• WordNet 3.6
    • n buckyball a spheroidal fullerene; the first known example of a fullerene
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In news:

Carbon Buckyball Solar Panels Absorb More Light.
While BuckyBalls may look like a kid's toy, they are definitely not for young children.
KPTV in Oregon reported the 3-year-old Payton Bushnell swallowed 37 Buckyballs that made the toddler feel so sick, her family thought she had a stomach flu.
Understanding the formation processes behind buckyballs -- and stacked solid particles of buckyballs -- may be critical for us to understand how life (which is carbon-based) may have started.
Buckyballs are hugely popular and superaddictive shape-changing magnetic beads.
The molecule, popularly called a "buckyball," takes the form of a truncated icosahedron.
Magnetic Buckyballs toys discontinued.
The magnet toy maker said Buckyballs and cubes had all the appropriate legal warnings.
But after a quiet adolescence, scientists say the buckyball is on the verge of fulfilling some of its early promises.
Nicholas D'Amato's Royal Society Nullius In Verba Buckyball Records.
Maxfield & Oberton, manufacturers of Buckyballs and Buckycubes, have decided to discontinue the controversial desk toys.
The company will discontinue Buckyballs and Buckycubes but continue to sell sets on its website until all products are sold out, according to the spokesman.
Magnetic Buckyballs discontinued over safety concerns.
Nanny state's war on Buckyballs shows its disdain for rights, jobs.
Buckyballs, PCB scavengers and hypocrisy .

In science:

The pure element carbon forms not only graphite and diamond but a soccer-ball shaped molecule containing 60 atoms called buckminster-fullerene or buckyball.
Route to Room-Temperature Superconductivity from a Practical Point of View
It is noteworthy that isotropic sets on the unit sphere exist that are none of the Platonic solids, e.g., the 64-vertex polyhedron defined by the molecule of the buckminsterfullerene, popularly known as the Buckyball.
The Computation of All 4R Serial Spherical Wrists With an Isotropic Architecture
For example, Barton has recently exhibited a Buckyball model of a conducting spherical shell that possesses various large energy contributions referring to the material properties of the shell, but which nevertheless possesses a unique, if subdominant, Boyer term of order 1/a .
Casimir Energies and Pressures for $\delta$-function Potentials
Very recently, similar multifragmentation events have also been observed in the disintegration of C60 -fullerenes (‘buckyballs’) after bombardment with highenergy heavy ions .
Temperatures of Fragment Kinetic Energy Spectra