car tire


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n car tire a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel
    • ***


In literature:

The soldiers disposed themselves about the cars in such positions as were possible and slept the tired sleep of overworked humanity.
"Boy Scouts Mysterious Signal" by G. Harvey Ralphson
It's a long walk from the University to the cars and I'm tired of Red Cross, anyway.
"Judy of York Hill" by Ethel Hume Patterson Bennett
The car hummed toward it, tires singing.
"Space Platform" by Murray Leinster
It did not take Uncle Toby long to jack up the car, take off the tire, put in a new tube, and be ready to start again.
"The Curlytops and Their Playmates" by Howard R. Garis
When tired of walking they boarded a car; and when tired of riding, they got off and walked.
"The Sunbridge Girls at Six Star Ranch" by Eleanor H. (Eleanor Hodgman) Porter
There was the black car, bumping along with one flat tire.
"The Girl and The Bill" by Bannister Merwin
Pneumatic tires were used on the Paris-Bordeaux race in 1895, but solid tires were used on the winning cars in 1894, 1895, and 1896.
"The Automobilist Abroad" by M. F. (Milburg Francisco) Mansfield
Are you sure you're not too tired to handle your car?
"The Boy Scout Automobilists" by Robert Maitland
I stood waitin' for the six o'clock car an', my grief, I was tired.
"Friendship Village" by Zona Gale
He followed us into the car and we all sprawled down into seats, because we were good and tired.
"Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels" by Percy Keese Fitzhugh

In poetry:

From ceiled rooms, from silent books,
From crowded car and town,
Dear Mother Earth, upon thy lap,
We lay our tired heads down.
"June On The Merrimac" by John Greenleaf Whittier
While the tired Dog Watch hailed the sea-merged Star
I heard the Voice of Travellers from Afar
Making Lament with many an Ivory Yawn,
"There's Comfort only in the Smoking Car!"
"The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám Jr." by Wallace Irwin

In news:

If you've noticed new buildings going up on South Neil Street in Champaign just north of Car-X Tire and Auto Service, you've seen the first vestiges of SARUS Galleria .
The Newstalk 870-Perfection Tire-Camp Patriot demo derby car made it's inagural appearance at the Benton Franklin Fair Parade Saturday morning in Downtown Kennewick.
When cars move along Hessler, there is a soft sound coming from beneath the rubber tires.
The revolutionary race car was designed to perform like a contemporary sports prototype while cutting weight, fuel consumption and tire use by half.
Blown tire causes 5-car pileup in Montville.
A blown tire caused a multiple-car pileup on I-395 Friday, police said in a release Sunday.
She can put rims and tires on a car, balance them out and even change a car's oil.
The front tire of the patrol car was almost ripped off.
The officer had responded to an incident in that area and when he returned to the car two tires had been gashed.
These high-quality race car pictures are so real that you can practically read the model number of the racing tires and see your reflection in the paint.
They are a pox on the landscape, along with junk cars, orchid-colored frozen custard stands, billboards and gigantic rubber tires in front yards, with pink petunias planted in the middle.
How many times have you had a flat tire on your car, bike, scooter, wheelbarrow, literally on any tire.
The front right tire on my car has been nearly flat for going on a year now.
More cars come with the option of low- profile tires.
Nearly every new car seems to offer low- profile tires.

In science:

One observation is that the wheels of a moving car have a simple characteristic appearance - a dark outer ring corresponding to the tire, along with the off-white circle of the hubcap at the center.
Compression Rate Method for Empirical Science and Application to Computer Vision
His intentions were motivated by the idea, that a ma jor cause for the Great Depression in the 1930’s were consumers’ habit of “using their old cars, their old tires, their old radios and their old clothing much longer than statisticians had expected” .
Modern consumerism and the waste problem