burst in on


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v burst in on spring suddenly "He burst upon our conversation"
    • ***


In literature:

The door of the house flew open, and a man with a gun in his hand burst out on the porch.
"The Boy Ranchers on Roaring River" by Willard F. Baker
If it bursts up in the air the stope roof'll be down on us.
"The La Chance Mine Mystery" by Susan Carleton Jones
On bursting open the door, they saw her body swinging from a beam in the dim recesses of the cave.
"The Fulfilment of a Dream of Pastor Hsi's" by A. Mildred Cable
What roar of rampant tumult bursts in clangour on the coast?
"The Children's Garland from the Best Poets" by Various
In a moment she burst into sobs and collapsed on the sofa.
"A Royal Prisoner" by Pierre Souvestre
Back came half a dozen German forty pounder shells bursting in the field on my right.
"The Red Watch" by J. A. Currie
These elements would soon burst in fury on the land.
"Cotton is King and The Pro-Slavery Arguments" by Various
As soon as it was on deck, out in the air, it burst into flames.
"The Sandman: His Sea Stories" by William J. Hopkins
There was a burst of merriment at that tremendous threat, and the young hero was lifted on some one's shoulder, and borne along in triumph.
"Harper's Young People, July 13, 1880" by Various
Then Aura burst in, breathless, pale, with her hair flying and on her face and in her eyes a terror so incongruous that Lee's heart went cold.
"The World Beyond" by Raymond King Cummings

In poetry:

He drank it. Bleeding on the tree,
He faintly cried, "I thirst."
Then rose his heart, O God, to thee,
In fervent prayer,—and burst.
"Hymns for Communion III" by John Pierpont
A sudden flash… a bursting shot…
A bullet pierce through temples gray…
And on the ground in wreaths of smoke
Haji-Iusub lifeless lay.
"Gamzrdeli" by Akaki Tsereteli
Think not Envy, Hatred, Malice
Seethe alone in town and palace;
For on Eden first,
Pour'd from evil's caldron-chalice,
Those hot geysers burst.
"Country Life" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Turning his bridle, Robert Lee
Rode to the rear. Like waves of the sea,
Bursting their dikes in their overflow,
Madly his veterans dashed on the foe.
"Lee To The Rear" by John Reuben Thompson
Wonder, oh, wonder!
How the life-thunder
Bursts on his ear in horror and dread!
Happy shapes meet him;
Heaven and earth greet him:
Life from the dead!
"Awake!" by George MacDonald
Up on the theory of flight.
Dear God of the wildness of poetry, let them mate
To the death in the rotten branches,
Let the tree sway and burst into flame
"For The Last Wolverine" by James Dickey

In news:

Thinking that perhaps this was a sign of the apocalypse—my son cleaning his room without major nagging on my part—I burst in there and caught him with his pants down and the hose attachment attached to his, well, you know.
In his long-awaited NFL debut, LaMichael James didn't have butterflies but he did have plenty of burst after sitting on the sideline for the season's first 13 weeks.
Australian Renee Nicholls, a woman who burst onto the Ironman scene at the 2009 Ironman World Championship, passed away yesterday morning in Australia after sustaining injuries from a bike accident on Friday.
As you heard on this morning's show, my lawnmower burst into flames yesterday while I was in the middle of mowing my lawn.
There's a wonderful moment in " Monte Carlo " when night is falling and fireworks are bursting and love is in the air, and somewhere in the distance the sound of Louis Armstrong singing "La Vie en Rose" begins wafting on the soundtrack.
Five people were shot dead in the Northern Mexican City of Monterrey on Monday as local media reported that an armed group of men burst into the home of two of the victims looking for marijuana.
She was a passenger in the van that hit a tree and burst into flames on Watts mill Road in Jessamine County.
On one hand, a few naps scattered throughout the day like tiny, peaceful oases can be the only bursts of quiet or concentration in a worn-out parent's day.
Two men and a child were killed, and at least ten other people hurt, when several big rigs collided and burst into flames in a tunnel on Interstate Five south of Santa Clarita.
The "30 Rock" star burst into the Toys in Babeland sex shop on Mercer Street.
Ortiz, infamously, made an issue of the decision the day after when he burst in on Terry Francona's pregame press conference and started dropping f-bombs like it was a David Mamet play.
In Lindenhurst burst water main on Montauk Highway/Rt-27a WB before Wellwood Ave. 39 m ago In Valley Stream accident.
A pipe in a fire suppression sprinkler system at 54 Main Street burst on the evening of January 2, flooding the Simon Gallery and Louisa Gould Gallery on the first floor with a few inches of water.
On June 15, 2003 in the early hours of the morning Da'Shawne Jones was changing her niece's diaper when her home burst into flames.
Sharon Van Etten's in-your-face songwriting has severed all ties with folk music on her third album, an edgy and moody burst of guitar rock.

In science:

The results obtained in the part based on K-S tests of 10,000 resampled sets of median lags (Bootstrap method), however, indicate that it is not entirely sure that the intermediate bursts have the same lag distribution as the short bursts do and that its distribution differ from that of the long bursts.
Statistical Analysis of the Observable Data of Gamma-Ray Bursts
Section 6 focused on the cosmological effects on the observed flux and fluence distributions of GRBs and tried to answer the question if the most distant bursts are, in general, the faintest ones.
Statistical Analysis of the Observable Data of Gamma-Ray Bursts
I dedicate this talk to John Archibald Wheeler recalling some crucial moments in our collaboration and focusing on two of the most energetic and transient phenomena in the universe: supernovae (SNe) and gamma-ray bursts (GRBs).
Fundamental physics from black holes, neutron stars and gamma-ray bursts
Reply to Comment on “The origin of bursts and heavy tails in human dynamics”.
Editorial process in scientific journals: analysis and modeling
We found that in 17 of the PRE bursts, after the touchdown point, the blackbody radius increases again quickly after about 1 second, and from then on the radius decreases slightly or it remains more or less constant.
Coherent oscillations and the evolution of the emission area in the decaying phase of radius-expansion bursts from 4U 1636-53