• WordNet 3.6
    • n bystander a nonparticipant spectator
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Bystander One who stands near; a spectator; one who has no concern with the business transacting. "He addressed the bystanders and scattered pamphlets among them."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n bystander One who stands near; a spectator; a chance looker-on; hence, one who has no concern with the business being transacted.
    • n bystander One of the highest order of penitents in the discipline of the early church. See consistentes.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Bystander one who stands by or near one—hence a looker-on
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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Beauty is the mark God sets on virtue. Every natural action is graceful; every heroic act is also decent, and causes the place and the bystanders to shine.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “The torments of martyrdom are probably most keenly felt by the bystanders.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
By, + stander, equiv. to stander-by,; cf. AS. big-standan, to stand by or near
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. bi, big; Ger. bei, L. ambi.


In literature:

Jim caught a grin on the faces of the sergeant and some of the other bystanders, and setting his teeth he held on grimly.
"The Empire Annual for Girls, 1911" by Various
Bystander, Graphic Buildings, Whitefriars, London, E.C.4.
"The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" by Various
Having broken her wings by the blow, she fell to the ground, and was caught by one of the bystanders.
"Aesop's Fables" by Aesop
In fact, a calm bystander would reason with both on the assumption of moral necessity.
"Hume" by T.H. Huxley
Bystanders screamed so efficiently that their shrill tumult drowned the wail of overtaxed brakedrums.
"Winner Take All" by Larry Evans
According to the old proverb, the bystander sees more of the game than those who share too closely in its passions.
"The Uncollected Writings of Thomas de Quincey--Vol. 1" by Thomas de Quincey
Then would follow a long-drawn cry, scarcely audible amidst peals of laughter from the bystanders.
"History of English Humour, Vol. 2 (of 2)" by Alfred Guy Kingan L'Estrange
The bystanders swung up to their horses' backs.
"The Short Cut" by Jackson Gregory
On emerging he has to sprinkle the bystanders.
"Christmas in Ritual and Tradition, Christian and Pagan" by Clement A. Miles
Carts stopped to see the row, and all the bystanders joined in with their voices, with much earnestness.
"An Australian in China" by George Ernest Morrison

In poetry:

He handed his life a poisoned draught,
With a scornful smile and a cold, cold glance,
And the merry bystanders loudly laughed
(For the rollicking world was gay!).
"A Youth's Suicide" by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
And each bystander of them all
Could criticize, and quote tradition
How depths of blue sublimed some pall
—-To get which, pricked a king's ambition
Worth sceptre, crown and ball.
"Popularity" by Robert Browning
"Bystanders reason, think of wives
And children ere they risk their lives.
Over the balustrade has bounced
A mere instinctive dog, and pounced
Plumb on the prize. 'How well he dives!
"Tray" by Robert Browning
Old Billy shot once and he knocked Johnny dead
Then he deemized plum sudden the bystanders said.
And the fellers all won that had bet on a draw
Between Pan Handle Johnny and Billy McGraw.
"The Duel" by Bruce Kiskaddon

In news:

Officer, bystanders lift car to save mom and child.
MONTEREY PARK, Calif (AP) — A man who was killed in a gunfight with Monterey Park police, wounding an officer and two bystanders, has been identified.
They say he was helping a young woman trapped in her car when bystanders pulled over to help .
But no one talks about the plight of the poor bystanders.
Comedy Improv enlisted 100?s of volunteers to don their glamour gowns at Coney Island Beach, not to look glamorous, but to play in the surf, sand and amaze bystanders.
Man fired shots at bystanders, into air to impress pregnant girlfriend.
One man pulled out a gun and shot the other injuring three bystanders in the process.
Also in Diyala, a roadside bomb targeted a passing police patrol in the town of Khan Bani Saad, killing a civilian bystander and wounding two policemen, the officer said.
Steve Batliner attaches the little figure to the tails of his larger kites to entertain bystanders.
Shootout between Baghdad-run security forces, Iraqi Kurdish guards kills 1 civilian bystander.
People are rushed to the hospital and bystanders are in shock.
Bystanders react as emergency personnel work the scene where a trailer carrying wounded veterans in a parade was struck by a train Thursday in Midland, Texas.
Tappe owes her life to bystanders' willingness to offer help.
The primary reason most stroke victims receive inadequate immediate treatment is the inability of the sufferer or bystanders to recognize the symptoms of a stroke in progress.
Bystanders rescue woman who fell on MBTA tracks.

In science:

Given a set of items A, let R be the relevant items, and let G be the bystander items.
On the critical exponents of random k-SAT
Thus partially-free is in fact a valid bystander rule.
On the critical exponents of random k-SAT
For the q -core and q -colorability, we also use the “partially-free” bystander rule, which in the context of graphs (and hypergraphs) declares an edge to be a bystander if one of its endpoints has degree 1.
On the critical exponents of random k-SAT
It is simple to check that partially-free is a valid bystander rule for these properties.
On the critical exponents of random k-SAT
Remark: We could in principle use instead other bystander rules.
On the critical exponents of random k-SAT