cancel out


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v cancel out wipe out the effect of something "The new tax effectively cancels out my raise","The `A' will cancel out the `C' on your record"
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  • Winston Churchill
    “We have a lot of anxieties, and one cancels out another very often.”


In literature:

They cancel out, so to speak.
"The Wisdom of Father Brown" by G. K. Chesterton
She was looking out over the sea, her bank-book and statements and canceled checks in her lap.
"The Price She Paid" by David Graham Phillips
Week in, week out, you saw cancelled either's every momentary advantage.
"Seven Men" by Max Beerbohm
His appointment as Chief Justice was cancelled, and another judge was sent out to West Africa in his stead.
"The Story of the Upper Canada Rebellion, Volume 1" by John Charles Dent
The Brigade had another alarm next day, but it was quickly cancelled; and after that we were not called out again.
"Q.6.a and Other places" by Francis Buckley
She had sent out her invitations for the season, and did not cancel them.
"The Immortal" by Alphonse Daudet
To "pay out" seemed the surest way, and at length, from her wages of shame, she was able to cancel the $600 account.
"Fighting the Traffic in Young Girls" by Various
Those are precisely the elements, however, that may be canceled out of the social problem.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
We've had opportunities before when we could have let two systems cancel each other out.
"Decision" by Frank M. Robinson
Since the moment when the Delands rang up to cancel his engagement to dine he seemed to have stepped out of the old world into a new.
"The Phantom Lover" by Ruby M. Ayres

In poetry:

Out of thy way remove the lets,
Cleanse this polluted den;
Tender my suits, cancel my debts:
Sweet Jesus, say Amen.
"The Believer's Soliloquy; Especially in Times of Desertion, Temptation, Affliction, &c." by Ralph Erskine
Æonian music measuring out
The steps of Time—the shocks of Chance—
The blows of Death. At length my trance
Was cancell'd, stricken thro' with doubt.
"In Memoriam A. H. H.: 95" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In news:

NHLers skating at the MTS Iceplex didn't lash out at Thursday's cancellation of the first two weeks of the regular season.
Not only did they find out those scores are canceled, but they also have only been given four days to study for the new test.
He was in town to run in the marathon but because it was canceled, he did what he could to help out.
If you judge your replacement pickups by the specs, throw any preconceptions out the window where Lindy Fralin's Hum-Cancelling P-90s ($130 each) are concerned.
The league wiped out all games through Dec 30 in its latest round of cancellations.
The National Hockey League canceled more games on Monday due to a labor dispute that has wiped out the season so far.
National Hockey League (NHL) canceled another two weeks of the regular season on Monday, wiping out all games through Dec 30 due to a labor dispute with locked-out players that threatens to wipe out the entire campaign.
This is a logical fallacy, assuming that if a wrong is committed, another wrong will cancel it out.
NATO is calling on North Korea to cancel plans for a second rocket launch before the year is out.
Anybody surprised that WVU canceled its upcoming football series with Florida State instead of buying out a game against Marshall.
On Sunday, seven flights out of Myrtle Beach were delayed and four were canceled because of the snow.
The large snowstorm ripping through the Northeast has led to the cancellation of several flights out of Myrtle Beach International Airport.
So Katt Williams was a no-show tonight at the Sprint Center, where the cancellation notice went out 15 minutes before he was scheduled to perform at 8 p.m.Man, we should have put money on that.
If you cannot have enough editorial fortitude to keep this kind of divisive tripe out of your newspaper then I think it is time to cancel my subscription.
An opt -in program implies that you can cancel the service, or " opt -out".

In science:

The integrand in the second term of Eq. (6) has two poles at λ = ±ζ τ i/2, hence it will generate a term which precisely cancels out the first term in this equation.
Force-Induced Melting and Thermal Melting of a Double-Stranded Biopolymer
This clearly gives a pairing of walks, and since rαi ,k has sign −1, these two walks cancel out in (5).
Random Walk in an Alcove of an Affine Weyl Group, and Non-Colliding Random Walks on an Interval
Thus, if k is odd and λ − η is an integer, or k is even and λ − η is a half-integer, the terms from r = 2m to 4m − 1 cancel out the terms from r = 0 to 2m − 1, so the total sum is zero, which is correct because parity makes such a walk impossible.
Random Walk in an Alcove of an Affine Weyl Group, and Non-Colliding Random Walks on an Interval
Thus the paired walk is still counted in (27), and these walks cancel out.
Random Walk in an Alcove of an Affine Weyl Group, and Non-Colliding Random Walks on an Interval
The only walks which do not cancel out are those which have no collisions, and the only walks which have no collisions and are counted are those in which the particles end in the correct positions.
Random Walk in an Alcove of an Affine Weyl Group, and Non-Colliding Random Walks on an Interval