• WordNet 3.6
    • n brill European food fish
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Brill (Zoöl) A fish allied to the turbot (Rhombus levis), much esteemed in England for food; -- called also bret pearl prill. See Bret.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n brill A flatfish, Bothus or Rhombus lavis, of the family Pleuronectidæ. In its general form it resembles the turbot, but is inferior to it in both size and quality. It has scales, but very small ones, and the dorsal and anal fins have more numerous rays than those of the turbot. It is taken on many of the coasts of Europe, the principal part of the supply for the London market being from the southern coast of England, where it is abundant.
    • n brill A small and very bony flounder of New Zealand, Caulopsetta scaphus, of the family Pleuronectidæ. The name was transferred from the true brill of Europe.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Brill bril a fish of the same kind as the turbot, spotted with white.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. Corn. brilli, mackerel, fr. brith, streaked, speckled
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Ety. unknown.


In literature:

Bonaroti, Annibal Caracci, Paulo Brill, and Raphael.
"Notes and Queries, Number 54, November 9, 1850" by Various
My father and Mr. Garrison are both going to do their best to join the crowd from Putnam Hall and Brill College.
"The Rover Boys Under Canvas" by Arthur M. Winfield
There they seized the city of Brill, and repulsed a Spanish force which strove to recapture it.
"History of the English People" by John Richard Green
On the afternoon of April 1, they appeared off the town of Brill, located on an island at the mouth of the Meuse.
"A History of Sea Power" by William Oliver Stevens and Allan Westcott
Surely Flushing or the Brill could have been secured.
"William Pitt and the Great War" by John Holland Rose
And the swallow, who had dived, told about the pretty little goldfish, of the thick turbot, the fat brill, and the old carp.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
They never saw more of him till they landed at the Brill.
"The Red True Story Book" by Various
E. J. Brill, Leiden.
"The Olive Fairy Book" by Various
In 1885 Brill estimated the total crop of Suffolk County at about 125,000 barrels.
"The Cauliflower" by A. A. Crozier
Mr. Brill sells electrical supplies as well as hardware.
"The Campfire Girls of Roselawn" by Margaret Penrose
To marry Miss Brill, the daughter of the landlord of a little suburban public-house!
"The Limit" by Ada Leverson
Brill Young picked up a trail Sunday morning at Tower W before the special from Medicine Bend reached there.
"Whispering Smith" by Frank H. Spearman
Brill: Now upon Honour I like it for it's Novelty.
"The Covent Garden Theatre, or Pasquin Turn'd Drawcansir" by Charles Macklin
Melie Brill had a meal prepared.
"The Voodoo Gold Trail" by Walter Walden
The fountain of Mrs. Brill's wrongs leapt higher at the sympathy.
"Ghetto Tragedies" by Israel Zangwill
Father Brill, the Vicar of Grays, was also dining, in a cassock.
"Abington Abbey" by Archibald Marshall
Owing to McNab's influence with the government, Brill had to pay him the whole amount of the duty of all the timber he cut on the township.
"The Last Laird of MacNab" by Various
It did not take the three Rover boys long to make a number of friends at Brill.
"The Rover Boys on a Tour" by Arthur M. Winfield
HASCAL RUSSELL BRILL was born in the county of Mississquoi, Canada, Aug. 10, 1846.
"Fifty Years In The Northwest" by William Henry Carman Folsom
Brill, Matteo, of Antwerp, b.
"The History of Painting in Italy, Volume VI (of 6)" by Luigi Antonio Lanzi

In poetry:

Ambition, love, and strife
And all the ills
And ecstasies of life—
And Freuds and Brills.
"Sex" by Arthur Guiterman

In news:

