• WordNet 3.6
    • v cater supply food ready to eat; for parties and banquets
    • v cater give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance "The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Cater A provider; a purveyor; a caterer.
    • Cater By extension: To supply what is needed or desired, at theatrical or musical entertainments; -- followed by for or to.
    • n Cater The four of cards or dice.
    • v. t Cater To cut diagonally.
    • Cater To provide food; to buy, procure, or prepare provisions. "He] providently caters for the sparrow."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n cater A caterer; a purveyor; an acater.
    • cater To make provision, as of food, entertainment, etc.; act as a purveyor: as, to cater to a depraved appetite.
    • n cater The four-spot of cards or dice.
    • cater To cut diagonally.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Cater kā′tėr to provide food, entertainment, &c. (with for)
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  • Edward Fischer
    Edward Fischer
    “If something is exceptionally well done it has embedded in it's very existence the aim of lifting the common denominator rather than catering to it.”
  • Epicurus
    “I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know.”
  • Colin Haycraft
    Colin Haycraft
    “A publisher is a specialized form of bank or building society, catering for customers who cannot cope with life and are therefore forced to write about it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. catour, purchaser, caterer, OF. acator, fr. acater, F. acheter, to buy, provide, fr. LL. accaptare,; L. ad, + captare to strive, to seize, intens, of capere, to take, seize. Cf. Acater Capacious
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Lit. to act as a cater, the word being orig. a substantive, and spelled catour, an aphetised form of acater, acatour. See Acater.


In literature:

Sycophancy was as acceptable as real regard, since each catered to his vanity.
"The Lady Doc" by Caroline Lockhart
Earth is a nice, comfortable planet, most of the time, but Antarctica just doesn't cater to Man at all.
"Unwise Child" by Gordon Randall Garrett
He was, in fact, the caterer.
"Godfrey Morgan" by Jules Verne
Malone, in the first car, wondered briefly about the kind of patients they catered to?
"That Sweet Little Old Lady" by Gordon Randall Garrett (AKA Mark Phillips)
He knew her independence of thought and action; it brooked no catering for favors.
"Flamsted quarries" by Mary E. Waller
He had a caterer and a great spread.
"Blue Bonnet in Boston" by Caroline E. Jacobs
He did not cater to the desires of his audience; he struck at the abuses most prevalent in the section where he spoke.
"History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)" by E. Benjamin Andrews
A steamer is generally prepared to cater for any number of people.
"The New Girl at St. Chad's" by Angela Brazil
Manufacturers cater to the whims and fancies of people and import to this country foreign styles.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
We have the opposite process in poulterer for Pointer (Chapter II), and caterer for Cator (Chapter III).
"The Romance of Names" by Ernest Weekley
Next year, he will probably be the subject of fierce rivalry among Coney Island caterers.
"Danger! A True History of a Great City's Wiles and Temptations" by William Howe
The difficulties of catering for a crowded convoy, with only a small galley, were considerable.
"In Mesopotamia" by Martin Swayne
The Boer refugees and the British are catered for by the same man at Port Elizabeth.
"The War in South Africa" by Arthur Conan Doyle
Everyone likes to mingle with his kind now and then; to some it is subjectively necessary to hire a caterer, to others peanuts suffice.
"Working With the Working Woman" by Cornelia Stratton Parker
Another woman has inherited a large catering business from her father.
"The Canadian Girl at Work" by Marjory MacMurchy
Thereafter my trade was catered for by the best of manufacturers.
"Twenty Years of Hus'ling" by J. P. Johnston
Some o' ye have catered excellently for our pastime.
"Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 2 (of 2)" by John Roby
But I was, it seems, fated to be my own caterer in this, as I had been in my first trial of the market.
"Memoirs Of Fanny Hill" by John Cleland
If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second, and the nation caters for both.
"Looking Backward" by Edward Bellamy
Next to fighting, your Indian likes eating; about one half of his time is employed in catering to the cravings of his stomach.
"Seven and Nine years Among the Camanches and Apaches" by Edwin Eastman

In poetry:

by deracination—grunge,
hip-hop, Chinese takeout,
co-ops—while the globe's
elixir caters, year by year,
to the resurgence of this
climbing tentpole, frilled and stippled
"A Catalpa Tree On West Twelfth Street" by Amy Clampitt

In news:

