• WordNet 3.6
    • v categorize place into or assign to a category "Children learn early on to categorize"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In December 1997, the state of Nevada (USA) became the first state to pass legislation categorizing Y2K data disasters as "acts of God"— protecting the state from lawsuits that may potentially be brought against it by residents in the year 2000.
    • v. t Categorize To insert in a category or list; to class; to catalogue.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • categorize To place in a category or list; classify.
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  • Ruth Hubbard
    Ruth Hubbard
    “Without words to objectify and categorize our sensations and place them in relation to one another, we cannot evolve a tradition of what is real in the world.”


In literature:

In fact, this was almost categorically the collective demand of the three Powers which reached Eden Vale the same day.
"Freeland" by Theodor Hertzka
We also understand that Belgium has categorically refused this as a flagrant violation of the law of nations.
"Why We Are At War (2nd Edition, revised)" by Members of the Oxford Faculty of Modern History
A plain categorical proposition is becoming less and less credible to average minds.
"On Compromise" by John Morley
These points are necessarily stated categorically, but every one can be proved, if proof is called for.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 458, October 11, 1884" by Various
A second categoric message from her husband was the response.
"Queen Hortense" by L. Mühlbach
A more determined objection to giving a categorical answer occurred, as I have been assured, in regard to a more profound question.
"Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character" by Edward Bannerman Ramsay
The President could not or would not reply categorically to the queries of the editor.
"Abraham Lincoln, Vol. II" by John T. Morse
And his questions were to the point, and irritatingly categorical.
"Evelyn Innes" by George Moore
But since you ask the question and require a categorical answer, I will make my confession.
"Don Orsino" by F. Marion Crawford
We declare categorically that every change has a cause which precedes it.
"History of Modern Philosophy" by Alfred William Benn

In news:

1987 116 minutes Rated R. Stanley Kubrick shares with Orson Welles and Carl Dreyer the role of the Great Confounder—remaining supremely himself while frustrating every attempt to anticipate his next move or to categorize it once it registers.
This multitalented pioneer of post-modern architecture was a designing woman who defied categorization in her native Italy and beyond.
Gallstones are categorized by their composition.
With the possible exception of Secret Beyond the Door (1947), The Blue Gardenia (1953) is the only Fritz Lang movie that could be categorized as a women's picture.
LONDON — Political bias often leads to absurd categorization.
I was offended by Martin Fey's Sept 29 column regarding " handouts ," categorizing Social Security as an entitlement.
He stories in " Hardwater Country" are not easy to categorize.
Thirteen of those were categorized as extremely cold hardy , showing low levels of tissue browning (likely ­survivability) following exposure to -40°F.
But improvisers this gifted aren't so easily categorized.
'He categorically and emphatically denied that he had participation or role in that shooting'.
In the way popular culture and politics usually likes to categorize things, there seems to be a "war on everything" during this political season.
Language Log discussions of what is categorized there as "prescriptive poppycock" often refer to zombie rules: Though dead, they shamble mindlessly on.
Categorizing and Contextualizing Locative Media.
Austin Mahone , the YouTube star often categorized as a mini Justin Bieber with shades of Ryan Lochte swag to spare, is getting a big boost in 2013 thanks to the always generous Taylor Swift.
Cara Hoffman has written an intriguing, tangled puzzle of a novel that defies categorization, and the excitement surrounding it is contagious.

In science:

Within the context of this information statement of the second law, we can categorize challenges to the law as follows: Class I: Challenges that are true violations of the deep physics of the second law, because they actually recover lost classical information.
The Deep Physics Behind the Second Law: Information and Energy As Independent Forms of Bookkeeping
Finally, attempting to categorize second law challenges as Class I or Class II might provide a useful structure in which to analyze them.
The Deep Physics Behind the Second Law: Information and Energy As Independent Forms of Bookkeeping
We define a knot invariant and a 2-knot invariant from any finite categorical group.
Categorical Groups, Knots and Knotted Surfaces
In [Y], David Yetter defines an invariant of piecewise linear manifolds from any finite categorical group, or, what is the same, from any finite crossed module G = (G, E , ∂ , ⊲), see [BM] or [BS].
Categorical Groups, Knots and Knotted Surfaces
Another possible direction could be trying to define what a categorical quandle is.
Categorical Groups, Knots and Knotted Surfaces