• WordNet 3.6
    • n caraway leaves used sparingly in soups and stews
    • n caraway a Eurasian plant with small white flowers yielding caraway seed
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Caraway (Bot) A biennial plant of the Parsley family (Carum Carui). The seeds have an aromatic smell, and a warm, pungent taste. They are used in cookery and confectionery, and also in medicine as a carminative.
    • Caraway A cake or sweetmeat containing caraway seeds. "Caraways , or biscuits, or some other [comfits]."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n caraway A biennial plant, Carum Carui, of the natural order Umbelliferœ, with a tapering root like a parsnip, which when young is used as food, but has a very strong flavor. It is a native of Europe and Asia, and is frequently cultivated for its fruit, or so-called seeds, which have an aromatic smell and a warm pungent taste. They are used as a carminative in medicine, and for flavoring cakes, etc., and a volatile oil is obtained from them by distillation.
    • n caraway The Nigella sativa or black caraway, a ranunculaceous plant of southern Europe, the seeds of which are aromatic and used for the same purposes as common caraway.
    • n caraway Collectively, the seeds of the caraway.
    • n caraway A kind of sweet cake or comfit containing caraway-seeds.
    • n caraway A kind of apple.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Caraway kar′a-wā a plant with aromatic seeds, used as a tonic and condiment
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. carvi,cf. Sp. carvi, and al-caravea, al-carahueya, Pg. al-caravia,) fr. Ar. karawīā, karwīā, fr. Gr. ka`ron; cf. L. careum,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Prob. through Sp. from Ar. karwiyā; cf. Gr. karon.


In literature:

A cup and a half of granulated sugar, a cup and a half of butter, four eggs, one tablespoonful of caraway seed and flour to roll.
"The Golden Age Cook Book" by Henrietta Latham Dwight
Take it from the fire when melted, and when it is just lukewarm, add enough of the oil of caraway to scent it.
"The American Housewife" by Anonymous
An ounce of caraway-seeds added to the above, will make what is termed a rich seed cake.
"The Cook's Oracle; and Housekeeper's Manual" by William Kitchiner
Then mix in five ounces of caraway comfits, and put some on them.
"The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches," by Mary Eaton
Take flour, butter, and sugar, of each a quarter of a pound, four eggs, and a few caraway seeds.
"The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory;" by Charlotte Campbell Bury
Please make us some caraway cookies if not too much trouble.
"Cloudy Jewel" by Grace Livingston Hill
Reforms, too, had been made in the food, and the bread was no longer disfigured by caraway seeds.
"The Benefactress" by Elizabeth Beauchamp
Powdered caraways Three to twelve grains.
"The Dog" by Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson
Find me a caraway, and don't bungle.
"Anne" by Constance Fenimore Woolson
From a German bake shop get the bread, either "Kummel," (which is rye with caraway seeds), or Pumpernickel.
"Suppers" by Paul Pierce
It is not likely that a stately young gentleman like yourself lives only on caraway-soup!
"Told by the Death's Head" by Mór Jókai
The raising of caraway, coriander, and teazel is almost peculiar to this county.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
Her passion for caraway seeds, for instance, was uncontrollable.
"Queen Victoria" by Lytton Strachey
A teaspoonful of caraway seed is sometimes added to Rye Muffins.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book" by Myrtle Reed
Powdered caraway seeds, 1 ounce.
"The American Reformed Cattle Doctor" by George Dadd
We ate caraway-seed bread for supper and caraway-seed bread for breakfast.
"Norway" by Beatrix Jungman
Caraway is shown on page 342.
"Old-Time Gardens" by Alice Morse Earle
Caraway-seeds, as a tonic, are beneficial, if added to plenty of barley, boiled potatoes, chopped vegetables, and refuse meat.
"Sheep, Swine, and Poultry" by Robert Jennings
Serve plain; or mixed with salt, pepper, chopped chives, and caraway seeds.
"The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book" by Victor Hirtzler
This is a part skim cheese heavily spiced with caraway seed.
"The Book of Cheese" by Charles Thom and Walter Warner Fisk

In poetry:

C was a cool Chimpanzee,
Who went to an afternoon tea.
When they said, "Will you take
A caraway cake?"
He greedily took twenty-three!
"An Alphabet Zoo" by Carolyn Wells
"And of course, though the weather is warm,
It may be there'll come up a storm;
An umbrella I'll make
Of a caraway cake,
It'll match with my whole uniform.
"The Erratic Rat" by Carolyn Wells
Because we felt there could not be
A mowing in reality
So white and feathery-blown and gay
With blossoms of wild caraway,
I said to Celia, "Let us trace
The secret of this pleasant place!"
"God's Acre" by Witter Bynner
The spare-room windows wide were raised,
And you could look that summer day
On pastures green, and sunny hills,
And low rills wandering away.
Near by, the square front yard was sweet
With rose and caraway.
"The Deacon's Daughter" by Marietta Holley

In news:

Ralph was born Jan 5, 1925 in Caraway, Ark.
Kenneth Wayne Luff , 63, of Jonesboro, formerly of Caraway, departed this life Wednesday, April 27, 2011, at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital.
Born at Cord, she lived in Caraway before moving to Jonesboro in 1940.
Caraway Council reappoints park commissioner .
The Caraway City Council met in short session on Thursday evening.
The Caraway council met on Thursday evening, Sept 13, and worked through a short agenda consisting of a committee resignation, two appointments, and rural water rate discussion.
Pearly Johnson, 84, formerly of Caraway died Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009.
She was a homemaker and a member of the Caraway Church of Christ.
This Moroccan-style pilaf is loaded with vegetables and gets its complex flavor from cumin, caraway and almonds.
His are smokey and melty with hints of caraway and marjoram and soaked in the Haus pilsner .
She was a retired beauty operator and member of Caraway Church of Christ.
She had lived in Popular Bluff two years, formerly of Caraway.
Women's professional basketball traces origins to Caraway.
I spent the day on Saturday in Caraway for their 64th annual picnic.
Alton " Runt " Drummond, 58, of Caraway, died Friday, Jan 11, 2002, at his home.