• Brave. N.A. Indian
    Brave. N.A. Indian
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adv bravely in a courageous manner "bravely he went into the burning house"
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Brave. Kaiowa, etc Brave. Kaiowa, etc
Pinocchio Braves the Sea to Save His Father Pinocchio Braves the Sea to Save His Father
A silent tribute to the brave A silent tribute to the brave
Homage From The Brave Homage From The Brave
A Brave Lassie A Brave Lassie

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The first baseball game was broadcast in color on August 11, 1951 (Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Boston Braves 8-1)
    • Bravely Finely; gaudily; gayly; showily. "And [she] decked herself bravely to allure the eyes of all men that should see her."
    • Bravely In a brave manner; courageously; gallantly; valiantly; splendidly; nobly.
    • Bravely Well; thrivingly; prosperously.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • bravely In a brave manner. Courageously; gallantly; splendidly; heroically.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adv Bravely (Scot. Braw′ly), excellently, well
    • ***


  • Ovid
    “Fortune and love favor the brave.”
  • Proverb
    “Some have been thought brave because they didn't have the courage to run away.”
  • Johann Friedrich Von Schiller
    “The brave person thinks of themselves last of all.”
  • John Gay
    “Cowards are cruel, but the brave love mercy and delight to save.”
  • Edgar Allan Poe
    “That man is not truly brave who is afraid either to seem or to be, when it suits him, a coward.”
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    “Would you learn the secret of the sea? Only those who brave its dangers, comprehend its mystery!”


Put on a brave face - If you put on a brave face, or put a brave face on something, you behave confidently or cheerfully even though things are difficult. ('Brave front' is also used.)


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. brave; It. and Sp. bravo; prob. from Celt., as in Bret. braga, to strut about, Gael. breagh, fine. See Brag.


In literature:

The British officers unsupported by their men met the full force of the Afghan charge, and fought bravely to the last.
"Our Soldiers" by W.H.G. Kingston
Like trusty Neptune, deserve the confidence placed in you, by battling bravely against all temptations to act dishonestly.
"Stories of Animal Sagacity" by W.H.G. Kingston
Oh, my poor brave lad!
"The King's Esquires" by George Manville Fenn
Would you like to join a band of brave fellows who have a right good cause to fight for?
"John Deane of Nottingham" by W.H.G. Kingston
Some of these chiefs were very brave, and their names are still well known.
"The Story of the Greeks" by H. A. Guerber
And they have an hereafter for the braves at least, a happy hunting ground.
"A Little Girl in Old Quebec" by Amanda Millie Douglas
You have answered well, shikari; it shall be said that you are a brave man.
"Chatterbox, 1906" by Various
Battling bravely with the waves he reached it, and springing on board sat down in the middle of it.
"Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca" by Homer
Besides Geryone he had three brave giant sons who fought for him; and each son had a mighty army of soldiers under his command.
"Famous Tales of Fact and Fancy" by Various
The gray squirrels fought bravely, but at every turn they met terrible, stinging blows.
"Thirty Indian Legends" by Margaret Bemister

In poetry:

Toll for the brave!
The brave! that are no more!
All sunk beneath the wave,
Fast by their native shore!
"On The Loss Of The "Royal George"" by William Cowper
I call myself a brave one,
But in my heart I lie;
For my country and her honor
I'm fiercely free to die.
"A Rainy Day in Camp" by Anonymous Americas
Faith is the brave endeavor
The splendid enterprise,
The strength to serve, whatever
Conditions may arise.
"Faith" by Samuel Ellsworth Kiser
Eight hundred of the brave,
Whose courage well was tried,
Had made the vessel heel
And laid her on her side:
"On The Loss Of The "Royal George"" by William Cowper
I love the stony pasture
That no one else will have.
The old gray rocks so friendly seem,
So durable and brave.
"The Deserted Pasture" by Bliss William Carman
We have gazed on what no other
Has ever gazed upon—
We have braved the angry spirits,
And our victory is won.
"Song of the Crew of Diaz" by Louisa Stuart Costello

In news:

If the Atlanta Braves are to make a second straight playoff appearance, they'll have to do something over the next three nights they haven't done a lot of lately -- win.
Oh Brave New World That Has.
The Lady Braves won the match 25-10, 25-16, 25-23.
Tom Lyons picked up a hat trick as the Fonda-Fultonville Braves topped Cohoes , 6-3, in Colonial Council action.
Tom Dwyer added two goals for the Braves (2-2-0 overall, 2-2-0 Colonial Council) and Joe Fox had a goal.
Brave souls hit the water to raise money for Special Olympics Oklahoma's statewide fundraiser, the Polar Plunge.
The sun was out and I'm sure Dave " Condor " Bateham was looking down on the 148 participants who braved the inaugural Condor 25k.
But, Salvatore Giunta is the first living Congressional Medal Of Honor winner in nearly four decades, braving withering fire in Afghanistan to rescue fellow soldiers.
Some editions of the Divine Comedy bravely attempt to forego having any notes at all, or to keep them to a minimum.
He bravely took out Osama bin Laden but hasn't had the courage to tackle the deficit.
Pixar's 'Brave' no cookie-cutter cutie.
She has wild red curls and a puckish smirk, and she climbs cliffs in a way that I hope the young audience members of Disney/Pixar's Brave don't try to imitate.
Brendan Sullivan Misty Duren an operator of Corn Dawgs Corn Maze, tours the Tribute to Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones corn maze in Loganville on Thursday.
Pie dished up 6 RBIs, grand slam in G-Braves win.
Kyle Hess/Gwinnett Braves Tampa Bay Rays' Evan Longoria plays in his second rehab game for the Durham Bulls against the Gwinnett Braves on Friday night at Coolray Field.

In science:

For brave and skeptical reasoning, if the detail mode is engaged, QUIP returns witnesses corresponding to theses tasks: for brave reasoning, all stable expansions containing Φ are returned, whereas for skeptical reasoning, all stable expansions not containing Φ are returned.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
Similar to autoepistemic logic and default logic, QUIP handles the problem whether a given logic program has a stable model, as well as brave and skeptical reasoning.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
The first command checks whether Pacifist is a brave consequence of ∆, the second commands checks skeptical consequence of Pacifist from ∆.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
We call the corresponding geometry brave new algebraic geometry, quoting the expression brave new algebra introduced by F.
From HAG to DAG: derived moduli spaces
Vogt, Introduction to algebra over “brave new rings”, The 18th winter school “Geometry and physics” (Srni, 1998), Rend.
From HAG to DAG: derived moduli spaces