• WordNet 3.6
    • n calorimetry measurement of quantities of heat
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Calorimetry (Physics) Measurement of the quantities of heat in bodies.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n calorimetry The measurement of the quantity of heat in thermal units (see thermal and calory) which a body absorbs or gives out in passing through a certain range of temperature, or in changing its state (as in fusion or vaporization), or the heat which is produced by chemical combination; the art or process of using the calorimeter.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Calorimetry the art or process of measuring heat
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. calorique, formed by Lavoisier from L. calor, heat.


In news:

ChipCAL's microliter flow calorimetry also allows noncontact, label-free sample monitoring.
7th Laehnwitzseminar on Calorimetry to be Held in July.
New Test Method for Standard Test Method for Oxidation Induction Time of Natural Ester Insulating Fluids by Pressure (PDSC) or Regular Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC).

In science:

While the MTest facility has a large variety of user installation areas, and a crane to support them, the MCenter facility is tighter, but has two spectrometer magnets that could be used for a variety of calorimetry studies.
Summary of the Linear Collider Testbeam Workshop 2009 - LCTW09
The results for simulated particles and for beam data are in good agreement thereby providing support for previous simulation studies of the power of Particle Flow Calorimetry at a future lepton collider.
Tests of a particle flow algorithm with CALICE test beam data
The most important question is whether the measurement can be made with calorimetry alone or if tracking is required.
AnDY : Overview and Plans Feasibility Test of Large Rapidity Drell-Yan Production at RHIC
Introduction: Particle Flow Calorimetry At a future lepton collider, such as the ILC or CLIC , the measurement of hadronic jets will play an important role in discovering or exploring physics beyond the current Standard Model of Particle Physics.
Development of Particle Flow Calorimetry
So, for instance the digital hadron calorimeter prototype (DHCAL) contains close to half a million readout channels, a world record in calorimetry and more than the sum of all readout channels of the four LHC calorimeters.
Development of Particle Flow Calorimetry
Again, this shows the extraordinary power of imaging calorimetry.
Development of Particle Flow Calorimetry
Thomson, Particle flow calorimetry and PandoraPFA algorithm, Nucl.
Development of Particle Flow Calorimetry
The design uses calorimetry to measure energies and tracking to gather kinematical information about the individual electrons.
Recent Progress in Double Beta Decay
The combined tracking-calorimetry technique used in NEMO-3 is a very powerfull technique to identify the origin of the different components of background and to measure the level.
Review of double beta experiments
The SuperNEMO experiment is based on an extension and an improvment of the experimental technique used in the NEMO-3 detector, by combining calorimetry and tracking.
Review of double beta experiments
The same array of PMT’s used for t0 measurement is also used for accurate calorimetry. A coating on the inner surface of the vessel improves the light collection.
Review of double beta experiments
Only 1 plane of PMT’s located in the cathode has been used for calorimetry.
Review of double beta experiments
PHENIX Upgrades As discussed above, the sPHENIX proposal in Ref. includes a solenoid and electromagnetic and hadronic calorimetry.
The Physics of sPHENIX
Sadat, S. et al. Room temperature picowatt-resolution calorimetry. Applied Physics Letters 99, 043106 (2011).
Nanoscale Heat Transfer: from Computation to Experiment
High pressure gas ionization calorimetry looks very promizing for VLHC applications, its radiation hardness is very good.
Summary of the Very Large Hadron Collider Physics and Detector Subgroup