• WordNet 3.6
    • v bushwhack wait in hiding to attack
    • v bushwhack cut one's way through the woods or bush
    • v bushwhack live in the bush as a fugitive or as a guerilla
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • bushwhack To act in the manner of a bushwhacker: sojourn in or beat about the bush
    • bushwhack engage in guerrilla warfare and fire from behind the bushes.
    • bushwhack To cut bushes with a bushwhacker.
    • bushwhack To hunt clucks by approaching them in a boat which has a screen around it to conceal the occupants.
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In literature:

But here I was disarmed, and after an hour's march seated among them bushwhacking in an old cabin on a hillside.
"Duffels" by Edward Eggleston
But they won't be suspecting a kid in old fisherman's duds, and I can do some bushwhacking, I guess.
"Radio Boys Loyalty" by Wayne Whipple
Bushwhackers lined the route to Cumberland Gap and it was not safe to get away from the main road.
"A History of Lumsden's Battery, C.S.A." by George Little
An' you never n-noticed a guy who was aimin' to bushwhack another from the brush go to clearin' off the sage first.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
He is the fellow to cripple these saucy, French bushwhackers of the sea.
"Famous Privateersmen and Adventurers of the Sea" by Charles H. L. Johnston
About one o'clock they concluded they had out-generaled the bushwhackers and their hounds.
"Sword and Pen" by John Algernon Owens
That means the troops from Lorient, and a wretched lot of bushwhacking and guerrilla work.
"The Maids of Paradise" by Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers
As guerillas and their brethren, the bushwhackers, infest the country more or less, picketing is dangerous as well as difficult.
"Three Years in the Federal Cavalry" by Willard Glazier
Bushwhackers followed, cutting away windfall and throwing logs into sloughs.
"The Cariboo Trail" by Agnes C. Laut
There were "Union bushwhackers" and "Southern bushwhackers;" in Kentucky, the former were more numerous.
"History of Morgan's Cavalry" by Basil W. Duke

In news:

A bushwhacking biologist unearths six-legged vampires, cannibals, and silk weavers in his quest to bring every ant on the planet into your home.
Bainbridge blotter Intoxicated bushwhacker .
Rocheport prisoners vow to help drive out bushwhackers.
JEFFERSON CITY — Fifteen Rocheport residents arrested two weeks earlier pledged to return home and remain peaceful, except to drive out bushwhackers in the area led by Capt.
Bret Bolton (left) and Donny Hutchinson were the daring bushwhack paddlers who inspired this story.
From May's Mix Magazine: Bushwhacker Cider, the only all-cider taphouse in the U.S. Top five great cider words.
You begin to ponder the entanglement between identity and fawned-over fuzz, and digress: To what extent would these men be severing their sense of self if they bushwhacked their whiskers .
Federal troops thwart bushwhackers at Keene home.
The Bushwhacker's Guide to Exploring Dallas.
I was bushwhacked the other day at the home center.