Brill 's Contented: Merger Feeds His Big Maw.
As he sat wedged next to Powerful Media co-chairman Kurt Andersen at a table two sizes too small for a press conference at the Palace Hotel on Monday, April 2, one could hardly fault Steven Brill for exuding a certain air of glee.
Brill Enters 'Dot-Com' Sweepstakes, Soros Backs His 'Planet Content.
Steven Brill ARTICLES Wednesday, Nov 18, 1998, at 3:30 AM ET.
Letterman Booker Eddie Brill Fired After 'Women In Comedy' Flame War.
Eddie Brill , the Letterman comedy (Getty Images).
Eddie Brill , the longtime comedy booker of The Late Show With David Letterman, was fired after a controversial profile ran in The New York Times last week, Mirth Magazine reports.
2012 ANA Advertising Law and Public Policy Conference Keynote: Julie Brill, Federal Trade Commission Snapshots All MKC Content ANA.
Julie Brill, commissioner, Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ), discussed the FTC 's new privacy report for digital and mobile.
Feed Management Systems Introduces Brill® Formulation Version 2.4.
And, reports "Early Show" contributor Taryn Winter Brill, it seems as if, wherever he goes, he gets the "rock star" treatment, with chanting, supportive crowds and many young people among them.
Whirlwind Heat How Do You Do Lightspeed Heart Brille.
Brill's Contented: Merger Feeds His Big Maw .
The Teamsters by Steven Brill Simon and Schuster, 414 pp.
To a racehorse owner, an animal that can't run "is a broken machine that don't work," Brill said.

In science:

In this way, Brill waves behave differently from the collisionless matter studied in reference .
Numerical evolution of Brill waves
MontyTagger was previously released by Hugo Liu as a standalone Brill-styled (Brill, 1995) POS tagger in 2002 but is now packaged with other components forming MontyLingua. A Java version of MontyLingua, built using Jython, had also been released.
An Anthological Review of Research Utilizing MontyLingua, a Python-Based End-to-End Text Processor
BRILL, E. (1995) Transformation-based error-driven learning and natural language processing: a case study in part of speech tagging.
An Anthological Review of Research Utilizing MontyLingua, a Python-Based End-to-End Text Processor
The old problem of the critical collapse of Brill waves had been taken up again, although the critical amplitude had only been approached to within 1%.
Summary of GR18 Numerical Relativity parallel sessions (B1/B2 and B2), Sydney, 8-13 July 2007
Stan Whitcomb; Vice-Chair: Chair: David Garfinkle; Chair-Elect: Secretary-Treasurer: Gabriela Gonzalez; Past Chair: Dieter Brill; Delegates: Alessandra Buonanno, Bob Wagoner, Lee Lindblom, Eric Poisson, Frans Pretorius, Larry Ford.
Matters of Gravity, The Newsletter of the Topical Group in Gravitation of the American Physical Society, Volume 32, Fall 2008
This can be achieved by generalizing the Schwarzschild solution, which is obtained in the above framework in conformally flat form with conformal factor exp(φ) = 1 + m 2r . A generalization to initial data of N BHs starting from rest is directly obtained by the construction of Misner or Brill and Lindquist .
Numerical simulations of black-hole binaries and gravitational wave emission
Brill D. and Wheeler J., Interaction of neutrinos and gravitational fields, Rev.
Summary of a non-uniqueness problem of the covariant Dirac theory and of two solutions of it
But this knowledge does not tell us all there is to know about the dragging as usually understood (Brill and Cohen 1966, Lindblom and Brill 1974). A true answer about inertia and inertial frames must involve specific frames or coordinates.
Comments on Initial Value Formulation
But if M1 and M2 are chosen large enough (compared to their Euclidean distance), there can be another apparent horizon surrounding the two (Brill and Lindquist 1963). A Machian region then exists between these three horizons.
Comments on Initial Value Formulation
Brill, Eric (1992). “A simple rule-based part of speech tagger.” Speech and Natural Language: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Harriman, New York.
Review of Charniak's "Statistical Language Learning"
Brill, Eric (1993). A Corpus-Based Approach to Language Learning.
Review of Charniak's "Statistical Language Learning"
Transformation-Based learning (Brill, 1993). And also Goodman's results (see his section "Experimental Results and Discussion"), support the hypothesis that an untrained grammar of treebank-subtrees outperforms a trained grammar of production rules.
Efficient Algorithms for Parsing the DOP Model? A Reply to Joshua Goodman
E. Brill, 1993. "Transformation-Based Error-Driven Parsing", Proceedings Third International Workshop on Parsing Technologies, Tilburg/Durbuy.
Efficient Algorithms for Parsing the DOP Model? A Reply to Joshua Goodman
The system developed by (Brill, 1993) uses a transformation-based learning algorithm.
Two Questions about Data-Oriented Parsing
Although Brill does not report the parse accuracy of his system, we can derive that DOP1 does better on the bracketing accuracy and the sentence accuracy.
Two Questions about Data-Oriented Parsing