• WordNet 3.6
    • adj briny slightly salty (especially from containing a mixture of seawater and fresh water) "a brackish lagoon","the briny deep"
    • n briny any very large body of (salt) water
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • a Briny Of or pertaining to brine, or to the sea; partaking of the nature of brine; salt; as, a briny taste; the briny flood.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • briny Pertaining to brine; of the nature of or affected by brine; salt; salty: as, a briny taste; the briny flood; briny tears.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Briny pertaining to brine or to the sea: salt
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From Brine
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
A.S. brýne, a burning; applied to salt liquor, from its burning, biting quality.


In literature:

He will brave the sea god's wrath; and he fain would cool his brow of flame in the briny bath.
"Hawaiian Folk Tales" by Various
If ever "old briny" was welcomed, it was on that Christmas Day.
"Voyage of the Liberdade" by Captain Joshua Slocum
Crocodiles in briny creeks Sleep, and stir not: all is mute.
"Early Reviews of English Poets" by John Louis Haney
And no wonder, for it's the next best thing to sailing out on the briny deep!
"The Prairie Wife" by Arthur Stringer
For meat I'll give them my heart's misery; For drink I'll give these briny tears that fall.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete" by John Symonds
It is quite a resort in summer for those who want to breathe the briny air of the ocean.
"The Nursery, No. 103, July, 1875. Vol. XVIII." by Various
This verse, for instance, is replete with the briny breath of the northern main.
"Essays on Scandinavian Literature" by Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen
There he would find better fare than briny water and sand mites.
"The Æsop for Children" by Æsop
Slowly, but surely, the cable slips over the side and into the briny deep.
"Hidden Treasures" by Harry A. Lewis
The saddest fish that swims the briny ocean, The Catfish I bewail.
"The Book of Humorous Verse" by Various

In poetry:

For whan a' ware sound and sleeping,
Still and on, baith ear' and late,
Will in briny grief lay steeping,
Mourning owre his hapless fate!
"The Waes O' War : Or The Upshot Of The History O' Will And Jean. In Four Parts" by Hector MacNeill
Make thou thy heart profoundly sigh,
Make briny tears stream from each eye,
Make thy sad spirit inly mourn,
And from its vicious habits turn.
"Advice To Those Who Are Desirous Of Obtaining God's Favour, And Forgiveness Of Their Sins" by Rees Prichard
Some sneer at me, because I sober keep,
And seldom seem to smile at any one;
Whilst many a briny tear I kindly weep,
To see them all by sottishness undone.
"Advice To The Drunkard" by Rees Prichard
There's a cool web of language winds us in,
Retreat from too much joy or too much fear:
We grow sea-green at last and coldly die
In brininess and volubility.
"The Cool Web" by Robert Graves
"Three casks, from somebody else's stores,
Shall represent our island shores,
Their sides the ocean wide shall lave,
Their heads just topping the briny wave.
"The Three Kings of Chickeraboo" by William Schwenck Gilbert
The waves were miles long in length;
And the sailors had lost nearly all their strength,
By striving hard their lives to save,
From being drowned in the briny wave.
"The Wreck of the 'Indian Chief'" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

He tosses them with briny oil-and-vinegar-marinated white anchovies , also known by the Spanish name boquerónes, which are available at the deli counter of many specialty-food stores.
Here, deliciously briny cockles are simply enhanced with white wine and scallions in a savory broth .
For these Vietnamese-style grilled-beef rolls (bo la lot), Andrew Zimmern wraps flavorful ground sirloin in briny grape leaves and serves them with a sweet, spicy, tangy dipping sauce.
A thick layer of Maine rockweed goes on top of the stones, providing the steam and much of the briny flavor.
I tilt my head back, letting the briny juices glide down my throat.
Allison Carey, The Plain Dealer A generous hint of saffron melded with the briny aroma of seafood in Risotto Mar Nostrum, a first course at Etna in Little Italy.
A briny, pungent sauce like this olive tapenade is a perfect accompaniment to steamed broccoli.
The flavors of briny green olive s and salty, smoked bacon are a magical pair as a pizza topping.
Oysters from the Damariscotta are known for their distinctively briny taste.
Down within the briny deep, Fishes grunt and grind their teeth.
Here, deliciously briny cockles are simply enhanced with white wine and scallions in a savory broth.
Surely, along with the fresh, briny flavor, this is the attraction of the soft-shell crab, one of the true glories of summer eating.
Surely, along with the fresh, briny flavor, this is the attraction of the soft-shell crab , one of the true glories of summer eating.
This version is rich with bacon and onions, with just enough cream to set off the briny sweetness of the clams .
THE BRINY LIQUOR a clam releases when its shell pops open during cooking is as delectable as its meat.

In science:

The results by Berele and Regeev were later generalized and deepened by Brini, Regonati and Teolis in .
Tensor Representations of the General Linear Supergroup
Recently, Brini ([Bri11]) made a proposal, based on open mirror symmetry, on how to relate open invariants under crepant transformations.
Open Gromov-Witten Theory and the Crepant Resolution Conjecture
Verifying that his proposal agrees with Theorem 5.1 is on our immediate agenda, as it would provide further evidence towards the validity of our program, but most importantly it would validate Brini’s proposal as a conjectural formulation of a vertex CRC.
Open Gromov-Witten Theory and the Crepant Resolution Conjecture
To Andrea Brini for constant communication on his parallel work.
Open Gromov-Witten Theory and the Crepant Resolution Conjecture