky,
Causation's law do make them run;
They live in bonds, in bonds they die.
"The Song Of The Free" by Swami Vivekananda

In news:

Why do people love to say that correlation does not imply causation .
Getting Causation Correct in the Riot Coverage.
When Correlation Is Not Causation , But Something Much More Screwy.
Correlation Is Not Causation .
Correlation, but Not Causation .
Gene's Causative Link to Alzheimer's Is Disputed.
It's that right-most rise that interests me—the explosion of correlations that don't imply causation in the 1990s and 2000s.
When Correlation Is Not Causation, But Something Much More Screwy.
Counsel says proximate causation proofs brought to arbitration key to win.
Medical Malpractice – Causation Experts – Numerical Limitation Upheld.
Despite common belief, Mycoplasma pneumoniae is an extremely rare causative agent for bullous myringitis .
In the paper, the authors note that such reverse causation is not likely for psychosis but ...
When Correlation Is Not Causation, But Something Much More Screwy .
Medical Malpractice – Causation – Speculative Evidence.
Negligence – Causation – Unforeseeable Injury.

In science:

But as we have already discussed in Section II, and as Bell was perfectly aware, a violation of Equation 10 does not necessarily indicate the presence of any nonlocal causation in the candidate theory in question.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
But that only matters if we drop what Bell calls “fundamental relativity” and instead read SR instrumentally, as prohibiting superluminal signalling but allowing in principle superluminal causation (so long as it can’t be harnessed by humans to transmit messages).
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
We have already argued that, if one follows Bell in requiring λ to constitute a complete state description, then a violation of Jarrett’s “completeness” can only be understood as indicating the presence of nonlocal causation.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
The correct conclusion is therefore as follows: a violation of Jarrett’s “completeness” condition (where we are openly agnostic about the completeness of the state description λ) means either that we have relativityviolating nonlocal causation, or that we were dealing with incomplete state descriptions.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
There will of course still be difficult questions about how to decide whether a given candidate theory is true, and hence whether the particular sort of non-local causation contained in it accurately describes some aspect of Nature.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
But the miracle of Bell’s argument is that we need not know which theory is true, in order to know that the true theory (whatever it turns out to be) will have to exhibit non-local, super-luminal causation.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
There is thus no escaping Bell’s conclusion that some sort of non-local causation (in violation of the structure displayed in Figure 1) exists in Nature – in apparent conflict with what most physicists take to be the requirements of SR.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
This model explicitly involves antirelativistic superluminal causation, so part of the model is that relativity is wrong and there exists some dynamically privileged reference frame which gives an unambiguous meaning to this “first” (and also to the “instantaneous” in the description of the tachyon signal). A.
Local Causality and Completeness: Bell vs. Jarrett
Thus the usual special relativistic arguments about superluminality in one frame implying backwards causation in another frame are applicable.
Empirical Equivalence, Artificial Gauge Freedom and a Generalized Kretschmann Objection
The second postulate deals with our ideas of causation, and establishes a relation between the time arrows of neighbouring geodesics.
Interpreting solutions with nontrivial Killing groups in general relativity
Causation, Prediction and Search, Second ed.
Identifying the consequences of dynamic treatment strategies: A decision-theoretic overview
One of the main problems relating to supervenience is the so-called ‘problem of mental causation’, the old problem which undermined the Cartesian conception of mind-body dualism.
Definability in the Real Universe
The most immediate ob jection to this approach is that it seeks to explain a vague concept – determinism – in terms of a truly obscure one – causation.
Definability in the Real Universe
As an illustration of the explanatory power of the model, we return to the problem of mental causation.
Definability in the Real Universe
Furthermore, as just mentioned, it seems possible that the agency responsible for mass and gravitation might also be playing a causative role in the stochastic process.
Could Planck level physics be driving classical macroscopic physics through a random walk?