• The recruit's farewell to his bowler
    The recruit's farewell to his bowler
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n bowler a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim
    • n bowler a player who rolls balls down an alley at pins
    • n bowler a cricketer who delivers the ball to the batsman in cricket
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William, facing a man wearing a bowler hat William, facing a man wearing a bowler hat

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Detroit, Michigan has more registered bowlers than any other city in the USA
    • n Bowler A derby hat.
    • n Bowler One who plays at bowls, or who rolls the ball in cricket or any other game.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Bowlers are allowed to have a maximum of five finger grip holes on a regulation bowling ball.
    • n bowler A workman who shapes the bowl of a spoon.
    • n bowler One who makes bowls.
    • n bowler One who plays at bowls.
    • n bowler In cricket, the player who bowls or serves the ball; the pitcher.
    • n bowler [⟨ bowl, n., + -er.] A lowcrowned stiff felt hat; a “billycock.” Also bowler-hat.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Bowler one who plays at bowls: one who bowls the ball in cricket
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
From 2d Bowl
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. boule—L. bulla.


In literature:

Other bowlers have since attempted some imitation of this method without success.
"The Wonder" by J. D. Beresford
It's real convenient, bein' a Bowler!
""Some Say"" by Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards
Mr. Lang was a slow round-arm bowler with a very high delivery, and a valuable twist from either side.
"The True Story Book"
He was dressed in a neat travelling suit of tweed, and wore a bowler hat and brown boots.
"Under the Ensign of the Rising Sun" by Harry Collingwood
Yez needn't deny it, Bill Bowler.
"The Ocean Waifs" by Mayne Reid
Sol had a black bowler hat, three sizes too small for him, sitting jauntily on the back of his head.
"The Spoilers of the Valley" by Robert Watson
Monotonous domes of bowler-hats Vibrate in the heat.
"Some Imagist Poets" by Richard Aldington
Bowler, Thomas, excepted from pardon, 203.
"Virginia under the Stuarts 1607-1688" by Thomas J. Wertenbaker
He was dressed in blue serge clothes, and a bowler hat a little ancient at the brim.
"The Moving Finger" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
He was very moist and his bowler was flagging.
"The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman" by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells
In one I attended the wedding in a bowler hat and pyjamas, with carpet slippers and spats.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, June 9, 1920" by Various
Among amateurs should be noted the two fast bowlers, Sir F. H. Bathurst (1807-1881; Eton, Hampshire), and Harvey Fellowes (b.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 6" by Various
Why doesn't FAIR make more use of his capital fast bowler, JACKSON?
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 93, July 16, 1887" by Various
His face was hostile but not murderous; as usual his bowler was a-cock on his head.
"Fairfax and His Pride" by Marie Van Vorst
Now was his chance: he could become a slow bowler.
"Years of Plenty" by Ivor Brown
Under a grey bowler set far back on his head his forehead sloped away to his wispy greying hair.
"A Bed of Roses" by W. L. George
Her eyes were fixed upon the tall, lithe figure once more facing the bowler.
"The Missioner" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Dumpkins and Podder went in first for All-Muggleton, the bowlers on the other side being Struggles and Luffey.
"Springtime and Other Essays" by Francis Darwin
It was in this sense that Scottish bowlers saved the game.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 3" by Various
His bowler hat and overcoat were good, but he wore no collar.
"The Gay Adventure" by Richard Bird

In poetry:

Declined to wear a bowler,
Expressing the view that it was gammon
To talk of serving God and Mammon.
"Clerihew – Savanarola" by Edmund Clerihew Bentley
From London's houses, huts and flats,
Came busmen, snobs, and Earls,
And ugly men in bowler hats
With charming little girls.
"The Ballad of Hampstead Heath" by James Elroy Flecker
And when they heard that happy word,
Policemen leapt and ambled:
The busmen pranced, the maidens danced,
The men in bowlers gambolled.
"The Ballad of Hampstead Heath" by James Elroy Flecker
Each night, beyond the crossing gates,
With bowler hats tipped rakishly,
The practiced wits stroll with the ladies
Among the drainage ditches.
"Unknown Woman" by Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
Who seemeth not to care a whoop
For danger at its height;
Who handles what is known as 'soup,'
And dandles dynamite:
Unto a bloke who can do that
I doff my bowler hat.
"Bank Robber" by Robert W Service