For 11 years, this family-run store has catered to uptowners with a taste for downtown style.
' Jerk-Off ' contest in Kalamazoo: Q-It-Up Catering to host cooking challenge at Island Festival.
Josh Mauser / Gary Cardenaz mans the grill at Q-It-Up Catering.
Q-It-Up Catering will host a new cooking contest at this weekend's Island Festival.
A Melrose Avenue mainstay for more than a decade, Jigsaw is a trendy fashion boutique catering to gals size 0 to 6.
Westchester's Top Caterers: Abigail Kirsch , Catering Relationships.
Often they cater to the most basic human need--hunger.
Fed up with generic, cheaply made dog gear, Eric Shannon and Andrew Strauss started San Francisco-based Oh My Dog Supplies with a simple business plan: Cater to dog owners who value craftsmanship.
Caters News Agency The unlucky little antelope didn't outrun the hungry lionesses - but somehow avoided ending up on the lunch menu.
As you please, a well-balanced smattering of standards and delicacies catering each week to a different discerning appetite.
New spaces catering to showbizzers include Nobu Hotel in Las Vegas, above, and Soleto, below in downtown L.A.
Nearly 80 percent of the corporate meetings business this year at The Pierre, a Taj Hotel, in New York City, has come from the financial services industry, according to Bill Spinner, director of catering at the hotel.
Funeral services will be held at 11 am Wednesday at the Cater Funeral Home, Moberly.
The Lycée Fall French Market at the Lycée Français de Chicago (aka the French International School) kicks off Friday night with a French Vietnamese preview party catered by Hai Yen.
The resort has separate pools catering to adults and families.

In science:

Clearly, to cater such requirement scenarios, building stand-alone KWSSes for different tasks may not be an acceptable approach of implementing KM initiative in the organization.
On challenges and opportunities of designing integrated IT platforms for supporting knowledge works in organizations
CH within their communication range. It also allows catering for the time varying nature of link reliability by reassessing it using data collected during normal operation of the network.
Acdmcp: An adaptive and completely distributed multi-hop clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks
Data Grid (Venugopal et al., 2006), or other variants. A CDN provider caters to a number of CDN users that we refer to as subscribers.
An Architectural Design for Brokered Collaborative Content Delivery System
The grant is intended to cater for all queued packets of non-backlogged flows and one “quantum” of bytes for each backlogged flow.
A Flow-aware MAC Protocol for a Passive Optical Metropolitan Area Network
It is relatively straightforward to generalise to I0 > 1, and our proofs cater to this.
Viral Processes by Random Walks on Random Regular Graphs
And with thousands of cores on a chip, fault tolerance needs to be supported to cater for failing cores and communication links [1, 45].
Extending and Implementing the Self-adaptive Virtual Processor for Distributed Memory Architectures
However, people may like to use a test specially catered for such a case such as, for instance, Hotelling’s test.
A two-sample test for high-dimensional data with applications to gene-set testing
The trail is a graph rather than a sequence since it may contain alternative sub -routes, for example to cater for different modes of transport or other user preferences.
Working Document on Gloss Ontology
Thus. neither SSA nor LDA may sufficiently cater for classification under non-stationarity in a unified manner.
Two Projection Pursuit Algorithms for Machine Learning under Non-Stationarity
Using sLDA we aim to choose a direction for classification using a trade off loss function based on the ratio used by LDA but catering for non-stationarity.
Two Projection Pursuit Algorithms for Machine Learning under Non-Stationarity
The WWW grows rapidly and caters to a diversified levels and categories of users. Web search engines helps in locating information content and normally provide thousands of results for a query.
Query sensitive comparative summarization of search results using concept based segmentation
Unfortunately, it cannot be directly extended to cater for conflicts: If we take ( p1 , p2 ) ∈ C to imply that p1 /∈ T ′ ∨ p2 /∈ T ′ , then we will disallow valid migrations, as conflicts affect just installations, not repositories.
Tackling the testing migration problem with SAT-Solvers
We leave Pu and Pv as before and define clauses that cater for trimmedness.
Tackling the testing migration problem with SAT-Solvers
This paper is the first step in developing a novel framework for group testing that caters to the unique needs of the emerging field of genotyping through high-throughput sequencing3 , as motivated below.
Semi-Quantitative Group Testing: a General Paradigm with Applications in Genotyping
Methods. 150, 192–201. Morrison, B.I., Cater, H.L., Wang, C.C., Thomas, F.C., Hung, C.T., Ateshian, G.A., Sundstrom, L.E., 2003. A tissue level tolerance criterion for living brain developed with an In Vitro model of traumatic mechanical loading.
Mechanical Characterization of Brain Tissue in Compression at Dynamic Strain Rates