• WordNet 3.6
    • v braze solder together by using hard solder with a high melting point
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Braze To cover or ornament with brass.
    • Braze To harden. "Now I am brazes to it.""It will embrawn and iron-crust his flesh."
    • Braze To solder with hard solder, esp. with an alloy of copper and zinc; as, to braze the seams of a copper pipe.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • braze To cover or ornament with brass, or as if with brass: as, “a tripod richly brazed,” Chapman, Odyssey, xv.
    • braze To solder, especially with hard solder, such as an alloy of brass and zinc.
    • braze To harden; make callous.
    • n braze See braize, 2.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Braze brāz to solder with an alloy of brass and zinc
    • v.t Braze to face or confront with impudence—as in 'to brazen it out.'—n. Brā′zen-face, one having a brazen or impudent face: one remarkable for impudence
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. braser, to solder, fr. Icel. brasa, to harden by fire. Cf. Brass


In literature:

In talking with the Vicomte de Braze in the intervals of the dance, he had made some passing remark on her beauty.
"The Parisians, Complete" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Flanges to stand brazing may be made of copper 1 lb., zinc 1/2 oz., lead 3/8 oz.
"A Catechism of the Steam Engine" by John Bourne
The flanges were screwed on and brazed externally.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 821, Sep. 26, 1891" by Various
Cold brazing without fire or lamp.
"Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful Information, 1889" by Barkham Burroughs
I shall report to General Braze for you.
"Truxton King" by George Barr McCutcheon
They are then brazed upon the barrel, pieces of brass wire, half an inch long, being used for this purpose.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 72, October, 1863" by Various
BRASED and BRAZED are words sometimes used by ancient armorists.
"The Manual of Heraldry; Fifth Edition" by Anonymous
Soldering at a red heat by means of spelter is called brazing.
"On Laboratory Arts" by Richard Threlfall
The new circuit was brazed in.
"Talents, Incorporated" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
At e e e e are little brass tubes, brazed to the arms, which allow each arm to slide down on the other.
"Practical Taxidermy" by Montagu Browne
The statue is composed of layers of bronze brazed together.
"The Empire of the East" by H. B. Montgomery
The body was constructed from an infinite number of copper plates, riveted or brazed together to form a perfect sphere.
"The Copper-Clad World" by Harl Vincent
Be able to make wiped and brazed joints.
"Boy Scouts Handbook" by Boy Scouts of America
The next operation specified furnace braze.
"Felony" by James Causey
For brazed joints, spelter or powdered brass is employed, and the flux is usually borax.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4" by Various
Boiler-making; Brazing and Soldering.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Appendix" by Various
H. B. can braze the ends of his brass plate to make a cylinder of it.
"Scientific American, Vol. XXXVII.--No. 2. [New Series.], July 14, 1877" by Various
To the inner edge of this outer ring are brazed two curved seats for the inner oval.
"American Military Insignia 1800-1851" by J. Duncan Campbell
Those bleeding-cups from Pompeii which carry rings on their summits have the top part brazed or soldered on.
"Surgical Instruments in Greek and Roman Times" by John Stewart Milne
The Daibutsu is composed of bronze plates, brazed together, and has eyes, four feet in length, of gold.
"Seven Legs Across the Seas" by Samuel Murray

In news:

The B26 AsyMatrix® brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) is designed for heat pumps.
Brazed Heat Exchanger Platform Family.
Alfa Laval's next generation of copper brazed heat exchanger s feature an optimized design that increases efficiency, saves energy, and reduces costs, says the company.
Honeycomb -Brazing Essentials for Successful Use As Turbine Seals.
We are investigating brazing a large cylindrical component to a series of tubes and supporting them in a graphite fixture.
When a brazing filler metal (BFM) is melted during a brazing process, it is not uncommon for " liquation " to occur.
The formed oxide surface is extremely hard to wet with the braze filler metal at the liquid temperature of the filler metal.
A number of corporations use radiography as an important part of their accept/reject criteria for in-house brazing operations, believing that X-ray films can always show any imperfections, voids, etc.
Extensive testing over the years in many places has shown that the best surface (generally speaking) for brazing is the "as-received" surface roughness of the material coming into the shop.
Furnace brazing is a common brazing process around the world, and I have witnessed many brazing furnaces in action in many countries – from here to mainland China.
We silver brazed what we thought was a so-called "oxygen-free" grade of copper (C10200) in our hydrogen brazing furnace at 1500°F (815°C) – using BAg-8 filler metal – and the parts did not braze well at all.
Repair brazing is an essential part of the industry and usually is done for one of two reasons—to braze repair parts in-house before they are released to customers and to perform repairs on brazed components that have worn out in service.
Stuart Fink 's Shape to Shape at Brazee Street Studios' gallery One One bristles with energy, mostly dispenses with narrative (who needs it?
Braze leading write-in City Council election.
For lap joints in brazing, we usually use the "3T-to-6T Rule," where "T" is the thickness of the thinner of the two members being joined.

In science:

The cells are supplemented with four 32 mm wide damping waveguides against transverse and longitudinal HOMs. The cell wall thickness is about 20 mm and the extruded copper waveguides are brazed into openings in the cell wall as shown in Fig. 3.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
By introducing the SiC wedges after the final structure brazing, thermal strains on SiC bonds can be avoided and exchangeability is obtained.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
The prototype was brazed in 5 parts in a vertical position (2 couplers and the main body in 3 units).
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
Finally the 5 parts were brazed horizontally.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
Figs. 4 and 5 give measured low-level results for the brazed 32-cell TDS.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
The ridged waveguides are machined into the cell, the slots by wire etching, the waveguide by milling. The SiC wedges are fixed with a specially designed clamp, avoiding thermal strains during brazing. Water cooling channels and dimple tuning are provided. The complete structure is brazed vertically and in one pass.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
This may be difficult to manufacture and we are searching for vendors who can do this type of braze.
Prototyping of the ILC Baseline Positron Target
Subsequently, the short was brazed at the position which led to critical coupling.
High-power test results of a 3 GHz single-cell cavity
The cavity elements were cleaned (degreasing, pickling and passivation) at CERN (Switzerland) and vacuum brazed at Bodycote (France).
High-power test results of a 3 GHz single-cell cavity
Figure 3-10: Cross-section through the pressure relief valve. A VCR fitting brazed into the base makes a superfluid tight vacuum connection to the superfluid jacket through 2 mm ID tubes.
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atomic Hydrogen
The flange is brazed to the bellows and moves toward a stainless steel hypodermic needle as the pressure increases (The bellows are pre-stretched during installation.
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atomic Hydrogen