In news:

The Waverly boys, girls bowlers swept Notre Dame 4-0 in IAC bowling action Monday.
When a team's opponent gets on a roll such as throwing several strikes in a row, a bowler will pretend to shoot a dart at the guy.
Defensive coordinator said decision to make 13-time Pro Bowler available for Sunday's game vs Broncos is up to medical staff, coach John Harbaugh and organization.
They have been up for so long that they have become the norm for most bowlers.
For most bowlers there is very lit...
Grant Bowler on Liz & Dick .
Batsmen let bowlers dictate the terms.
It was a perfect afternoon for a pair of high school bowlers on Long Island.
Minooka boys bowlers win eighth straight.
Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler appear in an official photo from the Lifetime Original Movie, 'Liz & Dick'.
Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton star in the Lifetime Original Movie "Liz & Dick.".
Publicity photo of actors Lohan and Bowler in scene from the television movie "Liz & Dick".
Lindsay Lohan ("Mean Girls") stars as Elizabeth Taylor alongside Grant Bowler ("Defiance") as Richard Burton in the Lifetime Original Movie "Liz & Dick," premiering at 9 pm Nov 25.
Liz & Dick's Grant Bowler: Lindsay Lohan Is " Elizabeth Taylor Reincarnated".
Dixon girls, boys bowlers split with Barbs.

In science:

The free correlation function Cfree (qo , 0, 0) extracted from the Coulomb correlation function by means of the dilution (left) and Bowler-Sinyukov (right) procedure for various λ.
Test of Bowler-Sinyukov Treatment of Coulomb Interaction
Figure 1: Centrality dependence of Bowler-Sinyukov source parameters for charged kaon pairs compared to pion data rescaled to the same transverse mass.
Recent HBT results in Au+Au and p+p collisions from PHENIX
Despite concerns regarding the smoothness approximation and energy-momentum correlations for small and low multiplicity systems , many 1D and 2D correlation slices from p+ p collisions were examined and verified to be well behaved and sufficiently described by the Bowler-Sinyukov form for our statistics and acceptance.
Recent HBT results in Au+Au and p+p collisions from PHENIX
The Bowler-Sinyukov method is used to extract the emission source parameters show in Fig. 3.
Recent HBT results in Au+Au and p+p collisions from PHENIX
Figure 3: The transverse mass dependence of the Bowler-Sinyukov source parameters for pion pairs from minimum biased collisions.
Recent HBT results in Au+Au and p+p collisions from PHENIX
GeV p+ p minimum biased collisions The preliminary analysis of pions from show correlations which are surprisingly well suited to traditional 3D HBT radii extraction via the Bowler-Sinyukov method for our statistics and acceptance.
Recent HBT results in Au+Au and p+p collisions from PHENIX
This paper proposes a simple method to evaluate batsmen and bowlers in cricket.
Bernoulli Runs: Using "Book Cricket" to Evaluate Cricketers
The economy rate (econ) for a bowler is defined as the runs conceded per 6 balls4.
Bernoulli Runs: Using "Book Cricket" to Evaluate Cricketers
Arguably, the Bernoulli’s were the greatest mathematical family that ever lived [2, 3] 8 It is straightforward to apply this method to evaluate a bowler too.
Bernoulli Runs: Using "Book Cricket" to Evaluate Cricketers
Bowler, “e+e− production of heavy quarks in the string model,” Z.
Introduction to QCD
Bowler, M. (1976) Gravitation and Relativity.
The HERWIG cluster fragmentation as well as the Lund-symmetric and the modified Lund-Bowler ansatz give less satisfactory results.
QCD Event Generators
Bowler et. al., Decay constants of b and d mesons from non-perturbatively improved lattice qcd, Nucl.
Searching for chiral logs in the static-light decay constant
The Bowler 8 and symmetric LUND 9 parametrisations with two free parameters provided a better data description.
Experimental results on heavy quark fragmentation
The best description of the data was obtained using the Bowler parametrisation with two free parameters, and the parametrisation of Kartvelishvili et al. with one free parameter.
Experimental results on heavy quark fragmentation